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Expository Essay Writing Service

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Learn about expository essays, forms of expository writing, how to write an expository paper, its format, and frequently asked questions on the topic.

What is the Meaning of an Expository Essay?

An expository essay is a type of paper where students investigate an idea, evaluate evidence, expound on the idea, and develop an argument on the concept briefly and clearly. This paper comprises a clear thesis statement, introduction, body, and conclusion. In the discussions, you should provide evidential support and demonstrate creativity. Expository writing comprises several types of essays which we will discuss below.

Which are the Forms of Expository Writing?

Expository writing can be any writing that gives explanations in detail to a reader. For example, it's this writing that academic professionals apply to educate others on a topic. Some texts that employ expository writing include;

  • Essays
  • Newspapers
  • Magazine articles
  • Instructional manuals
  • Encyclopedia
  • school textbooks

Examples of essays that employ expository writing include;

  1. Descriptive Essay - essays that use traits, features, and sensory information to explain a topic or a theme to a reader. This form of writing uses data and imagery to inform the reader. Examples are poetry and fiction.
  2. Compare and Contrast Essay - compares two or more ideas against each other. This paper discusses both the similarities and differences between two or more ideas. Again, this essay gives the advantages and disadvantages of a topic to help the reader make their conclusion.
  3. Cause and Effect Essay - explains the causes of atopic and its results. This writing demonstrates how a particular theme leads to another, for example, discussing the causes and effects of global warming.
  4. Classification Essay - this covers a broad topic and then subdivides it into sub-categories. This form of writing is common in academic and research reports. This style can help educate the reader on sections of a paper and its features in detail.
  5. Problem and Solution Essay -it explains a problem and its possible solution. The paper introduces a problem and discusses its solutions in the first few paragraphs of the article. This style may still apply when discussing current news events.

If you require expository essay writing help in any of the above essays, you can hire our writers. We offer the above and more papers at all academic levels.

How Do You Write an Expository Essay?

Apply these steps below in writing an expository essay.

1) Choose Your Discussion Topic

Always choose a topic that you are comfortable with and is easy to research. If you have background knowledge of a topic, it will be easy to analyze and understand all the concepts. Again, review the guidelines given on the subject and ensure you understand them. Class assignments sometimes limit word count or sources of information to use.

Explore the different ideas that you should expound on in your essay. Also, be sure of the different types of expository essays, so you know which one to draft as you research. Do a bit of research on the topics and find out whether you can find reputable sources for more information.

2) Gather the Content

After choosing your topic, gather the information that will elaborate. Carry out the investigative process thoroughly - the first step of the expository writing process. Choose data that educates your audience without directing them to a specific opinion.

Ensure you compile as much information as you can at this stage. In your data, you can include comparisons, quotes, charts, or other illustrations that provide more information about the topic.

Expository Essay Writing Service

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3) Craft Your Essay Outline

Scribble down a simple outline that you will follow before writing. Consider developing the thesis statement and significant points you will discuss in the body. Choose which kind of hook you will use in the introduction to introduce your topic.

Also, list the main ideas you will present in the body paragraphs. This essay plan will guide you as you research and draft your essay. Additionally, planning helps reduce your time on the work, improve the final report, and make the writing process easy.

4) Write Your First Essay Draft

Now it's time to turn the outline into a write-up. It's a good practice to avoid starting with the introduction until the end of the body. After writing the body, you get an idea of phrasing the introduction and the essay's preview

Write your draft from the reader's point of view (referring to them as you); it helps keep your readers engaged. Ensure you present relevant topic information and use appropriate transitions in the paragraphs. Let each paragraph have its idea, with supporting evidence and examples. Summarize your essay by restating the paper's thesis and additional major points.

5) Finalize Your Draft and Proofread

Proofreading is the final stage of writing your essay. If there is still time, it's best to relax and refresh your mind before proofreading your work. First, ensure you check on the following before proofreading;

  • Content – is your discussion relevant to the topic? Have you followed all the assignment instructions and used incredible evidence?
  • Structure of the essay –do you have a good introduction, body, and conclusion? Do you have the right transition between paragraphs? Are the sentences well-structured in the essay?
  • Is your content logical, with a flow and clarity? Have you used the appropriate formal style?
  • Have you cited all evidence correctly?

