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Has your tutor asked you to write argumentative essays? The next problem is the essays make you feel like you are trying to solve a Rubik's cube while blindfolded.

If you are stuck, here is the argumentative essay writing service to help you solve the mystery. We have already helped students conquer the debating challenges such academic writing presents.

Our experts offer argumentative essay writing help, saving you from staring at a blank screen. We welcome you to experience our polished art of turning thoughts into eloquent arguments.

What is an Argumentative Essay?

An argumentative essay is a type of essay that portrays a well-reasoned argument on a given topic. The writer articulates and supports a clear stance with relevant evidence and examples. The aim is to persuade the reader to adopt their viewpoint.

Unlike other essays, the argumentative essay requires critically analyzing opposing viewpoints. The writer showcases their ability to anticipate and counter opposing arguments. Take the gun control essay as an example.

Such an essay encourages logical thinking, research skills, and effective communication of persuasive ideas. The same applies to other essays under the argumentative genre. The structure typically includes an introduction, body paragraphs presenting the main arguments, and a conclusion summarizing the key points.

An argumentative essay is one of the broad types of essays. You can hire our affordable essay writing services if you need assistance in tackling yours. The other types are descriptive essays, narrative essays, and expository essays.

Difference between Argumentative and Expository Essays

Students highly confuse argumentative essays with expository essays because both rely profoundly on plentiful research and fact-based evidence. The critical difference between them is that an argumentative one is more biased than an expository one.

Argumentative essays greatly reflect on one side. Expository essays, on the other hand, present all sides almost equally and don't force a reader to choose a side. You can contact us for an expository essay writing service if you need help writing such an essay.

When Should You Write An Argumentative Essay?

Some of the essay instructions you get from your instructor may indicate clearly that the essay should be argumentative. For example:

Topic: Is online education beneficial to teachers? Support your arguments with evidence.

However, in some instances, it might be hard to know if the instructions want an argumentative essay or another type. Students get confused when the word "argument" or its synonym is not used in the essay prompt. For instance:

Topic: What is the greatest challenge facing students using online learning?

We offer argumentative essay writing help. You can thus seek us for college essay writing services, among other levels, if you cannot determine what to write. We can also help you write an argumentative essay from scratch.

What is the Importance of Argumentative Essays in College Education?

Argumentative essays nail essential skills to serve you as you pursue your course and beyond. We will discuss how to write your argumentative essays topics later. Before that, here are a few reasons your tutors ask you to write about them.

  • Critical thinking ability: These essays aren't just about words; they help you flex your mental muscles. You are considering numerous ideas as you state the facts. In the process, you try to figure out which are holding water and which are leaking.
  • Research training: Writing an argumentative essay requires a lot of research. In the process, you learn to dig deeper into the information archives and develop knowledge that backs up your claims.
  • Persuading skills: Since you are arguing your points out, you learn how to be persuasive. In other words, you insert a thought into your readers that changes how they view the issue.
  • Debating dynamo: In college, you shouldn't just agree with everything you are fed. It would be best to be diverse in how you view issues, juggle ideas, and make mental calculations. So, these essays prepare you to become a debating maestro.
  • Real-world preparation: Beyond campus borders, the ability to drive compelling arguments is essential in the real world. Jobs, projects, and life require you to articulate your thoughts convincingly.
  • Writing prowess: Mastering the art of argumentative essays isn't just about acing one assignment. You also upgrade your writing skills that apply to other writing genres.

Argumentative essays are your secret weapons for success in the academic arena and beyond. We know you are eager to learn how to write an argumentative essay. First, let's see some of the challenges that students go through as they try to develop a convincing essay.

Which Challenges Do Students Face When Writing Argumentative Essays?

Students face a couple of hardships as they try to develop a compelling argumentative essay. Some of these difficulties include:

Formulating an Argumentative Essay Format or Outline

An argumentative essay format is like your treasure map. Students find it hard to develop something they can use as a follow-up plan. That is why you will find it hard even to start writing.

A format you can stick to is vital since it will direct you from the starting point to the end.

Starting to Write the Argumentative Essay

Once you are stuck on writing an outline, the next part is having no idea how to start writing. You need a hook that will grab the reader's attention. If not, you must think of a provocative question or a surprising fact.

The problem is that you and many other students don't know where to begin.

Developing a Strong Claim

As you write the argumentative essay, your claims have to be solid. The problem that most students face is strengthening what they are claiming in the essay. Ultimately, you submit an argumentative essay with big words that only impress but do not express.  

