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How to Write a Character Reference Letter


How to Write a Character Reference Letter

Each of us has unique characteristics that set us apart from the rest. You may share some characters with others, but finding another person with all your characters is impossible. A character can be anything, such as traits, skills, abilities, behavior, and the mode of dressing.

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Let’s look at what is and how to write a character reference letter without much ado.

What Is a Character Reference Letter?

A character reference letter is a letter drafted by somebody familiar with a candidate who can list the candidate’s characters. It is as well referred to as a personal reference letter.

A character reference letter is mostly needed by an employer when hiring. These employers use the letter to get some insights into a candidate’s traits and personality, which is an effective way of assessing whether the candidate is a good fit for their firm.

A character reference letter differs from a recommendation letter (also referred to as a reference letter). A recommendation letter is written by an employer, while a character reference letter is written by anyone who is not an employer.

Who Can Write Your Character Reference Letter?

So, we have already seen that you can’t ask your employer to be your character reference, then who can you ask?  You can request tons of people to be a character reference. One feature of this kind of person is that they should know you personally.

The upside is another person in your professional field (apart from your employer) can be a character reference. Below is a good example of people you can request for them to write you a character reference letter.

  • Workmate
  • Lecturer or academic advisor
  • Coach or mentor
  • A student from your education program
  • Customer or client
  • Business acquaintance or vendor
  • Friend
  • Volunteer frontrunner or volunteer colleague

How Are Character Reference Letters Used? Or When Are They Needed?

Character reference letters are used in many instances, such as the ones provided below.

  • When applying for education funding: Some sponsors need a character reference letter from you to simplify decision-making. If you want to write a convincing scholarship essay, you can get many tips from one of our articles titled how to write a good scholarship essay.
  • When applying for an education program: some academic boards may want you to submit a character reference letter when applying for a certain course. If you need a college application essay when making the application, you can turn to us for help. We provide the best college application essay writing assistance.
  • In job applications: you can be asked to provide the letter after applying for the job or receiving a job offer.
  • By companies, to bolster their competitive advantage: some firms give their stakeholders character reference letters, which shows the firm’s abilities. Thus, boosting their trustworthiness from the point of view of the stakeholders.
  • By tenants during renting properties: at times, tenants may be requested to give character reference letters to confirm their financial status. A character reference for tenants can be an employer or former landlord/landlady.

How Do You Write a Good Character Reference?

If someone ever requests you to write a character reference for them, make sure you know them well to speak on their behalf. In addition, you need to say positive traits of the candidate that relate to his profession.

You need to include the below elements to write a character reference letter that gives your candidate an upper hand compared to the other candidates.

1. Begin by mentioning your relationship with the candidate

In this section, you should explain how you know the candidate. Also, make sure to touch on how long you have known the candidate and if you are still in touch or when was the last time you were in contact.

For example:

“I’ve known Jake for eight years. We first met in an environmental conservation initiative, where we were both volunteers. We have been in contact ever since. As far as I know, he is the best in web development. He helps me in posting my blogs and eliminating bugs on my website.”

2. Insert specific positive traits about the candidate

Mention at least three admirable qualities of the candidate in the second paragraph. Touch on qualities that are beneficial to his employment as this will make the employer hold the candidate in high regard.

Some of the qualities you can talk about are leadership abilities, communication skills, dedication, efficiency, a positive mindset, and any other soft skill applicable to the employment.

For example:

“Joey is extremely competent, efficient, and detail-oriented. She never forgets an assignment and finishes practically all of them before the deadline. More so, she gets along with all individuals respective of their age and background. She has exceptional communication skills, both verbal and written, that have allowed her to mentor the novice patrons of the church.”

3. End the letter with a recommendation statement

Wrap up with a statement of recommendation. The statement should indicate how the candidate is a positive force for the organization.

For example:

“I greatly recommend Bert for any role or endeavor she is seeking. She will be a worthy asset on any team.”

4. Provide your contact details

Put a minimum of two of your contact details. The best two are your phone number and email address.

