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Analytical Essay Writing Help

Which problem is troubling you while writing an analytical essay? Is it brainstorming a topic, creating a theme, writing a convincing analysis, or something else? Get analytical essay writing help from us for any problem aching you. We have an elite team of analytical essay writers that deliver 100% unique papers. We guarantee you an experience like no other and academic excellence. Go through our services to learn more about us.

What Is an Analytical Essay?

An analytical essay is a professional paper where a writer focuses on a minuscule concept or idea of a certain topic and then evaluates, critiques, and interprets it. Generally, a writer will dissect the topic into numerous sections, analyze them, and synthesize all information to come up with conclusions. The topic can be anything, from an era in history to news stories, books, movies, and current events.

Thus, you must compose a solid analytical argument that will convince the audience about your stand on the particular topic. An analytical essay is not a summary or a general explanation. You are targeting the tiny aspects of a topic so as to unravel the bigger picture. Toward the end of an analytical essay, you will state your viewpoint as to whether you support or disagree with the topic. 

What Is A Causal Analysis Essay?

A causal analysis essay is a type of writing that focuses on the cause-and-effect elements of a given topic. This essay critically examines the causes and outcomes of certain events, actions, and behaviors, among others.

When writing this analytical essay, learners need to declare the causal statements, usually done in the form of a thesis statement. Good examples of causal statements are as follows:

  1. Stress negatively affects students’ academic performance and leads to health issues.
  2. Online shopping is problematic due to cyberattacks.

If you have a problem writing your analytical essay assignment. Hire our assignment writing service, and we will assist you with any troubling issues.

What Is The Purpose Of An Analytical Essay?

Instructors assign analytical essay assignments to improve students’ thinking and writing skills. Moreover, it enhances students’ comprehension of a specific topic.

On the part of the readers, an analytical essay assists readers in making sense of a topic. It is mostly the case in journalism as most newspaper and magazine articles are a form of analytical essays. The readers can better understand the day's news using this essay type.

What Is The Difference Between A Descriptive Essay And An Analytical Essay?

The main aspects that set apart a descriptive and analytical essay are the elements of analysis or opinion.

In many instances, a descriptive essay lacks these two elements as it is used to summarize something by providing a vivid picture. Some good descriptive essays are film synopses, book summaries, and informative brochures.

On the other hand, an analytical essay assigns a large role to the analysis element. In this essay, a writer has to analyze several ideas of a certain subject critically. An analytical essay gives an interpretation by using evidence and logic, while a descriptive essay sum ups facts.

Many students confuse descriptive and analytical essays because the two share many similarities. They both:

  • Mention the key points
  • Use logical transitions
  • Dissect the given topics into the body paragraphs

Which Students Greatly Demand Analytical Essay Writing Help?

Analytical essays are present in all fields. So, if you are a student, be prepared to handle this essay. A big fraction of students that hire us for analytical essay writing services pursues the following educational fields.

  • Literature and English
  • Health Science
  • Business
  • Social science
  • Communication
  • Legal Studies
  • Education

We have academic experts for every discipline. Contact us if you require assistance in any field, such as education assignment writing services. Place an order with us if you, too, require analytical essay help. We have been in the academic help industry for over a decade and have many experts in every field. You thus can trust our team to handle all issues from any field, be it an essay, thesis, research paper, exam, etc.

How Do You Structure An Analytical Essay?

What does an analytical essay format look like? The format of this essay is similar to what can be seen in the other essays. It has an introduction, body paragraphs, and a conclusion. Below you will find a detailed explanation of an analytical essay structure.


Many students have asked our analytical essay writers how to start an analytical essay. The answer is simple. You start an analytical essay by using an attention-grabbing sentence that interests the readers.

Afterward, you set up the topic to give the readers some clue about the context. Lastly, you finalize with a thesis statement.

Analytical Essay Writing Help

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In a nutshell, your introduction will have the following:

  • A hook
  • A piece of short background information that discusses the issue
  • A thesis

Body Paragraphs

Analytical essays, or essays in general, have between three to four body paragraphs. Each of the paragraphs focuses on a subtopic related to the thesis. Start every body paragraph with a sentence that shows the key point you will discuss in the paragraph. This sentence is known as a topic statement.