Finding Relevant Evidence

You may have your claims right, but where is the supportive evidence? It would be best to persuade readers (or the tutor) by supporting your argument. The reason why students find that difficult is because they have not researched enough.

So, in the end, they become Sherlock Holmes without the magnifying glass.

Addressing Counterarguments

Argumentative essays also have counterarguments. You must consider the opposing views and provide information that strengthens your position. What students often fail to do is to have sources that work against each other.

It would be best to have that so your essay could look like a panel of experts discussing your claim.

Using Persuasive Language

You may wish for a magic wand for persuasive words, but that is another challenge you are facing. We highlighted being convincing in the evidence point. What students fail to do is use strong verbs and powerful words that will drive the point home.

Time Management

Students sometimes have to work on long argumentative essays within a short time. Racing against time creates difficulty in everything, from research to proofreading your work.

Eventually, you lack the power to tame the time to deliver something obliging.

The above hurdles show what students go through when trying to write an argumentative essay. You can solve some of these challenges by learning how to write an essay.

If you, however, need help wrestling with your essay as you learn, we have affordable experts ready with their writing gloves.

Argumentative Essay Writing Service

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The Role of Argumentative Essay Writing Services

Hiring an argumentative essay writer comes with benefits. We are one of the best homework help gurus who have provided an argumentative essay for sale service for years.

We, therefore, understand how students benefit from our services. It's more than helping you solve the difficulties discussed above. In this section, we will look into the benefits of buying argumentative essay writing expertise.

We will also reflect on the ethical considerations you should follow when hiring our services.

How Does Our Essay Writing Service Benefit Students?

When you buy argumentative essay help from us, you gain the following:

  • Saved time: College life requires you to do a lot with looming deadlines. When we help you work on your essay, we give you the gift of time. That means you can focus on mastering your skills in other areas while we handle the writing load.
  • Polished expertise on demand: We know you are stuck on a tricky topic. That is why our argumentative essay writing service has a league of experienced writers. They bring expertise to your paper, turning it into a shining beacon of knowledge.
  • Stress reduction: College stress is real. So, hiring us means taking the weight off your shoulders. Once you submit your requirements, we will handle the mental strain for you.
  • Quality assurance: We sprinkle quality assurance in the required results. Expect well-researched, polished essays that could make even the strictest professors approve.
  • Customized output: No two students are alike, and neither should your essays be. Our essay services offer customization options. We tailor your essays to your unique voice to meet the specific assignment requirements.
  • A learning ally: You witness how professionals construct arguments, present ideas, and use language effectively. Consider it your masterclass in essay crafting.
  • Deadline defense: Is your essay deadline around the corner? We are the deadline defenders you need. We have always handled quick turnarounds without compromising the quality.
  • Guaranteed confidentiality: When you hire us, your secret weapon to nailing that essay is well-guarded. Your identity remains with us all through. We also deploy military-grade encryption to ensure your information does not leak to unwanted third parties.

Apart from the argumentative types, you can also reach out if you require a graduate essay writing service.

What Are the Ethical Considerations of Buying an Argumentative Essay Writing Service?

As you use essay writing services, here are some of the ethics you need to consider:

  • It's purely guidance: Treat our services as guides, not replacements. We are your wise mentors, helping you understand how to craft compelling arguments. Use the provided material as a learning aid.
  • Honor the code: Most academic institutions have an honor code. Be sure to follow it diligently. Understand your institution's policies on external assistance. Ensure your use of essay services aligns with these guidelines.
  • Personal touch: As you seek help, let your voice shine through. Add the left-out personal touch to the delivered essay to give a reflection of your thoughts. This ensures authenticity and helps you genuinely engage with the topic.
  • Avoid plagiarism pitfalls: Plagiarism is the dark side of academic writing. Ensure that you receive original and properly cited work. Originality is your academic armor.
  • Transparency with instructors: If your institution allows external assistance, be transparent with your instructors. Let them know if you sought help from a writing service.
  • Respect copyright laws: Ensure that the materials provided by the service adhere to copyright laws. Using copyrighted material without proper authorization can incur heavy penalties. Respect intellectual property rights, just as you'd want others to respect yours.

How to Choose the Right Argumentative Essay Writing Service

As you look for an argumentative essay writer, here are a few points to help you navigate the terrain:

1. Expertise Expedition

  • Seek a service with seasoned writers for argumentative essays. Check if they have expertise in your specific subject or field.
  • Look for samples or reviews showcasing their writing prowess. A skilled team ensures your essay will be a masterpiece.

