How to Write a Catchy Advertisement Analysis Essay - Tips

How to Write a Catchy Advertisement Analysis Essay


How to Write a Catchy Advertisement Analysis Essay

I’m sure you have seen many adverts on the internet or TV. What’s your favorite advert? How do you feel when viewing that advert, like that of the best real estate company, restaurant, touring guide, etc.? Have you ever done an advert analysis essay before?

This article will take you through the advert analysis process and how to write an ad analysis essay. You will learn the various components of ad analysis, and how to outline, and write this essay. You may have evaluated an ad before but missed the correct format that will teach you.

Remember as you assess this ad, you should gather evidence to support your claims. Don’t just use narratives or personal opinions without a basis. You want your readers to trust you and get the aim of this evaluation.

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What is an Advertisement Analysis?

Advertisement analysis is a way of breaking down the advert and examining its content. You scrutinize how the ad's message communicates to its target audience; either persuading, informing, or entertaining them. So, while analyzing the ad, you should focus on the writing style, language, vocabulary, tone, and visuals/graphics.

After analyzing the advert, you should write an essay containing the introduction, body, and conclusion. Be sure you learn who the ad's target audience is, and don’t promote or disapprove of the ad. Your focus should be on evaluating the ad without making any personal comments. 

How to Write an Advert Analysis Essay?

Every ad, whether on social media, TV, radio, posters, or billboard, aims to sell; a service, idea, or product from a certain company. This ad is usually targeting a certain audience. 

Therefore, you should evaluate the ad before writing an ad analysis essay. Be sure to follow these steps to develop the best ad analysis essay:

1. Evaluate the Ad

You may be provided with an ad or need to choose one. The following questions can help you in the evaluation process.

  • Identity who produced the ad
  • Evaluate the communication in terms of PAST; it's the purpose of the advert. What is its aim and message to the audience? The audience; who is the advert target, and how does it appeal to them? Subject; what does the ad entail, or what is it selling? Type; identify the type of ad and how it persuades people.
  • Which words are used to convince the reader? Is it slogans, questions, appeals, etc.? What kind of message is being delivered; is it an action, desire, awareness, or interest?
  • How are the ad's images?
  • Is the ad information right or misleading?
  • What’s the tone of the advertisement? What kind of feeling or attitude is evoked when the viewers see the advert? It may be factual, humorous, emotional, motivational, etc.
  • What’s the background audio or music? Ads with popular songs will be interpreted differently from suspenseful ones.

2. Use the Rhetorical Analysis Method

This method uses a rhetorical triangle to interact with and evaluate a piece of the ad. Through rhetorical analysis, one understands how the elements of a text exist and their influence on the audience. Focus on the following three aspects:

  • Ethos – relates to competence or expertise. The speaker in the advert and the communication channel make the advert reliable and credible. So, find out what affects these factors in your ad. For instance, a famous influencer will advertise to convince the viewers.
  • Logos – this refers to the logic in the ad message. For example, an advert with a reason will trigger the audience's reaction.
  • Pathos – refers to emotions, which are the emotive words that the piece uses to manipulate the reader.  So, check out which words are used and the feeling they trigger in the audience. Are they appropriate words?

This rhetorical technique is well elaborated in our analytical essay writing help article. If you need help with any analysis essay, click the dial now.

3. Outline the Ad Analysis Essay

You should apply the following basic structure in your analysis essay.

  • Create a title and thesis statement.
  • Write the introduction – ensure it captures the readers' attention. This section should contain the background information of the advertisement. It should also contain your opinion on the advert and the thesis statement.
  • Body – describe the information that supports your thesis in several paragraphs. Like in an explicatory essay, provide evidence, facts, and examples. This makes your evaluation solid with proof. Discuss most of the content from the advert, and don’t leave out any details. Discuss the effectiveness of the ad using evidence, its techniques applied, and the ads’ impact (emotional).
  • Conclusion – should include the summary of the whole essay. Leave your comment on the advert.

4. Writing the Ad Analysis Essay


Introduce the product to the audience without assuming they know it. Describe every detail of it or the service. So, in this section;

  • Write about the advert name and its purpose, the brand, and the authors
  • Give information on the products’ background or the service and about the company
  • Make a summary of the advertisement text
  • Provide a thesis of around 1 to 2 sentences

Your thesis statement should explain the ad's message to the target audience. It should appear at the end of the introduction. You can include the following in your thesis statement:

Explicit message – this is the obvious, clear message.

Implicit messages – it’s the hidden message that the advertisement wants to pass to the consumer.

The explicit and implicit meaning of adverts is well elaborated in this article with examples.

Ad Analysis Body

Use the evidence in the ad to prove your thesis in the body. Let the first paragraph elaborate on the ad's meaning before going into detail.