Finally, when all the above are correct, now focus on the surface errors of misspelling, grammar, and punctuation. Ensure you focus on catching as many errors as possible and revise accordingly.

Does this format sound like a challenge to you? Contact our experts in the subject, and they will easily create a winning expository paper.

Expository Essay Format

Expository essays should include an introduction, thesis, body, and conclusion. Depending on the word count or the topic of discussion, your essay can have 5- paragraphs and more. Thus, stick to the essay length given in the assignment instructions.

Introduction – (the first paragraph of the essay). It gives the paper's overview, creates an interest in the topic, and gives some background information, like a definition of the topic. This section should consist of the following parts.

  • Hook – the first line that grabs the reader's attention.
  • Building sentences – lines that come after the hook to give the topic background information
  • Thesis statement – an essential line of the essay that gives the writer's view of the topic. Again, it highlights the areas of the topic discussion.

Body – can have three paragraphs or more to explain the details of the topic as explained in the thesis. The body should have the following parts in each paragraph;

  • Topic sentence –a paragraph's first line containing the controlling/ main idea.
  • Supporting sentences - they elaborate and support the topic line. The sentences highlight logical thoughts, evidence, and explanation of the main idea.
  • Finalizing sentence – a line that ends the discussion idea in the paragraph or shows the transition to the next section.

Conclusion - the paragraph that ends the essay by reviewing the main ideas. It consists of these three parts;

  • Restated thesis –which should be in different words from those in the introduction
  • Summary of ideas that are discussed in the body
  • Final thought –you should give your view on the essay, for instance, by stating an opinion, remedy, or prediction. This idea should leave a strong impression on the reader about the topic.

Which are Some of the Expository Essay Topics You Can Write About?

The common expository essay examples include personal experiences, literature, history, social issues, and digital world topics.

  • Describe the importance of learning about social issues
  • Which are the possible ways of controlling pollution
  • How is fast food harmful to mental health
  • Describe a memorable day well spent with your family
  • How to treat severe allergic reactions
  • How do video games affect children?
  • How to be a happy camper
  • Compare and contrast parenting styles

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Frequently Asked Questions on Expository Essay Writing Service

1. How Much Does it Cost to Hire our Expository Essay Writing Service

Our platform offers the most affordable rates per page. Our rates changes based on three factors;

  • Number of pages
  • The urgency of the paper
  • Academic level

 All these factors determine the final cost of your expository essay. You should add these details to the price calculator on our website. After, you should pay what you calculate, as there are no hidden charges. 

2. What to Look for When Choosing Best Expository Essay Writing Service

When searching for expository essay help, choose a well-rated company like ours. Best reviews mean the clients are happy with the services offered. Again, go for top-quality, reliable, and affordable help. Our website guarantees you all the above benefits when you contact us.

3. Is Expository Essay Writing Help Legit?

Yes, our platform offers a legit online expository essay writing service. We provide top-notch writing services to all students at all academic levels. Our writers are experienced experts with extensive knowledge in various fields. They will help you write informative and presentable papers that meet all your requirements. Contact us today for the best results.

4. What Major Rules Should I follow in Expository Writing?

Apart from doing a thorough research and sticking to your expository essay format, its best to observe the following rules in expository writing;

  • Formulate a solid and clear thesis for your essay
  • Use an objective and academic tone – unlike other papers, such as narrative, where you can use an artistic style, expository writing requires a conventional and neutral tone.
  • Use facts in your discussions- avoid expressing your personal opinions
  • Always use credible facts – its best to cross-check and vet your sources before citing them


Expository writing is analytical, evidential, informative and uses a formal tone, and is informative. Thus, to write an expository essay, you require strong writing skills and a knack for easily explaining complex issues. So, this guide has offered essential tips you should consider while writing an expository essay.

No matter the type of essay you choose, the basic stricture of an introduction, body, and conclusion applies. However, the approach for each paper is different, so you must understand the outline of the essay you choose.

So, do you feel you can write your essay, or are you stuck? No worries, we are beck and call for you. Our expository essay writing service will help you achieve your course goals, so reach out to us.

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