These are the four essential details that you should place in a character reference letter. You can place an order with us if you need someone to write a character reference letter for you. We have an elite pool of experts specializing in writing this type of letter or any other. We are available around the clock and all year round. In addition, we offer the most affordable charges. There is no reason whatsoever for not choosing us.

Sample of Character Reference Letter

Below is a sample character reference letter that a former student writes.


Date: Dec 06, 2022

To whom it may concern.

I have known Kelvin since 2018. He was my classmate in the Computer Science and Information Technology (IT) degree I recently graduated from. He has considerably helped me with projects, the most current being managing my blog website, specifically optimizing the platform.

Over the time I have known him, he has proven in so many ways that I can count on him to be a friend. He is positive, dedicated, and self-disciplined. It's great spending time with him as he challenges you on many levels. He is also an excellent team player. His personal problems do not affect his teamwork. I remember when we were at school, and he was going through a lot. During the group works that he and I were involved at this period, he contributed and performed his role as well as he has always done.

I believe Kelvin has much to offer to any organization or entity. I have seen him work with tons of people and in practically all domains, and all I call say is that he is an asset worth having. I highly recommend him.

 Feel free to contact me if you have any queries.


Kind regards,

Sophia Mia


[email protected]


What Are the Tips for Writing a Character Reference Letter?

1) Seek information

Ensure you have all the necessary information when writing this kind of letter. Some essential information you need to be aware of is:

  • What is the purpose of the letter? Is it for a job, college, or tenant application?
  • How should you submit it?
  • When is it wanted? When is it due?

You can also ask the candidate to provide their resume or any other document that touches on their abilities or experiences so you can use it in writing the letter.

2) Familiarize yourself with the position

Learn more about the position if the letter is for a job or college application. You can learn about the job position by looking at job listings online and about the college by checking out its website. 

3) Be specific by sharing anecdotes.

Once you know what the position is, you write the letter. You should provide detailed examples of how the candidate displayed the qualities you learned about the position.

4) Be positive

You should not mention the candidate's professional or personal shortcomings. Try to be positive. If there is a negative aspect, let it not be related to something that will affect the candidate’s chances of securing the position. Lightly touch on the negative bit (if it is a must), then show how it led to positive consequences.

For instance, you can say:

“After the accountant's sudden exit, Kathryn took over the position unprepared and with minimal orientation. She struggled the first few weeks adapting to the position. However, within a month she was handling everything well, even better than how it was run by her predecessor.”

5) Avoid private information

The reference letter should not mention a candidate’s private life. Try to avoid personal or intimate details, such as their health information, age, marital status, religion, and political stand.

6) Make the letter concise.

The hiring managers and college admission board are usually busy and have many letters to look for. Therefore, make sure to write a short letter, preferably less than a page.

7) Ask your reference if they need a sample of a character reference letter

It is not a simple thing to write a character reference letter. Many people have never come across this letter as it is rarely requested. It is good to ask your reference if they want a sample to make their work easier. Our experts can create a sample for you; just hire our services.

8) Use a business letter format.

Use a business letter format if you are sending it by mail. Start with the employer’s contact information, date, then your information. End with a handwritten signature and your name. You do not have to use this format to send by email.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What does a character reference letter look like?

It is a letter that shows the skills and capabilities of a candidate. It is written by someone who knows the candidate well, such as a coworker, friend, mentor, or anyone else who is not an employer.

2. Can my reference copy-paste another character letter?

It is good for the reference to write a fresh letter personalized to your abilities and position rather than copy-pasting one that does not speak about your skills and experience.

3. Is it okay if the person writing the reference letter does not know you well?

The reference should know you well to describe your abilities effectively. This will allow the production of a good character reference letter. If you choose someone who does not know you well, it will be difficult for them to present your capabilities.


A character reference letter is used to show your knowledge and skills. It is written by a reference (someone who knows you well) and is needed in many situations, such as when applying for employment, college, or tenancy. Getting a reference to write you a letter is a lot of work as you must contact them, explain to them about the position, then tell them to write the letter. The good thing is that this guide has provided you with vital tips for how to write a character reference letter.

If you don’t want to go through this stress, you can place an order with us, and our experts will craft an amazing character reference letter personalized to you. You can also come to us if you want someone to take your online class.

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