Argumentative Essay Writing Service


Argumentative Essay Writing Service

Do you want an argumentative essay writing service from the best company? Many students are finding it hard to write argumentative essays that allow them to get top grades due to reasons such as lack of time; they have not mastered the English language; they do not know how to create good arguments, among others. Let us tell you, if you are one of these students, you should not worry even the tiniest bit.

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What Is An Argumentative Essay?

An argumentative essay is a professional paper that utilizes logical support and factual evidence to persuade readers to take a certain stand. Many individuals view the word “argumentative” as a combative or aggressive phrase, but this is not always the case, mainly when it comes to essay writing. Writers and speakers provide their arguments (reasoning or claims or theses), thus why it has come to be known as argumentative.

An argumentative essay is one of the broad types of essays. The other types are descriptive, narrative, and expository.

Students highly confuse argumentative essays with expository essays because both rely profoundly on plentiful research and fact-based evidence. The key difference between them is that an argumentative one is more biased than an expository one. Argumentative essays greatly reflect on one side, while expository essays present all sides almost equally and don’t force a reader to choose a side.

When Should You Write An Argumentative Essay?

Some of the essay instructions you get from your instructor may indicate clearly that the essay should be argumentative. For example:

Topic: Is online education beneficial to teachers? Use evidence to support your arguments.

However, in some instances, it might be hard to know if the instructions want an argumentative essay or another type of essay, mainly when the word “argument” or its synonym is not used in the essay prompt. For instance:

Topic: What is the greatest challenge facing students using online learning?

We offer argumentative essay writing help. You can thus seek assistance from us if you cannot determine what type of essay it is. We can as well help you write an argumentative essay from scratch or solve any problem you may have.

What Are The Types Of An Argumentative Essay?

You can use three approaches to write your argumentative essay. They are classic (Aristotelian), Toulmin, and Rogerian. Each approach has its own structure and is suited to a specific situation.

Classic (Aristotelian) Argumentative Essay

This is the most common type and is used when making direct arguments. It is structured as follows:

  • Introduce the issue
  • Discuss your perspective/claim
  • Mention your opponents’ perspective. You can also refute their points in this section.
  • Provide your evidence
  • Conclude

Toulmin Argumentative Essay

Toulmin discusses complicated issues or a thesis that is a counterargument (also known as a rebuttal). It has six key sections that you are free to arrange as you see fit. Note that your claim can be a counterargument of someone else’s argument; in this case, your entire essay will disapprove another person's thesis. The six sections are:

  • Claim/thesis/counterargument
  • Your perspective and evidence
  • State your assumptions
  • Additional supporting evidence
  • Limitations of your claim
  • Rebuttal and addressing them.

Rogerian Argumentative Essay

Rogerian style depicts both sides of an argument. This is mainly the case when a mixed audience is involved. Some refer to it as a middle-ground approach as it recognizes your claim (thesis) and that of the opponents. Its structure is as follows:

  • Introduce the issue
  • First, discuss your opponent’s argument
  • Discuss your perspective
  • Combine both sides and show a middle-ground
  • Conclude by balancing the two sides

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Argumentative Essay Writing Service

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Steps Of Writing An Argumentative Essay

Writing an argumentative essay follows a similar approach to that of any other essay, but what sets this essay apart from the others is that it places more emphasis on preparation and research. Below is a guide on how to write an argumentative essay.

Step 1: Create a thesis, claim, or argument

If your assignment prompt has not provided you with a thesis, your first step should be brainstorming. Take your time to create a good thesis. Choose a thesis that is interesting to you and one that has ample information. Start by making a list of the argumentative topics you want. Then research each and finally select one with the most information.

We understand that it is difficult to brainstorm argumentative essay topics, so we will give you a hand. Go through the following topic examples to get an idea of what you can write. You may adjust them however you see appropriate.

Argumentative essays topics for sports

  • Should the US prioritize sports more?
  • Do college athletes need to be paid for participating in sports?

Argumentative essays topics for health

  • Will single-payment healthcare benefit citizens?
  • Should minors be allowed to buy birth control without the consent of their parents?

Argumentative essays topics for technology

  • Is it appropriate to legalize self-driving cars?
  • Should Facebook continue collecting users’ data?

Argumentative essays topics for science

  • Are GMOs worth it?
  • Should world governments resolve climate issues?

Step 2: Prepare

The next step is collecting resources you will use to write your argumentative paper. Do in-depth research until you have all the evidence that you need. Afterward, prepare an outline (the next subheading will intensely discuss how to write an outline). The outline should indicate what you will write in each section and the resources you will use for each section.

An argumentative essay outline is vital as it simplifies the writing process and helps you avoid missing essential ideas. So, ensure you make the outline as detailed as possible.

Step 3: Draft

In this stage, you draft your argumentative paper. Make sure to include all the ideas and evidence so it can be easy to revise the essay.