2. Confidentiality

  • Privacy is your fortress. Ensure the service guarantees confidentiality. Your academic endeavors are your own. So, make sure they stay that way.
  • Check their privacy policy and terms of service to know how they handle your information.

3. Plagiarism Protection Shield

  • Opt for services that pledge their allegiance to originality. Confirm they use plagiarism-check tools to guarantee your essay's uniqueness.
  • Inquire about their policies on plagiarism and how they ensure the content's authenticity.

4. Pricing Prowess

  • Budgeting is part of the student survival guide. Seek a service with transparent pricing. Check if they have a clear breakdown of costs.
  • Avoid suspiciously low prices; quality comes at a cost. Find a balance between the quality and what you can afford.

5. Quality Quest

  • Quality reigns supreme! Prioritize services that emphasize quality in every aspect of their work.
  • Look for testimonials, reviews, or samples to gauge the quality of their output.

6. Ethical Exploration

  • We have discussed ethical considerations in the above section. Choose a service that aligns with your moral compass. Ensure they emphasize academic integrity and uphold ethical standards.
  • Check for testimonials or reviews about the service's ethical conduct. Trustworthy partnerships are built on shared values.

Remember, this quest is about enhancing your skills and knowledge. Use these guidelines to choose your argumentative essay-writing companion wisely before requesting the service.

Why Do Students Choose Homework Market for Argumentative Essay Writing Services?

Each day, we receive tens of requests for argumentative essays and hundreds of requests for general homework help. These requests come from students around the globe.

The key reasons why they entrust us with their argumentative essay assignments are as follows:

  • We provide top-quality papers
  • We offer cheap argumentative essay writing help
  • We always have an argumentative essay writer available
  • We prioritize your privacy and confidentiality
  • Timely submissions
  • We have a zero plagiarism policy and provide plagiarism reports
  • If you are not satisfied with the final output, we always give a refund
  • We have numerous testimonials and reviews from students who have witnessed our capability

Enhancing Your Argumentative Essay Writing Skills

As we assist you in working on your argumentative essay, we also want you to polish your skills. So, in this section, we will show you how to write an argumentative essay easy, from the outline to proofreading.

The information below contains the types of argumentative essays you may encounter as you pursue your course. You will also learn what to consider as you write the essay, together with additional tips.

What Are The Types of Argumentative Essays?

You can use three approaches to write your argumentative essay. They are classic (Aristotelian), Toulmin, and Rogerian. Each method has its structure and is suited to a specific situation.

Classic (Aristotelian) Argumentative Essay

This is the most common type and is used when making direct arguments. It is structured as follows:

  • Introduce the issue
  • Discuss your perspective/claim. It's also called the confirmation
  • Mention your opponents' perspective. You can also refute their points in this section.
  • Provide your evidence
  • Conclude

Toulmin Argumentative Essay

Toulmin discusses complicated issues or a thesis that is a counterargument (also known as a rebuttal). It has six key sections you can arrange as you see fit.

Note that your claim can be a counterargument of someone else's argument; in this case, your entire essay will disapprove of another person's thesis. The six sections are:

  • Claim: This is also the thesis. It can also be a counterargument.
  • Grounds: This is where you share your perspective.
  • Warrant: It involves the evidence that supports your claim and grounds.
  • Backing: Provide additional information that supports your viewpoint.
  • Qualifier: This is where you address the certainty of your claim. It should also include limitations on what may affect what you are claiming.
  • Rebuttal: Here, you explain why you oppose another claim.

Rogerian Argumentative Essay

Rogerian style depicts both sides of an argument. This is mainly the case when a mixed audience is involved. Some refer to it as a middle-ground approach as it recognizes your claim (thesis) and that of the opponents. Its structure is as follows:

  • Introduce the issue
  • First, discuss your opponent's argument
  • Discuss your perspective
  • Combine both sides and show a middle-ground
  • Conclude by balancing the two sides

Has your instructor told you to write an argumentative essay, and you do not know which style to use? Tell us about your essay requirements; our experts will do the rest. We have argumentative essay IGCSE, GCSE, and college-level experts ready to guide, write, and tutor where necessary.

How Do You Write An Argumentative Essay Outline?

Everyone has their way of writing an argumentative essay outline as long as it abides by the provided rules.

The best one is creating small notes of what you write in the introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion. Before you embark on writing your argumentative essay, you need an outline. That is what will help you include everything required.

