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Definition Essay Writing Help

Do you have a challenging essay definition assignment and would like definition essay writing help? Then, don't worry; we've got you covered. We offer these definition essay writing services globally to all academic-level clients. We have a professional team that delivers just pure gold.

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Let's explore the meaning of a definition essay, its purpose, best writing tips, format, and frequently asked questions.

What's a Definition Essay?

A definition essay is a type of academic paper that explains the meaning of a term or a concept. Some terms usually have concrete/exact meanings, for example, a book, planet, or tree. Other terms, such as honesty, anger, and honor, are abstract, and their explanations depend on a person's point of view.

Therefore, this essay can have two approaches depending on the subject of discussion. First, you can define a term with the exact meaning and from your point of view. While the definition of the term may change, the structure of the essay remains the same, with an introduction, body, and conclusion just as explicatory, cause and effect essays.

What's the Definition Essay Writing Help?

Definition essay writing help is a service that we offer to aid students to deal with essay writing issues. We aid students in writing a quality definition essay, choosing good topics, structuring,  proofreading, referencing, and editing for them.

So, you can approach us if you need help writing an essay from scratch, need proofreading and editing services, or even choose a topic and create an outline. Feel free to contact us at any time of the day.

What's the Purpose of  a Definition Essay

The definition essay aims to resolve the controversy on the meaning of a term. The essay defines the term in many ways but brings out the clear and actual meaning rather than what people imply. Through various illustrations, it presents a full picture of different usages of the term as a noun, verb, or adjective making the reader aware of the contextual explanations.

Examples of Definition Essay Topics You Can Write On

Below are some good definition essay topics you can write about, such as;

  • Business intelligence
  • What's cybercrime
  • Cultural appropriation
  • Define democracy
  • What's climate change
  • What is a cold war
  • Define the concept of grief
  • What is maturity
  • What is physical fitness

You can still have longer essay topics such as;

  • The secrets of the happiest man in the world
  • Why do families break up?
  • What it means to be a single parent
  • What's a lawless state?
  • The freedom that was taken away from us during the covid 19 pandemic
  • First day at work

If you have one of those slow days and got such definitions essay topics above, relax. Our professionals will present an impressive definition essay if you buy our papers.

Extended Definitions Essay Topics

These are essays that deal with broad terms. However, terms with only one meaning can serve a purpose in these topics.

  • The many faces of generosity
  • What feminism isn't
  • How to be rich

Best Tips for Writing Definition Essays from Our Experts

 Before writing a definition essay, you should consider the following pro tips;

  1. Pick the right term

To write a quality essay, you must choose the right discussion word. Like in other essays, such as a college application, problem and solution, choosing a good topic or term you are familiar with helps you write a good essay. So, while choosing the definition term, consider the following;

    • Term with complex meaning – a simple word won't give you more writing content than a complex one. For instance, choosing between writing and pencil. Writing is a complex term, thus easy to get more details than a pencil which is a concrete word.
    • Disputable word- means different things for different people, so you get an essay analysis. Choose a multi-dimensional term, like beauty and not desk.
    • Choose a word you are familiar with - so that as you elaborate, you can be sure that your definition fits the word.
    • Read the dictionary's definition – get to know the official meaning of the word from the dictionary and compare it with what you know.
    • Research the word's origin –the sources of the word, for instance, the Oxford English Dictionary, will offer the history behind the word, which can give you more insights.
  1. Create a Rough Draft of the Essay

Start preparing to write the essay by noting down various ideas that you have on the term. You can handle this stage in the following ways;

    • Write an analysis

Separate the word into sections, analyze and define each part in separate paragraphs. However, this technic only works for words with multiple parts, such as return and friendship (re-turn, friend-ship)

Definition Essay Writing Help

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    • Classify the term

Check which parts of speech your term belongs to according to a standard definition in a dictionary. This information will be helpful as you write your essay. The explanations below match the details you should include in the definition essay in this article.

    • Make a comparison of the unfamiliar term to something familiar

This technique will help your readers to understand the term better if it seems strange to many.

    • Give the history of the term (origin)

Explain the features of the traditional thoughts associated with the word.

    • Use examples for illustration

Use a relevant story or image relating to the term in explaining an abstract or formless concept. For example, when explaining kindness and justice.

    • Use negotiation in explanation (negation)

For terms you feel are often misunderstood by people, it's best to mention what it's not as an effective way of making your audience understand.

    • Give background information

Research the word's etymology, where it originated, and how the current meaning evolved.

  1. Organize the details – check over the list of ideas you have gathered and organize them in a certain pattern. For example, if using narration in your essay, then let the ideas follow a chronological order and if using features, then start with the most to the least or least to the most order.
  2. Incorporate literal devices you know can apply to your definition to make the essay interesting.
  3. Keep your sentences simple and clear. However, sometimes you may need longer descriptive sentences, so mix them well.
  4. Revise and edit your essay – proofread it, check for any grammar issues, and correct them accordingly.

