Gun Control Essay - Topics, Structure, and Examples

Gun Control Essay


Gun Control Essay

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What Is Gun Control?

Gun control refers to the legal restriction of the distribution, purchase, possession, and use of firearms. While guns may be available, they are restricted to prevent misuse. As such, some people within areas that have gun control may own guns, but only if they fulfill certain criteria. These rules exist because of the following:

  1. High rates of gun violence-experts estimate that gun violence kills around 43000 Americans annually, while globally, it is estimated to be 500 per day. These may be due to crime or domestic disputes.
  2. High costs associated- gun violence leads to high hospital charges for the state and victims.
  3. Increase in crime-while some purchase guns to protect themselves, they still lead to an increase in crime ranging from domestic abuse to mass murders. 
  4. Guns are often stolen by criminals 
  5. Firearms are rarely used for self-defense
  6. Simple gun control measures such as background checks to ensure the mental stability of individuals who want guns are possible.
  7. Lower rates of suicide over time
  8. It would prevent firearm accidents that affect many owners.
  9. An increased likelihood of violence.
  10. Countries with restrictive gun laws have low rates of gun crime.
  11. The Second Amendment was written to protect the rights of militias to own firearms before the country settled down; thus was not intended for individuals.
  12. Civilians should not own military-grade guns as they are for use within a military context.

On the other hand, some oppose gun control because:

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  1. The Constitution supports this right under the Second Amendment.
  2. Law-abiding gun owners can help deter crime when they see it happen.
  3. Many will feel unsafe and at risk.
  4. Hunting is a right that also benefits the environment by maintaining some populations.
  5. Gun control will lead to tyranny since civilians will be at their mercy.
  6. Background checks are an invasion of privacy.
  7. Very few people are killed by guns in comparison to heart issues, cancer, and cigarettes. 
  8. People will use other means for suicide, e.g., Lithuania has a low gun ownership rate but a high suicide rate.
  9. Training on gun safety can reduce accidents.
  10. Guns allow civilians to protect themselves and their country if necessary.
  11. Gun control is often ineffective, both locally and in other countries such as Mexico.

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The 4 Types of Gun Control Essay

Generally, there are different types of essays. This is because each genre fulfills a different purpose, as will be discussed in addition to gun control essay examples. 

1. Argumentative 

An argumentative essay is one where one researches a topic, forms an opinion on it, then writes an essay with evidence to support their point. An example of a prompt would be “Gun control does not deter crime?” Using this topic in a paper would look something like this:

“Crime is common across all cultures. As such, violence has existed for millennia in different forms. In our modern world, the weapons may be more advanced but they are still affecting many communities who struggle with gun crime. However, this is caused by different issues, such as the rise in mental health problems in the past few decades. Experts like Nowelle (2019) have noted that failing social support systems have caused higher rates of mental illness which leads to more violence. The government should allocate more resources to mental health institutions, as it would lead to safety.”

For longer texts, you may also appeal to their logic and ethical values. Metaphors can also help them understand technical concepts better. For example, an anti-gun control supporter may compare it to reducing drunk driving by preventing sober people from driving. You may also speak on some common talking points from the opposing side.

2. Expository 

In this genre, you are required to express your knowledge of a topic. You will acquire these facts from journals and other reputable sources. While an argumentative essay seeks to convince others to adopt your stance, an expository essay merely presents the facts.

An example of an expository topic is “What gun control laws have been passed and what has their impact been?”. Below is a written example of this:

“The Gun Control Act was passed in 1968 in response to the assassination of figures like John F. Kennedy and Martin Luther King. ATF (2022) sought to restrict the sale of guns to minors, restricted the transport of weapons to people who are not licensed as dealers, and the manufacture of firearms by unlicensed individuals. It also imposes restrictions on items like bombs and grenades. It was the first law that stated that mentally unstable people should not have access to guns, and was seen as inconvenient but reasonable by bodies such as the NRA. As such, it was a start for gun control.”

As you can see, you are mostly supposed to present facts; thus, your opinion does not take center stage, unlike in the argumentative essay genre. For more help with this, you can check out more tips outlined in our argumentative essay writing service.

3. Descriptive 

Commonly confused with the expository genre, this differs in that it uses vivid imagery to appeal to readers. It is common in genres like poetry and journals. An example of a descriptive essay on gun control topic would be “the effects of gun control on Society”. You would write it as follows:

“Gun control is a controversial topic in our society. Many claim that it has no effect while others state that it will lead to improvement over time. However, there are some facts that can help us make that decision. For one, gun violence is caused by several factors hence the lack of lower crime numbers. Mental illness is one of the worst, and it has increased due to a lack of mental health facilities. Richards (2021) also notes that the family structure is also crumbling due to changing social attitudes and rising costs of living, leading to poor support systems and mental health issues. As such, gun control is good to an extent, as there are other factors that influence crime in society and those should be addressed first.”