You will follow that statement with an analysis, which is mostly a claim that is supported with evidence. Start with strong points when giving the analysis, then provide the weaker points later. You may end a body paragraph with a transition sentence or start the next paragraph with the transition. A transition statement is meant to show the end of an idea and the introduction of a new paragraph with a new idea.

In short, each body paragraph will have the following details.

  • A topic statement or an introductory sentence
  • Analysis point/claim
  • Strong evidence in support of the claim
  • Other pieces of evidence until you exhaust all relevant examples
  • Transition statement (optional)


There is more to a conclusion than only summarizing the essay. Follow the tips provided below to write a good analytical essay conclusion.

  • Don’t introduce new claims and evidence.
  • Start by restating your thesis.
  • Summarize key points. The conclusion should give the basics of your essay.
  • Provide a concluding remark. State your opinion and connect it to a larger issue to show why the topic is significant.

Read this guide to learn more on how to write an amazing conclusion: How to Write a Conclusion for an Essay

How Does An Analysis Essay Outline Look Like?

An analysis outline for a five-body essay will look as follows:


  • Hook
  • Background information
  • Analysis essay thesis

First Body Paragraph

  • Topic sentence
  • Analysis point/claim
  • Supporting evidence 1
  • Supporting evidence 1
  • Transitional Phrase

Second Body Paragraph

  • Topic sentence
  • Analysis point/claim
  • Supporting evidence 1
  • Supporting evidence 1
  • Transitional Phrase

Third Body Paragraph

  • Topic sentence
  • Analysis point/claim
  • Supporting evidence 1
  • Supporting evidence 1
  • Transitional Phrase


  • Restate the analysis essay thesis
  • Summarize the key points/ideas
  • Concluding remarks

5 Crucial Steps For Writing An Analytical Essay

Use the steps below to simplify the process of writing an analytical essay. If you are still unable to create one, even after going through these steps, you can tell us about your concerns and needs, and we will create a good analytical essay for you. We are an industry leader in analytical essay writing help.

Step 1: Select a topic

Most of the time, your teacher will give you a list of analysis essay topics to choose from. However, in other cases, you may be all on your own. If you belong to the latter case, you will begin by brainstorming different topic ideas and listing them down.

How Do You Narrow Down To A Specific Analytical Essay Topic?

Now, you have a list of analysis essay topics; either your teacher has provided them, or you have brainstormed them. Which one do you pick? Which ones do you leave? It’s simple; you use the following factors to narrow down to the specific topic.

  • Find the topic that you are genuinely interested in
  • Research it to confirm you will have enough information to write about
  • Ensure it is not too broad. If it is, try to focus on a specific aspect
  • Attempt to find a unique approach for handling the topic

If you can’t find enough information and a unique approach to the most interesting topic, move to the second most interesting topic and apply the above three factors. Repeat this process until you find the topic that matches the factors.

Analytical Essay Topics Examples

This section will offer ideas for analytical essay topics. Consult us if you require more ideas. Our analytical essay writers are available 24/7. Anytime that is convenient for you is also convenient for us.

Below are some examples of analytical essay topics for literature. On top of providing analytical essay writing help, we also have experts for literature homework help.

  • What leads to a convincing narrative?
  • What sets apart a good and great novel?
  • How does classical literature help students?

Below are some examples of analytical essay topics for psychology. These topics can also be considered causal analysis essay topics. It is because there is some aspect of “cause and effect.” You can as well hire us for psychology essay writing services.

  • What are the impacts of social distance on mental health?
  • How is anxiety diagnosed?
  • What should individuals do to cope with depression?

Step 2: Create an analytical thesis statement

The next step after choosing and researching a topic is creating a thesis statement. A thesis statement clearly highlights an essay's purpose and gives the readers a direction on what to expect. It is mainly placed at the end of an introductory paragraph and can be one or two sentences long.

A good thesis should state your topic and the aspects you will touch on. A thesis statement is beneficial when writing an analytical essay in the following ways:

  • It directs your research
  • It helps you in structuring your essay and arguments.

