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College Essay Writing Services

Do you feel helpless when you remember your growing pile of pending essays? Worry not; our college essay writing service is here to help. With just a click, you can request a quote, and our college assignment writing help service experts will handle your homework duly. However, we offer different services, and you may be interested in learning the differences between certain essays, so please keep reading.

What Is A College Essay?

A college essay refers to a written assignment on a particular topic given to a student at the undergraduate level and above. It can range anywhere from 1 page to 100 pages, depending on the type of essay. Essays form the bulk of college assessments and test your analytical, argumentative, and technical skills. It may also inform or explain something. As such, essays fall within several categories since they serve different purposes, depending on the tested skill. 

Types of College Essays

In college, you will be expected to write different types of essays to demonstrate your knowledge. While you may hear of different types of essays such as business essay, there are four main ones that both experts and our college essay writing service highlight as the major ones:

1. Expository essay

This genre allows students to investigate an idea, evaluate evidence, expound on it, and develop an argument based on the facts gathered. It seeks to educate the reader on a specific topic and show the writer’s expertise and knowledge. They are very common, and there are different methods for writing an expository essay, such as cause and effect, compare and contrast, or problem and solution. For further clarification, you can message us, and we will offer clarity on this genre.

2. Narrative essay

In a narrative essay, one seeks to tell a story based on their personal experience. It is from one person’s viewpoint and requires the writer to express their creativity. The use of vivid imagery is encouraged, and other literary tools such as suspense also aid in better storytelling. Many students struggle with this genre due to poor language skills, so they book help with narrative essays from our college essay writing service. An example of a narrative essay topic is “write about your first day in school.”

3. Descriptive essay

Similar to the narrative essay genre, a descriptive essay is creative but seeks to analyze more abstract topics. It is vivid and detailed and mainly focuses on creating a memorable piece. To write an effective descriptive essay, try to incorporate your senses and choose effective adjectives. Be sure to include imagery using adjectives that help your reader visualize the setting of your story. An example of a descriptive essay prompt would be “describe the feeling of joy.” 

4. Argumentative essay

An argumentative essay requires a student to investigate a topic and form an opinion on it, then collect and present evidence that can convince your reader to adopt your viewpoint. According to our argumentative essay guide meant for the college homework writing help service, it is also judged on how it addresses any criticism or counterpoints in the essay, and prompts often take the form of a question. An example of an argumentative essay prompt is “Has internet shopping contributed to the decline of shopping malls?”

How To Write A College Essay

Every essay structure follows a particular format. This is the introduction, body, and conclusion structure that allows readers to easily digest the information presented. Some essays may have a less rigid structure, but it is quite common and elements will still remain. These paragraphs tend to contain the following information:

1. Introduction

This is the first paragraph of your college essay and generally contains 10% of the total word count. At this point, you are also expected to provide a brief background on the topic as well as present your thesis statement. A thesis statement is also necessary towards the end of this paragraph and should summarize the main point your paper aims to make. If you are having trouble formulating a good thesis statement, feel free to request assistance from us.

A short example of a good introduction focusing on “The plight of disabled children in the public school system” would be:

Public schools are meant to serve the community at large. They handle students from all walks of life and provide them with government-approved education at low costs. It has helped increase literacy and improved the economy since many have the ability to engage in modern financial activities. However, resources are often strained, and disabled students may not receive adequate care or resources, thus leaving them behind. For these reasons, many disabled students in the public school system have poor outcomes in comparison to their non-disabled peers.

College Essay Writing Services

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2. Body

Use the body to present your main arguments, preferably in separate paragraphs with quotations as evidence. Please consider the required word count when forming a draft for your work, as your points should be enough to cover sufficient content without leaving your paragraphs incomplete. These points should also contribute to proving the thesis, so be sure to include points that reinforce your essay. This section has enough room for this, as it covers over 90% of the essay.

An example of a body paragraph from our college assignment writing help service experts of a prompt examining the light of disabled children in the public school system is:

Many public schools rely on government funding, but this funding is often restricted and in small amounts. As a result, many schools lack proper facilities such as ramps and assistive technology to help them study comfortably. This is because the national budget is meant to cover several aspects of life in the country, while public schools serve thousands leading to higher wear and tear. This includes books, buildings, and other school resources. As a result, “resources are poor and inefficient, leading to bad outcomes” (Gary, 2019). While there have been calls for higher government spending on schools, many claims that the current funds being allocated should be accounted for before an increase is provided.