Step 4: Proofreading and revising

After you are through with drafting, revise and proofread your work. Our argumentative essay writers can help you marvelously polish up the work; just reach out to us. In this step, you need to restructure your arguments, optimize word choice, and ensure your language is appropriate and clear for your readers.

How Do You Write An Argumentative Essay Outline?

No matter the approach or style you choose for your essay, make sure your argumentative essay format has an introduction, body paragraphs, and a conclusion. The best time to insert these three sections is when creating an outline.

Therefore, the first step in writing an argumentative essay outline is creating small notes of what you write in the introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion. Read on to understand the specific details to put in each of these three sections.

How Do You Write An Argumentative Essay Introduction?

How you start an argumentative essay is very important for your readers. You are supposed to capture your readers’ attention from the first sentence; begin with a hook to accomplish this. You continue captivating them by offering background information and ending the intro with a thesis statement.

How Do You Write An Argumentative Essay Body Paragraph?

The body section is where you discuss your arguments in detail.  In the body, you present your evidence, evaluations, and reasoning to persuade the readers that your thesis is factual. Ensure each paragraph discusses its topic and should start with a topic sentence. Every topic must connect with the thesis or general argument. Therefore, when creating topic sentences, try not to include irrelevant information as much as possible.

We have assisted tons of students in writing a quality body paragraph section. All they had to do was tell us their needs; then, our argumentative essay writers did their magic. You can follow suit if you find writing the body paragraphs or introduction and conclusion problematic. Place an order today to get a cheap argumentative essay writing service from us.

How Do You Write An Argumentative Essay Conclusion?

You should always end all your essays with a conclusion; an argumentative essay is no exception. A conclusion gives a snapshot of the work and reflects on the argument you have made in the body.

You should not bring new arguments or evidence to the conclusion. However, you are allowed to discuss the strengths and limitations of your claims and offer suggestions for future research if your essay is long.

What Should You Know When You Want To Write A Claim For An Argumentative Essay?

After settling on a topic and crafting your thesis statement, the next step is determining how to write claims (or arguments). You can present your claims in numerous ways; the five commonly used approaches are:

Cause and effect: when you use this approach, you state what is causing the issue you are discussing and what the consequences are.

Value: this approach means you will mention the significance of what you are arguing about.

Fact: using this strategy means you state whether a statement is true or false.

Definition: in some other instances, you can present your claim by quoting how it is defined in a dictionary and going ahead to offer how you personally define or understand a concept or topic.

Policy: this approach means you explain why the readers should care and what actions they should take after reading your piece.

Tips For Writing The Best Argumentative Essays

Use the following tips when you want to write an argumentative essay that stands out.

  • Use credible evidence to back up your arguments or claims.
  • Do immense research on the topic and know all about it as you can
  • Use clear and compact language
  • Avoid using unclear phrases and expressions
  • Arrange facts in an order that is easy to read, for example, based on priority or sequential

The ultimate “tip” you can use to have the best argumentative essay is to seek assistance from a website that offers an argumentative essay writing service. Our website provides this service. Therefore, place an order to buy argumentative essays from us that are suited to your personal needs and follow all the instructor’s instructions.

Why Do Students Choose Us For Argumentative Essay Writing Services?

Each day we receive tens of requests for argumentative essays and hundreds of requests for general homework help. These requests come from students around the globe, and the key reasons why they entrust us with their argumentative essay assignments are as follows:

  • We provide top-quality papers
  • We offer cheap argumentative essay writing help
  • We always have an argumentative essay writer available 24/7
  • We prioritize your privacy and confidentiality
  • Timely submissions
  • We have a zero plagiarism policy and provide plagiarism reports

Frequently Asked Questions

1) Why do students seek argumentative essay writing services?

There are many reasons, such as:

  • They have limited time either because they are busy or the deadline is very close
  • They don’t have strong English command
  • They don’t have the prowess to create reasonable, convincing arguments
  • They fear plagiarism, etc.

2) When is it a requirement to cite sources?

You should include a citation whenever you summarize, paraphrase, or quote information from someone’s else work. Each citation should be accompanied by the full details of a source in the reference or bibliography section.

3) Who can write a good argumentative essay for me?

We can write it for you. We have been offering argumentative essay writing help for over a decade, and we thus know all there is to know about writing an excellent argumentative paper. Hire us to get the essay.

4) Is there someone who can urgently write my argumentative essay for me?

Yes, we are here for you. We have multiple argumentative essay writers available around the clock to assist you with any issue you might have with your argumentative essays.


This article teaches argumentative essay writing. If you need additional help, register with us and place your order. You will then get assistance in the shortest time. Students from all corners of the planet come to us for argumentative essay writing services, so do not hesitate when you are entrusting us with your argumentative essay.

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