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What Is An Annotated Bibliography?

Before we tell you more about our annotated bibliography writing help, let's first understand what they are all about. Annotated bibliography, also known as works cited or references, is an organized list of sources, including websites, journals, databases, PDFs, and articles used in a research writing project. Each source is represented by a citation that includes the title of the source, the author of the information, and the publication details of the source. The paper is formatted using APA, MLA, or documentation styles. They should be brief and well-written. They may include the following information depending on your assignment:

  • The intended audience of the research
  • The primary purpose of the research
  • Relevance or usefulness of the research topic
  • Special features of the research that were helpful or unique
  • Background and credibility of the author
  • Observations or conclusions presented by the author
  • Your observations or conclusions

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How Do I Format My Annotated Bibliography?

The three components or parts of an annotated bibliography include:

Title: The title name and format of annotated bibliography varies based on the formatting style adopted. For instance, title the MLA bibliography page as "Annotated List of Works Cited" Or "Annotated Bibliography." The title should be "Annotated Bibliography" and aligned center for APA style.

Citation: The citation section of an annotated bibliography is formatted in the bibliographic style that your academic instructor instructed you to follow. Common citation styles include Turabian, Chicago, MLA, and APA. Check our annotated bibliography samples for more information about each of these styles.

Annotation: This is extra information in annotated bibliography linked to specific sources in a research paper. It can be a note that includes an explanation or comment. This section is around 100 and 300 in length, but your academic instructor may give you more guidelines regarding the length of the assignment. An annotation may include the following information:

  • A summary of the source
  • The weakness or strengths of the source
  • Its conclusion
  • An evaluation of the research methodology
  • Why the source is relevant in your field of study
  • The source's relationships to other studies in the field
  • Author's background information
  • Author's conclusions or observations
  • Your observations or conclusions about the source

The standard format of an annotated bibliography is to write each citation followed by its annotation. Always follow alphabetical order arrangement by author's last name. Use subheadings if your annotated bibliography is detailed or long.

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How Do You Write an Annotated Bibliography in MLA Format?

There are a few things about formatting you need to keep in mind before we tell you how to write an annotated bibliography in MLA format. First, you use double-space when formatting your paper. Second, there are no specific guidelines regarding quotes for annotated bibliographies in the 8th edition MLA handbook. So, you need to keep your quotes short if you have to include them in your paper. Below are other considerations to keep in mind when writing annotated bibliography in MLA format:

  • The annotation for the MLA bibliography is typically between 100 and 300 words.
  • Double-space your annotated bibliography.
  • Indent the beginning of the annotation.
  • Incorporate hanging indents for citations. Start the first line on the left. Use five spaces when indenting consecutive lines.
  • Title the page of your bibliography as "Annotated List of Works Cited" Or "Annotated Bibliography"

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How Do You Write an Annotated Bibliography in APA Format?

There is no annotated bibliography format in the APA Publication Manual. Fortunately, formatting your annotated bibliography in APA is the same as formatting any academic assignment in an APA reference list. You incorporate the same author-date style and follow other APA guidelines, which include:

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  • Center-alight the title "Annotated Bibliography."
  • Aligning page numbers right
  • Running header (Optional)
  • Double spaced
  • One-inch margins
  • Indent annotation five spaces
  • The second and subsequent lines of the citation should have a hanging indent

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Frequently Asked Questions About Our Annotated Bibliography Writing Help Services

What sources should an annotated bibliography include?

The paper should include a list of high-quality sources relevant to the research or essay topic. The list of sources should include PDF documents, articles published on the internet, books, academic journals, and databases you found when researching the topic. Each source should be cited using a citation style recommended by your academic instructor.

Does an annotated bibliography Need a conclusion?

No. Annotated bibliographies do not need conclusions. Your annotation bibliographies are just critiques and summaries of your sources. You don't need to include a conclusion in your paper because this is only a brief paragraph.

How long should Annotated Bibliography be?

Annotated bibliography varies in length from two to three few sentences to a page or more. The average length of the annotated bibliography is around 150 to 180 words, or four to five sentences long.

Some factors that determine the length of annotated bibliographies include the intended audience and purpose. Use brief paragraphs and complete sentences when writing your annotated bibliography.

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