4. Narrative

Last is the narrative essay genre. This is a written account of a story that may be true or fictional. With regard to the gun control issue, this essay may involve you telling a story about guns and their impact on you, whether positive or negative. A good example of a narrative gun control essay would be “the impact of gun violence on communities”.

“For centuries, guns have existed in warfare. They are efficient killing machines and technology has improved their functionality. The increased production has also allowed manufacturers to lower prices. As such, gun violence increased in our lower-income area, leading to one of the worst experiences of my life. Not only has this event shaped my perspective on crime and gun control, but it also informed my decision to become a policy specialist.”

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Gun Control Essay Structure

It is also worth noting that essays, in general, have a structure. This is to help promote a logical flow of ideas. However, it depends on the genre, which you can ascertain from the topic statement, as noted in our previous section. Generally, this structure is as follows:

1. Introduction

Narrative - set the scene for the events about to unfold, and may some background context.

Argumentative - offer context for the topic and your stance in a thesis statement.

Expository - introduce the topic and some interesting facts as well as a brief context.

Descriptive - provide a quick overview of the topic as well as a thesis statement.

2. Body 

Narrative - in this, you may present a conflict and the timeline of events.

Argumentative - present your reasons for taking your stance and address opposing viewpoints.

Expository - offer points to enhance your essay and include some transitional words to link your arguments.

Descriptive - describe the topic, the environment, and how it interacts with those in that particular environment.

3. Conclusion

Narrative - at this point, you should resolve the conflict and provide the moral of the story.

Argumentative - restate your stance and call upon your strongest points as support them and offer a call to action to the reader.

Expository - restate your thesis and close off by restating your main points.

Descriptive - bring all your points together but do not mention new points.

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Gun Control Essay Topics

50 Pro-Gun Control Essay Topics

  1. Why the second amendment should not inform modern gun control policies
  2. Do pro-war narratives lead to poor gun control?
  3. Gun control will reduce the number of school shootings.
  4. How to improve security and reduce the need for guns
  5. How normalizing guns affects communities.
  6. It is too easy for the mentally ill to access guns and commit crimes
  7. American society has progressed to the point where guns are not necessary for security.
  8. Owning guns leads to more paranoia and encourages others to get guns.
  9. Some forms of control and censorship like gun control are necessary in a civil society.
  10. Strict gun control lowers crime in schools.
  11. Community outreach can help convince more people to be anti-gun
  12. Changing gun laws is not unconstitutional
  13. Fostering better communities leads to less need for guns
  14. The truth behind why people want guns- and how to change that
  15. Myths of gun ownership
  16. Gun control will lower crime rates
  17. Current gun laws are not properly implemented
  18. Hiring more police will lead to less need for guns
  19. Community watches can reduce the need for guns as a security measure
  20. Reasons more people should support gun control
  21. What is the ideology behind pro-gun supporters?
  22. Will digital ID make it easier to enforce gun control?
  23. What are the effects of politics on gun control?
  24. Are anti-gun activists taking the wrong approach?
  25. Are federal laws enough to implement gun control?
  26. How does the media influence pro-gun ideas?
  27. Will the young generation accept gun control more easily compared to older generations?
  28. Does using statistics from foreign countries reduce the likelihood of anti-gun control?
  29. Gun control is necessary to prevent accidents.
  30. Pro-gun lobbies are affecting anti-gun laws.
  31. Does illegal immigration fuel pro-gun ideas?
  32. How do other countries control guns, and what can be applied here?
  33. What are the main points one should present in support of gun control?
  34. Do pro-gun anti-violence programs work for the US?
  35. Will more mass killings encourage gun control in the future?
  36. Training on safe firearm usage does not protect from theft of said weapons.
  37. Security is a human right, guns are not.
  38. America’s unique history and demographics are the main cause of its gun violence issue.
  39. Public outrage is the main cause of poor gun control in the US.
  40. Forming a new identity for many Americans can help reduce pro-gun support.
  41. The motivations behind stakeholders in gun distribution.
  42. Mental health resources are more useful for security than access to guns
  43. More background checks should be enforced for fewer gun crimes.
  44. Gun control laws have become stricter in the past few decades, but have they changed anything?
  45. Gun control is needed more in urban areas since they are more affected.
  46. Video games have contributed to gun violence.
  47. Technology can improve gun tracking and reduce crime.
  48. Rarely do gun owners help prevent gun crime.
  49. The age requirement for one to buy guns is too low.
  50. In order to control gun distribution, the internet should be monitored.