The body should have different sections; visuals, context, and general analysis of the advert. You should divide these sections into separate paragraphs and give examples of other ads where possible. Analyze the activities taking place in the ad.

For example, in the Coca-Cola ad, you will see a family enjoying a yummy meal over the holiday or at their home. The family looks lovely and happy.  So, this ad makes one feel that Coca-Cola brings a family together and makes them happy. Again, one may also associate Coca-cola with holidays or fun activities.

Another example is an ad for beauty products like body creams and body lotions. They always choose pretty ladies to make this advert. The background may have colorful flowers, or they may compare the face before using the cream and after. These visuals associate the cream or lotion with beauty or prettiness, convincing the audience that the product will work on them.

Assess the images in the ad and note what is used to complement the product. Evaluate what kind of reactions the image triggers. Would the same reactions occur if the image was changed? Which colors does the image have? Do you feel that these colors match a certain emotional response?

Also, under the visuals, remember to evaluate the story's setting and brand identification. What do these images communicate to the audience, and how would it be different without them?

Remember to craft clear topic sentences that introduce the main idea and tie it to the thesis. It’s also best to offer room for contrasting ideas on the image or context. Make a stronger argument by acknowledging a different point of view. If at some point you don’t agree with the advert's perspective, you can articulate this point of view. But remember to use the most appropriate words to communicate and use evidence to back up your reasoning.

Essay Conclusion

In conclusion, ensure you restate the thesis statement. Make a recap of the advert's main analysis point and have some finalizing statements.

Tips for Writing an Effective Ad Analysis Essay

When writing an advertisement analysis essay, follow these tips;

  • Choose an advert you understand. A familiar ad will help you gather the content required for the essay, the brand history, previous ad campaigns, etc. Again, ensure you know the product being advertised.
  • Study the advert keenly and note what captures your attention. Which kind of emotions does the advert evoke and make it sell?
  • Develop an argument that you will explain in the essay. Compose your essay outline that will be your guide when writing.
  • The questions below can help you evaluate the ad. Use the PAST formula.

Purpose – why does this ad exist, and what’s its message to the viewer?

Audience – who is the target audience in the ad, and how does it appeal to them?

Subject – what’s the ad content? Is it selling an idea, service, or product?

Type – what is the type of the ad?

Which terms does it use to convince people, images, and colors? Is the message truthful or misleading?

Dos and Don’ts for Writing Advertisement Analysis Essay

This ad analytical essay is a formal piece of academic writing and should follow the rules of other academic papers:

  • Use formal language that the readers can understand. Avoid slang, colloquialism, or vulgar language.
  • Leave out the conversational phrases; use appropriate connectors and introductory terms. The conversational phrases are like “well,” and “you see”; avoid them to have a convincing tone.
  • State your key points in the paragraphs clearly and concisely. The paragraph should have a topical sentence, supporting sentences with examples or evidence, and a conclusion.
  • Represent the brand you are writing about well. Ensure you know its history, like when it was launched, its previous campaigns, and the idea behind the ads. Being informed will influence your readers to trust this analysis.
  • Avoid an opinion-based thesis. The statement should be generalized and logical. Focus on what you think is invisible to the audience.
  • Take time to organize your essay. Consider using the steps outlined here to create a structured essay. Remember that an outline is very important in essay writing and organizing your thoughts and ideas.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Six Elements of an Advert?

An effective advert should contain the following parts:

  • Defined target audience - the people who will buy your good or service.
  • Value proposition - understanding the audience issue at hand and how you will help them
  • Quality design and content - the ad communicates the right message and is pleasing visually.
  • Offer - give a call to action for the interested people, for example, to request more content like webinars or watch videos for more information
  • Delivery method - choosing the effective method to communicate to your audience
  • Follow up - need to know your audience's feedback and pay option to them

What Should You Include in the Ad Analysis Essay?

When writing an ad analysis essay, you should ensure the following:

  • An introductory paragraph that ends with a thesis statement
  • Organized body with clear statements, topic sentences, supportive and concluding ones. Ensure your essay has evidence, especially for the advert
  • .Create a space for contrasting ideas
  • Elaborate more about the product and company before evaluating the advert
  • Focus on the ad visuals, content, and delivery method

Where Can I Get An Impeccable Ad Analysis Report?

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In Summary

This article has explored all the details you need to learn for an ad analysis essay. The introduction should present some of the advert concepts for the reader to understand what you will discuss in the essay. Like any other essay, your content should be clear and have logic.

The body paragraphs should be short and expound on what aligns with your thesis. Remember, evidence is key in this essay as it's based on facts. Don't give personal opinions without any ground. Let your essay evaluate the ad’s content, visuals, delivery, and impact on the audience. Also, you can mention whether the ad message or its delivery method is appropriate.

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