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Problem and Solution Essay Writing Help

Do you need to write a convincing problem and solution essay? Do you have a challenge choosing a topic and crafting the essay? Then, we have highly-rated problem and solution essay writing help. We are committed to providing our clients with the best quality and customized reports.

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Keep reading and learn how to write a problem and solution essay, its structure,  best tips for finding solutions, and frequently asked questions on the topic

What is a Problem and Solution Essay?

A problem and solution essay is a short article that clarifies an issue explicitly and provides a solution. This report proves that the issues affect people in the community, not just one individual. So, as the writer, you must make that appeal to your audience to understand it.

So, whatever issue you choose, there should always be a solution. Your essay should thus clarify why you choose the specific solution(s) and not others. That means you can add one answer to the problem that you believe is the best or offer several.

So, this essay requires a lot of creativity in planning your thoughts and solutions. Again, you should apply descriptive language in discussing the problem for the readers to understand and grab their attention. Thus, our descriptive essay writing help guide will offer you effective writing techniques. Finally, this essay is unique in its structure, and we will discuss this later in detail,  though it uses the same guidelines on how to format an essay.

Which are the Components of a Problem and Solution Essay?

When writing a problem and solution essay, ensure you include the following;

  • Situation: it's the background of the problem. It should be short and straightforward for your readers to understand the issue
  • Problem elucidation: this part states the real problem in the question. Assume that your readers know nothing about the issue and explain it in detail.
  • Solution proposal: covers the solutions of the essay. Remember that your answer should be correct and free of any objections from the opponents. So, while choosing a topic, ensure you can solve the problem with a reasonable solution. The solution shouldn't be too narrow or too broad.
  • Evaluation: it's a critical section of the essay, so handle it keenly. It should be memorable to your audience. So, your argument should be strong and convincing of the proposed solution. Let it be reasonable and implemented in real-life. So, ensure you add strong evidence to prove that the answers are better than others for the problem.
  • Proper tone: there's a difference between arguing and presenting a solution. You should know the difference between these two to deliver the best essay. Like in the argumentative essay, use appropriate words to present your argument, and don't argue.

NB: Always explore all the expected and possible objections to the solutions. Doing this lets your readers know you did thorough research before settling on the best solution. These five elements are critical to any problem solution essay, and that's what makes it unique.

Do you need help in structuring such a presentable problem and solution essay? Are you wondering how to pass that urgent assignment? Trust our experts and let them offer you the best problem and solution essay writing help. So, buy quality problem-solution essays from our affordable assignment help service.

What is the Structure of the Problem Solution Essay?

The problem and solution essay outline is the same as other essays. The essay should have an introduction, body, and conclusion. In all three sections, ensure you cover the problem, solution, and evaluation with the right tone, as explained above.

How to Start a Problem and Solution Essay

This essay, just like other types, should start with an introduction. This part should consist of the problem's background information or the situation in the section above. Ensure you explain the problem's cause briefly.

Later you should have a preview of the essay. Mention a few things you will discuss in the article to build curiosity in the reader. Keep your introduction as impressive as possible since this captures the reader's attention in your essay. If your reader loses interest here, be sure they won't read your paper; thus, you won't achieve your purpose for writing.

Another bit is the problem and solution essay thesis. It should be a one-line answer to the topic question. It's best if you insist here that the issue needs a solution urgently and state it.

Problem and Solution Essay Writing Help

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 Problem Solution Body Format

This section includes three paragraphs, though it's not a fixed number, it depends on the discussion topic. Start this part with a brief explanation of the issue, then proceed to the solutions. Let each paragraph have its remedy if you have several. If you have one answer, explain it in more than one paragraph.

You should always provide evidence for your solution. So, first, mention the solution and expound on it. Then justify your answer with evidence to make it practical and relevant. So, make it simple for your readers to understand and implement. Also, if possible, try to illustrate the solution with examples.

How Do You Write a Conclusion for a Problem and Solution Essay

The conclusion should be a summary of the essay without a new idea. You can summarize by highlighting the most effective remedy to the issue. Also, make a closing statement on your opinion or something your readers can think about(call to action).

Step-by-Step Guide for Writing Your Essay

Below are steps we apply to deliver great problem and solution essay writing help. So, if you require a convincing and impressive problem solution essay, then hire our problem and solution essay writing service.

  • Choose a topic

 Choose a problem you face but ensure it's a big issue affecting people. You can even list several problems and start the elimination method until you settle on the most erasable and current one.

  • Brainstorm on the Solutions

Think of all the possible solutions to the problem. Remember, the answer should be doable and cost-effective. If you get stranded on finding practical solutions, you can apply the tips discussed in the other section to develop implementable solutions.