Step 3: Create an analytical essay outline

After coming up with the thesis statement, you should create an outline. The previous section, “how to structure an analytical essay,” gave you a detailed explanation of creating an outline. In short, it should have an introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion, and each section should have certain elements mentioned in the previous part.

Step 4: Conduct in-depth research

Start researching the topic to find information that will support your analysis. Make sure you focus on the information related to the thesis. Select around four pieces of information supporting your claims and do further research. Feed the relevant information into the outline and note down the source.

You may incorporate counterarguments and rebuttals. These will increase the strength of your essay’s argument.

Step 5: Draft the analytical essay using evidence to support your analysis

Now, draft the essay by adding flesh to the outline. Use the sources you have listed on the outline to add information in a convincing manner. Ensure you include all the vital elements of each section.

Afterward, proofread the essay and submit it.

Analytical Essay Examples

Below are two analysis paper examples. Because they focus on cause-and-effect, they can be categorized as causal analysis examples.

Topic 1: The impact of cryptocurrency on economics

Cryptocurrency has the potential to affect our lives in numerous ways. Some specific impacts include decentralizing financial transactions, bolstering the security of financial transactions, and improving remittances. Cryptocurrency decentralizes financial transactions by removing intermediaries like banks. It enhances financial transactions as its cryptographic techniques, mainly blockchain, provide more privacy features. Blockchain heightens transparency and further protects the personal identity of the parties involved. Lastly, cryptocurrency allows remittances to be more efficient and cost-effective. With it, money is sent across borders quicker and less expensive than in traditional transactions.”

Topic 2: The effect of the Second World War on the 21st century

Although the Second World War happened over half a century ago, its impact is still felt up to this date. Some key impacts include; the formation of the United Nations (UN), its influence on mass decolonization and nationalism, and it has greatly enhanced technological advancements. The war caused tremendous devastation on the planet; shortly after its end, the UN was created in 1945 to ensure such devastation from war does not happen again. The UN diplomacy and conflict resolution actions still shape our current way of life. The war's other impact is that colonial powers became weak and led to waves of decolonization across Africa and Asia. Nations have been formed ever since, and their geopolitical dynamics greatly impact the 21st century. The third long-term impact of the Second World War is that it led to considerable technological advances. This is mainly in computing, aviation, nuclear power, and radar. These technologies transform uncountable aspects in the modern world.”

These are short examples of analysis papers. Reach out to us if you require an expert to help you write lengthy ones.

How Can I Improve My Analytical Essay?

You can use the following tips to improve your analytical essay.

  • Ensure you dissect your topic severally and provide an interpretation for each dissection. This means you should have several claims and their analysis.
  • All body paragraphs should have topic sentences and transitions. Transitions can be at the start or the end.
  • Avoid generalizations, for instance, “all schools are….”
  • Limit direct quotes. Only quote if the effectiveness of a text would be lost when paraphrased.
  • Follow all the formatting requirements, such as length, citation style, etc.

The other option is to turn to us for analytical essay writing services when you want help creating a superb analytical essay piece.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the three main elements of an analytical essay?

  • Several claims about a topic and their analysis
  • Credible evidence to support arguments
  • The writer's stand on the issue. It should be situated in the conclusion section.

2. How much does it cost for analytical essay writing help?

10$ to $15 per page. With us, the cost will be very affordable. Each analytical essay is charged differently. So, place an order with us to see the exact cost of your analytical essay.

3. Who can help me write an analytical essay?

We provide comprehensive analytical essay writing help. We have helped hundreds of students with their essays. You can thus trust our team to assist you in scoring well in your essays.

4. How long should an analytical essay be?

There is no standard size for an analytical essay. Go through the analytical essay prompt to see how many words you should write.


You can find a lot of helpful information about analytical essay writing in this article. For instance, you get to learn the definition, the difference between this essay and a descriptive one, and how to structure an analytical essay. In addition, we have also touched on the steps and tips you can use in writing the essay. If writing an analytical essay is stressful, you can just place an order with us, and we will give you top-notch analytical essay writing help. We will help you write the entire essay, proofread your draft, tutor you, or solve any other problem you may have.

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