How to Write Enduring Issues Essay - 2023 Guidelines

How to Write Enduring Issues Essay


How to Write Enduring Issues Essay

Have you ever been asked to write an enduring essay? Do you have an idea on how to write an enduring essay? If you are wondering how to write an enduring essay, you have landed in safe hands. We will guide you on writing an enduring essay and even offer enduring essay writing services if you are stuck.

But before then, let's first define what's enduring. According to my dictionary, enduring means something long-lasting or continuing. So, an enduring issue is a challenge that has persisted in society without a solution. People have tried to find solutions, but none has eliminated the issues, just using coping mechanisms.

 In that regard, we will guide you on how to write an enduring essay, give you some essay prompts and samples, where to seek graduate essay writing services, and examples of the enduring issues in society.

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What's an Enduring Essay?

Let's first define what's an essay. An essay is a paper that you write on a particular subject and consists of an introduction, body, and conclusion. Therefore, an enduring essay is a report that discusses a  particular challenge's effects on society and its perseverance across time. You should explain how people have tried to deal with the issue and their accomplishments with time.

If asked to write this kind of essay, then you should have an idea of the enduring issue you will discuss. There are many enduring issues in society that you can discuss. But then, you should choose the best that will give more discussion points and one that cuts across the population.

So, then, how do you identify an enduring issue in global history? First, choose an issue based on historical accuracy and interpretation of three documents. Then, describe this challenge using evidence from a minimum of three documents.

In your discussion, explain the effects of the problem on the people and its causes. Then,  how has the issue evolved with time, "are there any changes, or is the situation worsening? Remember to use your knowledge and external data to support your argument.

Another additional point to consider when identifying an enduring issue is being specific as possible - narrow your topic to discuss its fine details on the effects and causes.

Examples of Enduring Issues

When identifying a global issue, its evidence should be all around the globe. Again, you can use personal experiences to prove their effects on multiple societies and long-term consequences. Here are some enduring issues that will help you understand better.

  • Conflicts
  • Desire for power
  • Inequality – gender, pay,
  • Innovation – technology
  • Ideas and beliefs – dowry, the birth of a child, death
  • Environmental impact
  • Scarcity

In the examples above, you can create different categories to discuss. For instance, you can write about hunger, floods, gender inequality, the strain on economic resources, etc. Then, you can decide on the stand to take on the essay, either positive, neutral, or negative.

As a learning example, let's choose climate change as our enduring issue. After choosing an issue, then you should create an essay outline.

How to Create an Essay Outline

An outline is a plan or map you will follow when writing your essay. This plan will guide you on what to write in the introduction, body, and conclusion. As we defined above, an essay should have three parts (introduction, body, and conclusion), so let's create an outline for our enduring issue.

Introduction of an Enduring Essay

In the introduction, there are three issues you should address in your essay. First, you should define the enduring issue. In our example above, let your audience learn what's climate change, don't assume they know.

Next thing, you should establish a claim that identifies this enduring issue. For instance, climate change is an enduring issue because it has affected nature, causing floods, rising sea levels, extreme low and high temperatures, drought, and famine leading to the death of people and animals. Climate change has affected everything under the sun.

Lastly, in your introduction, identify the topics or points that you will discuss in the body to prove the issue is enduring. As an illustration, you can discuss the effects of climate change on humans, the environment, the weather, and more.

Some guidelines to follow in this section includes;

  • Reiterate the questions in the prompt
  • List the issues that are common in at least three documents
  • Present your claim/thesis. For example, which is the most important among the three opinions in the papers? So, if it's climate change, what will you choose to support it as an enduring issue? Its effects on weather, human, biodiversity, and more.
  • State in which documents your opinion manifest.

How to Write Your Body in an Enduring Essay

 In the body, you should explain your major points in detail. Depending on the length of your essay, you can have several paragraphs to discuss your issue. Ensure that each paragraph has a good flow of ideas and is informative.

Your paragraphs should have a topic sentence that carries the main idea. Then, again, you should have other 2-3 sentences supporting your main idea. These sentences can be examples or evidence from credible sources.

The steps to follow under this section are as follows;

  • The first line is a topic sentence that carries the main idea.
  • Describe the issue in detail – where it happened, when, and how. Use evidence from documents and remember to cite them accordingly.
  • Analyze the evidence – you should answer several questions to help make a good analysis. For instance; if you choose climate change on human
    1. Why is climate change important to humans?
    2. How are people affected and why – make sure you have proof
    3. Why are the effects of climate change long-lasting
  • Conclude your paragraph by making a summary of your points

There is still another format you can consider for your body paragraphs as follows;

  • Give a geographic or historical context of the idea
  • Give a summary of the key details from the document that you are using.
  • State the first piece of evidence and give its explanation on the enduring issue
  • State the second piece of evidence and give its explanation of the enduring challenge
  • Outline the third piece of evidence and explain it
  • Give any outside information on the issue

In all the other paragraphs in the body, you will follow the same format as in the 1st paragraph above. This body section should have two parts. In the first part, with a few paragraphs, explain issues' effects on people. While on the second part, which includes two or more paragraphs, discusses how the issue has been changing and the form it takes today.