Regardless of the approach or style you choose for your essay, your argumentative essay format should have the essential elements. They involve the introduction, body paragraphs, and a conclusion.

Read on to understand how to write an argumentative essay outline by inputting the correct details for the three sections. What we will share is what you should consider in each section. That will help you know the right notes to jot down in your format.

How to Write an Argumentative Essay Introduction

How you start an argumentative essay is very important for your readers. You are supposed to capture your readers' attention from the first sentence. That is why a hook is essential at the beginning. That is why you should not leave out a hook in your essay's introduction.

Continue captivating them by offering background information and ending the intro with a thesis statement.

How Do You Write An Argumentative Essay Body Paragraph?

The body section is where you discuss your arguments in detail. In the body, you present your evidence, evaluations, and reasoning to persuade the readers that your thesis is factual.

Ensure each paragraph discusses its topic and should start with a topic sentence. Every topic must connect with the thesis or general argument. Therefore, when creating topic sentences, try not to include irrelevant information as much as possible.

We have assisted tons of students in writing a quality body paragraph section. They told us their needs via our order page. After that, our argumentative essay writers did their magic.

You can follow suit if writing the body paragraphs or introduction and conclusion is problematic. We offer a cheap argumentative essay writing service with sweet discounts to new and recurring customers.

How Do You Write An Argumentative Essay Conclusion?

You should always end all your essays with a conclusion; an argumentative essay is no exception. A conclusion gives a snapshot of the work and reflects on your argument in the body.

You should not bring new arguments or evidence to the conclusion. However, you can discuss the strengths and limitations of your claims and offer suggestions for future research if you have an extended essay.

What Should You Know When You Want To Write A Claim For An Argumentative Essay?

After settling on a topic and crafting your outline, the next step is determining how to write a claim for an argumentative essay. You can present your claims in numerous ways. The five approaches commonly used are:

  • Cause and effect: When you use this approach, you state what is causing the issue you are discussing. The next part is what the consequences are.
  • Value: This approach means you will mention the significance of your argument.
  • Fact: This strategy means stating whether a statement is true or false.
  • Definition: In other instances, you can present your claim by quoting its definition. Next, offer how you define or understand the concept or topic.
  • Policy: This approach means you explain why the readers should care. You should also include the actions they should take after reading your piece.

How to Write an Argumentative Essay

Writing an argumentative essay follows a similar approach to any other essay. What sets this type of essay apart is its emphasis on preparation and research.

Below is a guide on how to start an argumentative essay writing.

1. Create a Thesis, Claim, or Argument

Your first step should be brainstorming if your assignment prompt has not provided a thesis. Take your time to create a good thesis. Choose a thesis that is interesting to you and has ample information.

Start by listing the argumentative topics you would like to address. Then, research each and finally select one with the most information.

We understand that it is difficult to brainstorm argumentative essays topics. We will share a few ideas to help you brainstorm. Go through the following examples to know how to write argumentative essay topics. You may adjust them based on your needs and the instructions provided.

  • Argumentative essays topics for sports
  • Should the US prioritize sports more?
  • Do college athletes need to be paid to participate in sports?
  • Argumentative essays topics for health
  • Will single-payment healthcare benefit citizens?
  • Should minors be allowed to buy birth control without the consent of their parents?
  • Argumentative essays topics for technology
  • Is it appropriate to legalize self-driving cars?
  • Should Facebook continue collecting users' data?
  • Argumentative essays topics for science
  • Are GMOs worth it?
  • Should world governments resolve climate issues?

Do you want more examples? Here are 100 controversial topics for teenagers. Have a look to see if you will land on a superb topic.

2. Prepare

The next step is collecting resources you will use to write your argumentative paper. Do in-depth research until you have all the evidence that you need. Afterward, prepare an outline based on our discussion in the argumentative essay outline section.

The outline should indicate what you will write in each section and the resources you will use for each section.

The argumentative essay format or outline is vital as it simplifies the writing process. It also helps you avoid missing essential ideas. So, ensure you make the outline as detailed as possible.

3. Draft

In this stage, draft your argumentative paper. Make sure to include all the ideas and evidence so it can be easy to revise the essay. As you do so, ensure that you stick to the required length. If you need to extend it based on the guidelines, then you should learn how to make an essay longer.

The most vital rule here is to draft as you follow instructions.

4. Proofreading and Revising

After you are through with drafting, revise and proofread your work. Check for spelling and grammar mistakes, Restructure your arguments, and optimize the word choice appropriately.

