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Academic Writing Services


Academic Writing Services

Are you considering hiring any academic writing services? A quick google search online proves that there are thousands of these services, some of which exist on platforms while others are offered by freelance tutors. As such, it is necessary to understand what they offer and what to look out for when seeking academic writing help online, so please keep reading.

The 10 Different Types Of Academic Writing Services

There exist different types of papers, all of which serve different purposes. As such, they are utilized under different circumstances. Various service providers will specialize in a few or all of them, but they are only used by students at particular levels in their studies and in certain fields. To help you understand more, our paper writing service experts have outlined a list of the various academic writing services available based on what they specialize in.

1. Term paper

Term papers are research papers that are written at the end of a semester and assess course knowledge. It is usually 15 to 25 pages and takes up a large percentage of your grade and shows how much knowledge you’ve gained about the course. 

2. Essay

Essays are long-form pieces of writing on a particular topic that may be called for analysis or interpretation. There are several genres namely argumentative, descriptive, narrative, and exposition. They may range from one page to several and are common assignments students will encounter. For more information on different essay genres, consider our article on the types of assignments in online courses. If you need any help writing your essay consider our essay writing services for college students.

3. Thesis

This is a document that presents the information you have learned and is the last step toward a Masters qualification. Unlike a dissertation, it does not require an oral presentation and is 40 to 80 pages long.

4. Dissertation

A dissertation is a long research paper done during the end of one’s doctoral studies and explores a unique topic in depth; hence it slightly differs from a thesis. For one, it is 100 to 300 pages long and needs an oral presentation. Many university essay writing experts claim to handle this, but most do not so check out our services.

5. Research paper

This is a type of academic essay that evaluates and interprets a topic based on research conducted. It can range anywhere from 4000 to 10000 words. A research paper also contains an abstract, introduction, methods, results, and conclusion section.

6. Case study reports

A case study is a study focused on a particular individual or group. It helps gather generalizable information on the subject for future reference. Simply put, a case study report allows you to apply theory in practice, using the various research methods and analytical techniques used. It is usually short, ranging between 500 to 1500 words.

7. Coursework help

At times, you may need help studying the concepts in a course, and there are academic writing experts like us ready to offer this. Usually, this service is for online learners, since the content is available on the site. This academic service is popular since online learning in most cases does not allow the learner to connect with their peers or instructor in case they need additional help.

8. Homework help

Oftentimes, your instructors will offer small assignments that you may have difficulty with. Such services are normally short so there are several of them. Our experts can help you ace the day-to-day assignments you undertake in your course, so don’t hesitate to contact us for the best professional academic writers.

9. Report writing

You may be required to write a report, which is an account of something you have studied. It may revolve around an experiment or field study, so you need to have your facts ready before you start. When you ask an expert to handle it, be sure to deliver details that help them write a good report.

10. Exam Preparation

Tutors often offer specially tailored services where one can order tutoring on concepts they find difficult before they take their exams. The sessions are usually personal, so you can inform the tutor beforehand about what you need for the best possible results.

It is worth noting that we offer all of these services, so feel free to contact us for help anytime.

Academic Writing Services

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7 Reasons You Should Hire Academic Writing Services

Academic writing services refer to service providers that provide students with custom-written papers or assistance with exams. There exist many such services, some of which have thousands of clients. However, each individual has different reasons for why they want to hire these services, but below is a list of the main reasons why:

1. Improve your grades

Good grades are a large part of academic success and contribute directly to one’s career and future prospects. However, most students lack the requisite skills to handle their coursework, especially if their major is technical; hence they seek help. Academic experts are familiar with your needs and have likely handled similar assignments in the past. As such, hiring an expert can help you achieve better grades and lead you to more opportunities in the future.

2. Save time

Handling challenging coursework can lead to wasted time so hiring a tutor can help you save time and energy for another task.

3. Affordable services

Contrary to what some may believe, academic writing help is offered at different price points. As such, the rate is generally affordable especially if they operate on a bidding system as we do.

4. Get professional help

While some cheap services may be tempting, they may not be good quality. As such, you need to hire professionals like us who are aware of all the current standards for a good academic essay to ensure you get the highest possible score and value for your money.

5. Allow you to invest time in other activities

Once you hire an academic writing service, you will have at least a few hours of your time free and you may use this time to play sports or engage in community outreach that can help boost your resume. 