50 Anti-gun control essay topics

  1. Gun owners help fight crime in society
  2. Why gun control does not solve crime.
  3. How we can solve gun violence without strict gun control.
  4. Mental illness is the source of all violence, not guns.
  5. Knife crime in the UK proves that gun control will not reduce violence.
  6. What new gun control laws will not affect citizens’ freedoms?
  7. Gun control is not necessary if users receive training.
  8. Banning guns will lead to the loss of freedom.
  9. Mental illness is the main cause of inappropriate gun use.
  10. Gun control will not lessen crime as people can use other weapons.
  11. Most gun users are responsible and gun control is punishing them.
  12. Guns are needed in case the military is overwhelmed by outside attacks.
  13. Police officers cannot handle all crime hence guns are necessary.
  14. Most criminals source weapons from the internet, which is not controlled by US law.
  15. Gun insurance can help fund better background checks.
  16. The second amendment is still relevant today.
  17. The main points against gun control.
  18. Humans have a right to own guns for recreation.
  19. Gun control laws will not affect criminals.
  20. Gun control will affect the US gun industry negatively.
  21. Mass shootings are a matter of mental health, not gun rights.
  22. Gun control and gun rights can be balanced.
  23. Violent video games contribute to gun violence.
  24. Gun control will lead to restrictions on knives and other potentially dangerous items.
  25. US culture makes it necessary to own guns.
  26. Technology to enforce gun control will be tampered with.
  27. Gun control negatively affects women.
  28. Psychiatric tests do not work for gun control since people can lie.
  29. Money used to restrict guns is wasted.
  30. Improved gun technology will aid in better safety.
  31. Pro-gun does not mean that everyone should have a gun.
  32. Poor social stability is the main cause of crime.
  33. Demographics affect America’s ability to enforce harsh gun control.
  34. Current legislators focus on virtue signaling as opposed to understanding social issues like gun crime.
  35. Compare the effects of gun control to the impact on mental health for people with violent tendencies.
  36. The size of the US makes gun control impossible.
  37. What values influence gun ownership in the US?
  38. Propaganda against guns is negatively affecting gun rights.
  39. How to prevent mass shootings without banning guns?
  40. Most people support safe gun use.
  41. The different ways guns save lives.
  42. Gun control will lead to fewer civil rights over time.
  43. Domestic violence is the main security issue facing civilians.
  44. Gun control will lead to the loss of lives.
  45. Better parenting will reduce gun crime.
  46. Gun control will increase crime since civilians will lack defense.
  47. Is it possible to balance gun rights with gun control?
  48. The negative economic effects of gun control.
  49. Gun control will limit freedom of movement through unsafe areas.
  50. Gun control will affect hunting, which is necessary for ecological health.

How inefficiency and corruption in the police system make it necessary to own guns.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I write an anti-gun control essay?

It depends on the instructions. If the essay prompt is open and allows you to express your viewpoint, you may do so, but if it is something like explaining the positive effects of gun control, you should not.

2. Where can I find relevant information to use in my gun control essay?

You may find relevant information on news and government sites dealing with security and firearms.

3. Can I retake my gun control essay?

It depends on your instructor's preferences. Some may allow you to retake it, but for others, there is only one chance.

4. Why is gun control so controversial?

Gun control is an issue because many feel it would infringe on their rights and leave them unsafe due to little police presence in their area, while others feel that they encourage crime.

5. How can I convince others to adopt my view on gun control?

First, be empathetic and show that you understand their opinion, remain polite, and offer solutions to problems they outline.

6. Why is gun control important?

Gun control would help reduce instances of violent crime, accidents, and mass shootings.

7. Why does gun control not work?

Gun control ignores the harsh realities of living in dangerous areas, and the fact that criminals will still seek out guns to harm innocent people so civilians should protect themselves.


To sum it up that gun control is an essay that revolves around the restriction sale, possession, and transportation of firearms. It may occur within a variety of genres ranging from argumentative, narrative, expository, and descriptive. Each of these genres seeks to fulfill a different purpose.

For example, the narrative tells a story, argumentative explores your viewpoint, expository presents facts, and descriptive uses imagery to explain a topic or concept. While the structure may be largely the same for each of the genres, the content is rather different. For example, the argumentative will explain points related to your stance about gun control laws; the narrative will tell a story related to gun control; the expository may explain rules and regulations of gun control; and the descriptive may describe why you have a certain stance using vivid imagery. It is, therefore, important for you to assess the genre and, thus, the topic statement provided by your instructor before proceeding. For the best possible score, be sure to place your order with us, the best argumentative essay gun control experts today, and see the difference in your marks.

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