  • Find evidence

Research from experts on your topic of discussion and seek credible sources. You need to provide supporting evidence for your solutions to prove they are relevant and convince the reader. You can get proof from surveys, studies, experiments, and guides. Remember to cite the source of information in your essay.

  • Outline your essay

An essay outline is essential as it helps you remember all your writing ideas. Write your topic and divide the essay into sections. Then, write all your points under each section you would like to discuss. The above outline should guide you on what to write under each section.

  • Make the first draft of your essay

Start writing your essay with the introduction, body, and conclusion. Choose a quiet location free of any distractions for better concentration. Always check your outline to ensure you remain on track in the writing process.

  • Perfect your essay

The final step is rereading your essay to check out for mistakes. You can proofread your article more than once; it will cause no harm. Ensure you check grammar, spelling, punctuation, plagiarism, and format.

Best Tips Our Experts Use to Find Solutions in Problem and Solution Essay Writing Help

Below are excellent tips you should consider applying to get solutions for your essay. The solutions that you find should be practical, effective, and feasible.

  1. Add something: you can find a solution to an issue when you give more resources like money or equipment. For example, students failing exams may lack resources like revision materials.
  2. Take away something: remove the source of the problem. From our example of students failing, you may decide to get rid of outdated revision materials.
  3. Educate: you can also solve a problem by creating awareness. If there is a high rate of drug abuse, create a campaign on the effects.
  4. Make rules: solve a problem by creating new laws if the current ones aren't working.
  5. Enforcing laws: if you feel the current rules are adequate, resolve by enforcing the rules.
  6. Change the procedure: if you plan to create awareness of drugs and people fail to turn up, change the mode of doing it. You can change the timing or venue.
  7. Offer motivation: sometimes condemning a tricky situation won't help or even offering threats. Use emotional appeal to get people to do something.
  8. Change leadership: if a problem has occurred due to poor leadership and you have tried some of the above measures, then a change is good; get other leaders.
  9. Change attitude: present information that will change how people feel about a situation. Learn more problem-solving skills in this article.

Which are the Common Mistakes Students Make in Problem and Solution Essays?

  • Some students confuse problems and their causes
  • Writing too many ideas
  • Failure to develop the idea
  • Failure to develop both sides of the argument equally
  • Not linking the problems and solutions

Problem and Solution Essay Topics

There are many problem-solution topics, but we have given you a few examples in various categories below.

Education topics

  1. High rate of suicides among students
  2. How to focus on online class
  3. Pressure from working students

Environmental topics

  • How to curb wildlife poaching
  • Water pollution problem
  • How to revive the weak coral reefs

Media topics

  • High rate of scamming online
  • How false news spreads fast
  • Parental supervision of media use for children

Frequently Asked Questions on Problem and Solution Essay Writing Help

1. Where Can I Get Problem Solution Essay Topics?

There are several ways you can get problem and solution essay topic ideas;

  • Search online by Googling" best problem and solution essay topics."
  • Brainstorming on what you are experiencing
  • Asking friends and relatives
  • Seeking our experts' help

2. What's the Importance of a Problem and Solution Essay?

This essay serves two main purposes;

  • It helps the readers to identify a challenge in the society
  • Informs the readers of the most appropriate solution or remedy for the problem

3. What are the Key Parts of a Problem Solution Essay?

A problem solution essay should contain the following parts;

  • Introduction with a hook, background information, problem solution essay thesis, and a preview of the article.
  • Body – with the problem explained and solution(s), supporting evidence, examples
  • Conclusion – should have a summary and a call to action

4. Where Can I Get Problem and Solution Essay Writing Help?

If you are wondering where to get a quality essay, we are here for you. We craft presentable, convincing, and quality problem solution essays for our clients. Our writers have vast experience in writing and a high level of creativity to provide unique and customized pieces. Don't search for help from unreliable sources, but seek our highly rated problem and solution essay help.

5. How Long Should a Problem and Solution Essay Be?

A problem and solution essay should be around 1-2 pages long. It's an article that you write to provide a solution, so its length will depend on the answers that you have. However, your solutions should be brief and concise.

Wrapping Up

A problem and solution essay is an exciting piece of writing. You can use your creativity, imagination, and best writing tips to craft a great essay. You should choose a topic with more solutions or a great solution you can easily discuss. Ensure that the subject is relevant to the audience; thus, it will be easy to catch their attention.

The greatest benefit of writing this essay is to help others solve an issue. So, as a writer, you have a chance to present or introduce an innovative and effective solution to your audience. Therefore, follow up the tips in this problem and solution essay writing help guide for a  smooth writing process.

If you still get stuck while writing or have a tight deadline, let us help you. Place an order with us and wait for an original, error-free paper.

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