6. Low chance of plagiarism

Most students struggle with writing original content for their coursework. Plagiarism is a serious academic offense that can lead to punishment, so investing in academic writing services can help you avoid academic offenses. 

7. Experts that understand your needs

Academic writing experts are trained to deliver based on your needs; hence you will have very few complaints when you order from a reputable firm.

It is for these reasons and more that students like yourself look to our academic writing services, which you can place an order for here at affordable prices. Please note that aside from academic writing help online, we also offer helpful guides such as how to write a research paper.

Where Can I Get Academic Writing Services?

Over the course of your education, you will handle several types of academic papers, which tend to differ based on their function and structure. However, most services do not cover all of these, but we have diverse services that cater to all of our clientele.

To access top-notch quality, it is advisable to seek referrals from your fellow students since they have used a service before and can attest to its quality. One of the professional academic writing firms that use referrals is ours. This is because most of our clients are happy with the services we offer and will not hesitate to refer another student to us. We also offer plagiarism-free content at affordable prices. Students can also expect quick delivery and free revisions, along with refunds in case of anything.

Clients are sure to receive the above guarantees named and more. As such, it is no wonder that we have thousands of loyal clients and are still growing. To get started, place your order with us today for the best academic writing services online.

Once our expert delivers your order, you can look through it to ensure that it has the following traits:

  • Base the essay entirely on the topic at hand
  • Proper exploration of the thesis
  • systemic flow of points
  • Correctness: each point should be accurate and verifiable. Using fake references is a serious offense and can lead to failure.
  • Proofread: the paper should not have any grammatical or logical errors, so the editing process is essential.

If your academic paper contains the qualities listed above, it is likely that you will pass the test. However, the quality needs to be consistent since your grades add up over the entire course, and failing one can lower your overall score. 

Your instructor will likely give you several assignments of different types to gauge your understanding. If you are unaware of how to properly handle some of these tasks, your average score will drop, leading to failure over time. For these reasons, don’t hesitate to seek the services of academic writing companies who can provide consistent quality when you are stuck.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much do our essay writers charge?

 It depends on several factors, such as the subject (technical subjects cost more), the urgency of the deadline, the word count, specifications such as graphs, and more. The more technical, longer, or more urgent your paper is, the more it will cost but rest assured that you will receive top-notch quality.

2. Can you get in trouble for using an essay writing service?

No. Hiring the services of academic writing companies is legal. However, many instructors look down on these services and view them as plagiarism. Additionally, students can use the papers as study guides.

3. What subjects do your academic writing services handle?

We handle a variety of subjects such as chemistry, physics, IT, marketing, and more. To confirm, please contact our experts for more information with details, and we will get back to you ASAP. 

4. I want to learn how to handle my essays. Can your experts provide help with this?

Yes! If you would like guidance on how to handle essays, we have a variety of articles focusing on different subjects. One example is how to write a lab report, but you can find many other options on our blog post tab.

5. Does your paper writing service offer discounts to clients?

Yes, but occasionally. We offer up to 10% discounts to registered clients towards the end of the year, so be sure to register with an active email to get notifications for the next time we offer discounts.

6. Can I request a specific writer to handle my essay?

Yes, but we can only assign them if they are free at that moment. If they are currently handling another client’s order, your order will be assigned to another writer. But worry not, because all of our experts are well-versed and extensively trained in handling orders.


In short, academic writing services exist to help students facing difficulties with their coursework by assigning them to skilled tutors. These services are utilized because they promise students good grades, save time, provide professional expertise, and make affordable services available. To get the best possible services, it is important to look for qualities such as refunds, free revisions, affordable pricing, prompt communication, plagiarism-free content, and more. 

Students looking for such guarantees can look no further than our services which offer all these and more. Unlike other firms, not only do we offer promises, but we deliver on them as well. This has made us the go-to option for many students seeking the best university essay writing services online. They are assured quality, low prices, free plagiarism reports, and much more. All this also leads them to refer new clientele hence our growth. Despite the growth, we have maintained the same premium quality that attracted clients to our academic writing services in the first place. At this point, you are probably convinced and ready to invest in the best academic writing help online. To get your paper today, simply click the link and place your order and we will be sure to handle it expertly.

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