3. Conclusion

In this final section, you can summarize your arguments and restate the thesis in light of the points you presented. Depending on the type of essay, you can also show why your opinion matters and what it contributes to your field of study. You can also offer the reader something to think about, which can form the basis for future research. Let’s say you are tasked to write about disabled children in public schools; our expert college essay writing service would look something like this:

In brief, many public schools are underfunded and understocked. This means that students will lack the proper resources that can help them thrive. Education has been proven to reduce the risk of poverty significantly, and little access is damaging. This is more common with disabled children who are already marginalized, and many end up performing very poorly. This is a result of low funding, lack of proper assistive technologies, and lack of training for educators. Currently, there are calls for better audits and planning, which can help decide on schools’ priorities. If this is implemented, disabled students can receive better services and have more access to resources.

How To Format A College Essay

Depending on your college major, you will be required to format your essay and cite sources based on a certain style. Citations refer to how writers denote that their information came from a particular source and help them avoid plagiarism. Examples include APA for social sciences and education, MLA, which is used for languages, Harvard for scientific subjects, and Chicago for history. The following table is a brief guide from our college essay writing service experts on how to use the APA, MLA, Chicago, and Harvard citation styles.

Based on this information, your essay will look different depending on the citation style used. Be sure to look through the instructions keenly as a result to understand the citation style preferred and the number of sources required. While it may seem simple, adhering to the correct citation style shows that you are paying attention to detail. Remember we offer business essay help services for college and university students at a pocket-friendly price.

Where To Find Cheap College Essay Writing Services?

As you can see from the sections tackling citation styles and types of essays, becoming a master writer is no easy feat. Not only do you need to put in hours of effort, but you also need to check on any errors you may have made in the past and correct them moving forward. However, this is not possible for all students. Sometimes they may lack the time or proper resources to elevate their skills; hence they seek help from services such as ours. If you would like to benefit from our expert services, you can, too, by checking out our services today. For further information on why you should book with us over other companies, please view the next section. 

Why Do Students Prefer Our College Essay Writing Services?

Our firm attracts thousands of clients from across the globe, many of whom leave glowing reviews on the services we provide. This is because we guarantee our clients:

1. Affordable college essay writing service

We understand that our clients have limited funds and, as such, spread our costs over the large client base we maintain. Our pricing is dependent on your budget and the bidding system we have, which allows you to state your preferred price and then wait for interested writers to bid on the project. This allows you to save money.

2. Plagiarism-free content

Plagiarism is an academic offense, and you can suffer punishment if your instructor feels that it surpasses the acceptable threshold or reveals that you did not do the work yourself. For this reason, we ensure that our clients receive papers with less than 5% plagiarism.

3. Free, unlimited revisions

If you are unsatisfied with the complete paper, you can always request revisions anytime, and our writers will be on it immediately. You will also be sure to receive your edited paper within the deadline you provide.

4. 24/7 customer service

We serve clientele from all over the globe since we operate on a 24/7 basis. As such, you can place your order or contact us any time of the day, and we will promptly serve you. We always have a customer agent available, so feel free to talk to us.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. My college essay was canceled. Can I get a refund?

Yes, if your project was canceled or you are facing other challenges that require a refund, you can contact our customer support and receive a full refund. The request will be fulfilled within 14 days, and the money will be reverted to your Paypal or bank account.

2. I failed my college essay. Can I retake it?

Yes! Whether it is an exam or a normal assessment, you can redo it. Your professor will often provide a time and day for this. Consider doing so with our help.

3. Do you offer help with technical essays?

Yes! We have experts in diverse fields who offer chemistry homework help, math homework help, and many more different majors. No matter your discipline, you too can benefit from booking with us as we offer premium expertise in all fields of study. You can view the various options on the services tab.

In Summary

In sum, a college essay is a piece of writing done in institutions of higher learning that helps students demonstrate their knowledge on particular topics or their creativity. These college essays fall into particular categories based on the content and purpose. These are narrative, expository, descriptive, and argumentative. You may be required to use citations in some of them, which are done according to certain styles. These are APA, MLA, Harvard, and Chicago and the choice often depends on your major.

For newer students struggling with this, you can benefit from a college essay writing service. These allow you to sit back and relax while a trained professional handle your assignment and delivers it on time. For many, the service provider of choice is our company which is affordable and offers plagiarism-free papers and free revisions. To get started, simply log in today and receive help from the best college homework writing help service online. 

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