100+ Controversial Topics For Teenagers To Spice Your Essay
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Spark Discussion with These Controversial Topics for Teenagers

Spark Discussion with These Controversial Topics for Teenagers

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Are you a teenager looking for good debate topics? Look no further; our experts have compiled a list of 100 controversial topics for teenagers, which can help you brainstorm a good topic of discussion. Please keep reading to understand more about handling controversial topics, the circumstances you may use these controversial topics for teenagers, and much more.

What Is A Debate?

A debate refers to a formal discussion where two opposing present their viewpoints for an audience to consider. It can revolve around different topics ranging from politics to culture and economics and aims to help establish a specific truth. Participants often look into controversial topics and then present a viewpoint in support of or against it. There are four types of debates:

  • Academic debate is simply a debate done within the confines of an academic institution. The students will present arguments and supporting evidence on important issues, and prizes for the winners are often given.
  • Cross-examination debate: this type involves users giving a speech/ testimony of their side followed by a cross-examination where opposing sides ask each other questions to clarify any issues.
  • Lincoln-Douglass debate: is a type of competitive debate that lays emphasis on logic, ethics, and philosophy; hence it is also known as the values debate. It is named after the historical debate between Abraham Lincoln and Stephen Douglas and aimed to discuss making slavery illegal. Some of the best debate topics for students fall under this category.
  • Parliamentary debate: is a formal discussion involving critical and rhetorical analysis. There are two individuals or groups presenting their viewpoints, and often, a judge is present to deliberate on the outcome.

As such, controversial topics for teenagers fall within either of these categories.

100 Controversial Topics For Teenagers: A Comprehensive List

  1. Every student should participate in sports
  2. Bullying can be solved using caning
  3. Students should grade teachers
  4. College should be free for all
  5. Schools should not ban books
  6. Schools should have uniforms
  7. Science is the most important subject in school
  8. Human cloning will be possible in the near future
  9. Nuclear power is too dangerous to implement as a source of public energy
  10. Drug addicts should be punished
  11. Vaccines should be mandatory for all
  12. Solar power is not feasible
  13. Parents should be punished if their children commit offenses
  14. A flat tax rate is better than a progressive system
  15. World peace can be achieved
  16. The government should track phones to limit criminal activity
  17. The use of technology should be restricted
  18. Cryptocurrencies are a scam
  19. TikTok should be banned
  20. Religion does more harm than good
  21. Instagram is the worst form of social media
  22. YouTube is the best social media
  23. Video games should not be considered sports
  24. Guns should be banned
  25. Political affiliation is ruining the discourse
  26. Money is not the most important thing in the world
  27. Human labor will be replaced by machines
  28. Public healthcare is generally of poor quality in comparison to private healthcare
  29. Public schools are detrimental to children’s education
  30. Consumerism is affecting people’s ability to pay off loans
  31. Higher education is not an indicator of high intelligence
  32. Poor people should not have children
  33. NFTs are a scam
  34. Cryptocurrency is not a scam and has diverse uses
  35. Homelessness can be solved using better access to mental health assistance
  36. Plastic should be banned
  37. Technology is ruining human communication
  38. Children should learn about technology from a young age
  39. The government should provide public housing to solve homelessness
  40. Social media is negatively affecting human’s ability to connect and communicate
  41. Population control can help solve climate change
  42. Environmental conservation is not only about reducing plastic waste
  43. Climate change can be solved through depopulation
  44. Abortion is not a human right
  45. Most non-technical professions are of low value in comparison to technical positions
  46. The government should provide a universal basic income to help reduce poverty
  47. Community policing can help reduce crime
  48. Junk food should be banned from schools
  49. Surgeons should be replaced by machines to reduce the risk of malpractice
  50. Peer pressure is the main challenge facing students
  51. Learning history is not helping humanity avoid past mistakes
  52. Solar energy cannot fulfill our energy needs
  53. Violent criminals under the age of 18 should be tried as adults in court
  54. Children’s access to social media should be monitored and restricted
  55. Schools should implement tougher anti-bullying measures
  56. Net neutrality should be mandatory for all internet service providers
  57. PC is better than Mac
  58. Modern diets are causing mental and physical health problems
  59. Video games should be considered a sport
  60. Children should not have access to money before reaching a certain age
  61. None of the political parties are relevant to modern-day society
  62. Writing as a skill is superior to typing
  63. More people should adopt solar energy in their homes
  64. The age of retirement should be lowered to reduce unemployment among the youth
  65. Drug addicts should be punished to reduce the chances of their condition worsening
  66. Testing in schools should be re-evaluated to improve educational standards
  67. Farming should be encouraged to reduce dependence on stores and corporations
  68. Physical exercise and diet are all you need for good health
  69. The internet does more harm than good
  70. Internet access can help reduce cases of school dropouts caused by poverty
  71. Social media influencers are not good role models
  72. Classical music is better than modern music
  73. Reliance on technology is destroying human capabilities
  74. Plastic surgery can be an addiction
  75. Religion is essential for a healthy society
  76. Mothers should stay home with their children until they are seven years old
  77. Most mental health problems can be solved by promoting better family relations
  78. Christianity is the best religion
  79. Consuming a high number of oils is the main cause of health problems
  80. Fries are the best snack
  81. Human trafficking can be solved using community policing
  82. The work week should be four days long
  83. Universal healthcare is not achievable
  84. People of all genders should register for the military draft
  85. World peace is impossible to attain
  86. The death penalty can help solve rising rates of crime
  87. Specialization in a particular career will lead to redundancy
  88. Social media can be used for good
  89. Early access to the internet can affect children’s brains negatively
  90. Not everyone should learn how to code
  91. Child support should be provided based on calculations of monthly spending
  92. The age of adulthood should be increased to 25
  93. E-textbooks are better than physical books
  94. Video games lead to violence and other forms of degeneracy
  95. Academics should not determine one’s skills and value in the workplace
  96. Internet services should be provided by a few firms to ensure quality
  97. Chronic depression is the main mental illness affecting the modern world
  98. Food security can be achieved by offering farmers interest-free funding
  99. Poor infrastructure is the main cause of pandemics and disease
  100. Money is essential for a peaceful life

