Code of Conduct - Our Services Standards and Guidelines

Code of Conduct

We are committed to providing students with high-quality materials that will help them succeed in their academic journey. This code of conduct outlines the expectation for appropriate use of our website to enhance a good and ethical learning environment.

Academic Integrity

We acknowledge that academic integrity is the cornerstone of great education. Our materials are meant to supplement your learning but not to replace your learning effort. This conduct prohibits academic dishonesty acts which include but not limited to: Plagiarism, Scam, Falsification, Sabotage and Impersonation.

Copyright and Originality

The materials uploaded to our website should adhere to the following guidelines.

  • They should be the original work of a user, thus not infringing on the intellectual property rights of others.
  • In case one is uploading third-party content or material then one must have the necessary permission to use the materials.
  • The content uploaded or downloaded from our website should comply with the academic policies of your school.
  • You should use the materials provided by homework Market as guides but not present them as your original work.

Respectful Communication

Respectful communication is key to maintaining a positive and productive environment for our customers and experts. All users of this website, that is, students/clients, experts/tutors, and staff, are expected to communicate in a respectful manner. This includes but is not limited to the following:

  1. Use professional language when communicating via the website, email, or any other interaction. Aggressive, offensive and discriminatory language should be avoided at all costs.
  2. Offer constructive feedback: Any feedback offered should be respectful, clear, and constructive. When issuing feedback, you should focus on the issue at hand rather than the person.
  3. Practice patience and understanding: We ask users to be patient and understanding when dealing with issues such as delays. We assure you that our team is committed to resolving issues of concern by providing the best services.
  4. Address conflict in a calm and respectful manner: In case of conflict, it is good to resolve it peacefully and respectfully. Where necessary, users should escalate the issues using the appropriate channel that our support team provides.
  5. Respect the confidentiality of other users: Personal information of a user should not be shared without the user's consent

List of Prohibited Task Requests

At the Homework market, we prohibit unethical requests such as

  • Creating fake financial reports
  • Producing resumes with fake job experiences
  • Forging any kind of official document
  • Ghostwriting
  • Faking information and citation
  • Taking tests, exams and other assessments that violate education institutions' policies
  • Writing fraud plan or crime organization activities

Consequences of Violation

We appeal that you adhere to all laws, regulations, and your school's academic policies while using our services. Violation of this code can lead to the termination of your account and you being banned from accessing our services. Additionally, if you violate this code while using our services, it implies that you accept liability for non-compliance, as articulated by your institution.


This code of conduct can be revised with time; we advise you to keep reviewing it to remain informed about any modification. We will always update the effective date at the bottom of this document.

Contact Information

IIf you have any questions or concerns regarding this code of conduct, please contact us at: [email protected].

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