Create a great transition and link your discussion in the paragraphs. The transition creates a good flow of your ideas in the essay, as mentioned in our college application, expository essays, and more.

Some of the words to consider for transition includes;

  • Description- above, across from, below, further
  • Narration -after, during, finally, at the same time
  • Results - accordingly, because, as a result, at last
  • Contrasting ideas –although, however, on the other hand, nevertheless
  • Adding ideas - again, besides, finally, furthermore

Signaling words are also key, as they indicate what's coming. They may signal a list, summary, comparison/contrast, main ideas, or more. These words include;

  • Adding an item- first, second
  • Presenting proof–to illustrate, for instance, for this reason
  • Contrast –otherwise, nevertheless
  • Emphasis–better, best, most of all, above all

How to Write Your Conclusion in an Enduring Essay

 In your conclusion, you should reiterate your claim. But, again, it's best to explain why the issue is enduring and its significance. Finally, sum up all the main ideas in your essay and then make a concluding remark.

For example, climate change is a significant issue globally because….( give the reasons behind). The struggle to solve climate change has been tough…as shown ….(give some evidence and prove)…………make some concluding remarks.

Remember, this outline may work or fail, but it depends on the kind of essay you are writing. It's always best to stick to the main format, but the phrases may vary. However, you can close with a statement like this,

Even though societies develop change, they cannot escape common issues and challenges associated with human nature.

Let your conclusion be short and sweet. Then, whenever you feel overwhelmed when writing an enduring essay, you can always consider our enduring essay writing service.

How to Get five on Enduring Essay

To get all the 5-point credits in your enduring essay, then you have to observe the following;

  • Have an informative introduction, body, and conclusion. Use all the given guidelines above to ensure all these three sections stand out
  • To identify the enduring issue, we have given some tips on how to carry out the identification.
  • Discuss the enduring issue - remember always to use evidence and still add your experience
  • Use at least three documents in the following ways;
    1. Give evidence of the enduring issue in each
    2. Show the impacts of the issue
    3. Explain how the issue has continued or changed over time
    4. Add extra information related to the issue.

Enduring Issue Essay Sample

Check on this enduring essay example: I have paraphrased this essay, so check out here to read the whole article.

The essay's title is about power and its influence on people. The author explains how power is an enduring issue by being long-lasting and affecting many people. They bring about the enduring aspect by giving various scenarios of leaders in power across various governments and times in France.

In some situations, power can negatively affect citizens, and some leaders abuse it and are later overthrown. As this guide explains you should use evidence to support your arguments. The author has applied this tactic by explaining how power can impact people negatively and positively. In addition, they have given several leadership examples to support his opinion.

There is a flow of ideas in the essay. Use transition words, like, however, as signaling phrases that help follow the narrative. The author connects well between one leadership or form of government to the other. For example, the French people have a monarchy with Ling Lous XVI, dictatorship Robespierre, Emperor-Napoleon.

Additionally, the essay's thesis or claim is very clear; power can be dynamic and influence people. The writer highlights the thesis in the first paragraph and the last ( conclusion), helping the reader understand the article's main idea.

How to Write Essay on Social Issues

The enduring issue is an example of a social essay issue. Social issues can be quite delicate, and any mistake you make can have a backlash. Therefore, you must understand the social and political annotation of the matter you are discussing.

As a result, there are general techniques one should follow when writing a social issue essay, and they include;

  • Choose an interesting topic- even for the enduring issue, ensure you select the latest topic—research the controversial ideas of the topic that will interest the reader. Then, again, ensure you can easily find enough evidence on the topic.
  • Carry out the initial research– when doing your research, always search for reliable and credible sources. The information you get from research should support your opinions on the topic.
  • Support your ideas with examples - while explaining, you can always include the topic's examples for the reader's better understanding.
  • Maintain a simple and clear tone - use the opportunity to express your opinion in simple and clear language.
  • Avoid bias – it's best to keep any biases in check at whatever cost -Rely on credible sources when using evidence rather than opinions that may cause a backlash.
  • Be respectful - when writing any social essay, remember your audience and respect them. Don't use words that may be offensive, especially on a delicate matter. Have the audience's interest at heart; otherwise, your essay won't serve the purpose.

Those are some techniques you should apply when writing an essay on social issues. If you encounter any challenges, you can always consider our enduring essay help.


You may feel overwhelmed by writing an enduring essay, especially for your exams. Nevertheless, we have provided you with detailed guidelines for writing an enduring essay. In addition, we have explained how to select the topic, the best outline to use, and tips that will help you score five in your essay.

If you apply these enduring essay writing techniques, you will emerge the best. But, never hesitate to ask for guidance when stuck or even seek our enduring essay writing help, always place an order with us for quality essay writing help.

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