How To Prepare For A Debate

  • Work as a team: ensure that each member of the group is well-equipped to present and that there is a cohesive thought process. Each team member should have their own designated part to present.
  • Analyze evidence: supporting sources should be accurate to enhance your credibility, so it doesn’t hurt to double-check. As such, research skills play heavily into one’s ability to win a debate.
  • Form a rebuttal to counterarguments: a rebuttal refers to a contrary argument. In this context, it is used when the opposing party presents an argument to present one’s own. To spot logical inconsistencies and form a rebuttal, one needs to be aware of argument flaws such as a false dichotomy, moral flaw, correlation as opposed to causation, and straw man arguments.

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Spark Discussion with These Controversial Topics for Teenagers

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do debates work?

The parties who are either for or against the topic will present their point in an hour then a cross-examination will take place. Afterward, a judge will declare the winner.

2. What are the three criteria used to judge in debates?

These refer to the three criteria used by judges to make a decision:

3. What are the five steps in a debate?

  • Introduce your message and state its importance
  • Break down the thesis of your arguments into smaller facts
  • Confirmation or proof of why your argument is correct
  • Refute your opponents’ arguments
  • Conclude your main points and give the audience something to consider

4. What should you not do in a debate?

  • Do not interrupt other speakers
  • No shouting
  • Avoid fake facts
  • Avoid stuttering
  • Do not address the judge

5. I have a speech impairment (e.g. stuttering), but I have a debate coming up. What can I do to sound fluent?

Try breath control exercises as well as oral motor or muscle strengthening exercises. You can also practice with your team members to avoid anxiety.

6. Can you offer help on how to write a speech?

Yes! We offer guidance in this which you can find in our 100+ demonstration speech ideas for college students article.

7. Who speaks first in a debate?

The side in support of the motion speaks. For example, if the debate is about “internet access is a human right”, the supporters will present first, followed by the opposers.


In closing, teenagers often engage in debates, which are formal discussions where two opposing ideas present their arguments for an audience’s consideration. There are four types of debates, such as parliamentary and academic debates, among others. Interesting debate topics generally involve an arguable statement that can revolve around any topic ranging from economics to ethics. 

Since many are affected by anxiety, it is advisable to prepare for this debate by finding the best debate topics for students to cover, practicing with team members, doing thorough research, and forming rebuttals to avoid failure. You may also focus on avoiding the don’ts of a debate to avoid penalization. While you may not win, it will give a good impression to the judges and boost your academic skills. However, you can improve your chances of success by hiring a qualified tutor who can offer personalized help revolving around controversial topics for teenagers. One such firm is ours, which offers quality and quick service at affordable prices, so don’t hesitate to place your order today and get started with the best writing company online.

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