After going through the above steps and making some notes, it's now a moment to create your essay outline. If any of the above procedures seem confusing, always consult us. Again, you don't have to struggle to write this essay; we have affordable definition essay help.

Definition Essay Outline

Use the following definition essay outline in writing your essay. Remember, your essay should include an introduction with a thesis, body, and conclusion.


1. First, you need to create a hook in the first line.

Create a catchy hook

Some definitions may be boring or too obvious for the reader, such as love and friendship, since others may have discussed them. So, to ensure your essay doesn't become boring to the reader, then form a good hook with the following features;

    • Be in the first sentence of the introduction
    • Relevant to the topic
    • Interesting or unexpected
    • Creative
    • Connect with the message in the introduction

Some examples of hook statements that you can use include;

  • Statistical facts or curious information
  • Current quote on the topic
  • Real-life example
  • Rhetorical question to the phrase

2. Include a traditional or dictionary definition of the term to have a basis for your definition.

3. Open with a contradictory image to what would be your image in illustrating the definition.

4. Form a thesis - state how you define the term.


  1. History paragraph (Background information) – give some background about the term or your connection to the term. It may be historical or your story concerning the term.
  2. 2nd paragraph - the first part of your definition for the term, illustration example, and analysis of the example
  3. 3rd paragraph - the second part definition of the term, illustration examples, and analysis of the example.
  4. 4th paragraph - third definition, illustration examples, and analysis of the example

NB: The second and third paragraphs are optional as it depends on whether your word has two parts. If your word is one, you will have a three-paragraph body.

 The second paragraph should be a denotive definition. The definition in this paragraph should depend on the dictionary meaning of the term. You can explain how to use the term in writing and conversation, for example, as a noun, verb, or adjective, where applicable.

The third paragraph should be connotative, giving your definition of the word. It's the implied meaning of the word based on your research or personal experience. Give examples of the word in action, and remember to keep your readers engaged.

In summary, this paragraph should communicate your understanding of the concept or term. There are more ways of organizing your paper in this article that you can consider, especially in the body.


  1. Give a review of the definition's main points
  2. Make a reference to the introduction hook as a way of unifying the whole essay
  3. You may close with an explanation of how the definition has affected you

Would you like to present such an organized, quality essay? Then, engage our experts in writing your essay; they won't disappoint.

Why Do Students Seek Definition Essay Writing Help?

Students seek definition essay writing service due to the following reasons;

  • Trouble choosing the right word
  • They might not have the writing skills to craft a definition essay.
  • They might not have the critical thinking skills to brainstorm for a definition essay.
  • They could have challenges researching good material for their essay.
  • Tight deadlines for their essay

If you encounter any of the above issues, we are here. Seek our credible definition essay help, and we will come through for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it Legal to Seek Definition Essay Writing Help?

No, it's not illegal to seek definition essay writing help. You may struggle with your topic, have tight deadlines, or have a bad day when you can't concentrate. We understand you, and that's why we are there to offer a shoulder to lean on. Our graduate essay writing services are impeccable and reliable.

Where Can I  Get Definition Essay Writing Help?

Are you asking yourself this question? Then we have a solution. You are on the right platform where we offer flawless definition essay writing services. We do topic research for you, choose the appropriate term for your audience, structure an impressive essay, edit, and submit it on time. Again, our prices are affordable, and you get value for your money.

Can I Get Free Definition Essay Writing Help?

No, getting free definition essay writing help is tricky, though our prices are very friendly. Also, you enjoy various benefits when you hire us. Some benefits include; error-free work, timely delivery, 24-7 availability, free revisions if necessary, and more. So, instead of struggling with your essay, try our services today, and we won't disappoint.

How Many Paragraphs Should I Include in My Definition Essay?

You won't find a standard size for a definition essay since it can vary, with the least being 5-paragraphs. You should follow the guidelines given by your lecturer on the word limit. Again, it's also best to write the essay exhaustively and leave your audience satisfied. If you haven't been given a word limit or length, then focus on writing an average of a 5-paragraph essay.

How Do I Choose a Definition Essay Topic?

If you have been provided a list of terms for your essay, then do the following;

  • Choose a term that interests you
  • Think about your audience. Will they love the topic?
  • Give preference to abstract concepts for more content
  • Use your ideas while defining the term

In Summary

Have you understood the meaning of a definition essay? Can you choose a good topic and write a presentable essay? We hope that your answer is yes to the above questions. A definition essay isn't as complicated as you may think. Again, it's not just picking any term but choosing one with a deeper meaning for more content.

After a proper word choice, then you should analyze your term. Understand various definitions, brainstorm your ideas towards them, and start writing. Consider using this guide when writing your definition essays to avoid obvious mistakes.

However, we are always ready to serve you when things get complicated. So check out our platform and place an order with us.

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