Also, ensure that the language is clear for the targeted audience. If you need help in proofreading, our argumentative essay writers can help you marvelously polish up the work. All you need to do is reach out via our order page.

Tips for Writing the Best Argumentative Essays

Use the following tips when writing an argumentative essay that stands out.

  • Use credible evidence to back up your arguments or claims.
  • Do immense research on the topic and know all about it as you can
  • Use clear and compact language
  • Avoid using unclear phrases and expressions
  • Arrange facts in an order that is easy to read, for example, based on priority or sequential

It's also a good idea to go through argumentative essay examples others have written. Find the appropriate ones in your niche and understand how to go about your topic.

You can also check out guidelines that teach you how to write argumentative essays related to your course. We have How to Write "Should College Athletes Be Paid" Essay and Why Marijuana Should be Legal Essay guides for reference. Go through them to get an idea of how to go about such essays.

The ultimate "tip" for getting the best argumentative essay is seeking assistance from a reputable essay writing service provider platform. You can buy argumentative essays from us that suit your needs and follow the instructor's instructions.

Which Resources and Tools Can Help You Write Argumentative Essays?

You need a few resources to help you craft the best output when writing an argumentative essay. Our experts recommend a few tools, resources, and workshops as you develop that argumentative essay structure.

a) Online Writing Labs (OWLs)

  • Purdue OWL: Offers comprehensive guides on various writing topics. That includes argumentative essays. You can check the on-campus and online writing labs for resources and help.
  • UNC Writing Center: They also provide writing services and resources. You can get tips, strategies, and examples for effective argumentative writing. You can also get essay handouts and online coaching.

b) Research Databases

  • JSTOR and Google Scholar: You can refer to these platforms as research databases. They provide access to many scholarly articles and research papers to support your arguments.

c) Citation and Referencing Tools

  • Zotero, EndNote, or Mendeley: You can use either of these apps to reference your essay. They help manage and organize references, making proper citations in argumentative essays easier.

d) Essay Planning and Organization

  • MindMeister or Coggle: These are mind-mapping tools. They help organize thoughts and create structured essay outlines. You can also share the created mind maps with others for collaboration.

e) Grammar and Style Checkers

  • Grammarly or ProWritingAid: Ensures your writing is grammatically correct and stylistically consistent. Both platforms also have AI writing assistants that can help you paraphrase.

f) Workshops and Webinars

  • Check for writing workshops offered by your university or educational institutions.

g) Essay Writing Guides and Books

  • "They Say/I Say" guide: It's written by Gerald Graff and Cathy Birkenstein. It can help you argue and incorporate others' voices in your writing.
  • You can also look for books on argumentative essays in your niche or coursework.

h) Other Sources

You can also explore platforms like the New York Times, Huffington Post, and TED Talk. They contain articles and speeches, where appropriate, that have various views on issues. You can use such sources to gain more information and effective argumentation techniques.

You can enhance your argumentative essay writing skills by leveraging the above recommendations. Utilize them to become more adept at crafting compelling and well-supported arguments.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why do students seek argumentative essay writing services?

Students seek argumentative essay writing services to get the best-written academic papers. These services help them improve their grades and learn how to craft incredible argumentative essays.

2. Who can write my argumentative essay for me?

We can write it for you. We have been offering argumentative essay writing help for over a decade. Thus, we know what it takes to write an excellent argumentative paper. Hire us today to get a well-crafted, original essay.

3. Are argumentative essay writing services legal?

Yes, they are legal. However, using them ethically is crucial, following your institution's guidelines regarding external assistance.

4. Can I ask for revisions if I'm not content with the essay?

You can request a revision if the written essay has some missing aspects. We do revisions until the client is satisfied with the final output. If we cannot meet your requirements, you will get a refund.

5. How much does it cost to get an argumentative essay written?

The pricing depends on the number of pages, deadline, complexity, and quality level. Regardless of the factors, we always offer affordable help to new and returning clients.


The prowess of reliable services fortifies the journey through argumentative essays. We've navigated the challenges, explored ethical considerations, and uncovered the magic of crafting persuasive prose.

From choosing the exemplary service to mastering essay writing skills, our quest has been enlightening. Now armed with insights, it's your turn to conquer the argumentative peaks.

Need a guiding hand? Explore the wonders of our argumentative essay writing service – where expertise meets excellence. Elevate your essay writing by requesting our service today and witness your ideas transform into compelling arguments.

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