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Best Practices for Acing Honorlock Online Exams and Succeed

Best Practices for Acing Honorlock Online Exams and Succeed

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Looking for a way to bypass the Honorlock proctor and pass the test? We’ve got you! Just like many other students who seek information on how to maneuver this software, you too can benefit from our comprehensive guide on what the Honorlock system is, how to use it, and how to cheat it so please keep reading for more information.

What Is Honorlock?

Honorlock is an exam proctor software that is used to monitor students during an exam to prevent cheating. Much like other proctoring software, it alerts instructors of any suspicious activity such as switching tabs or closing the exam; hence it is only applicable for online tests. Proctoring software has been particularly useful as online courses increase, especially since the 2020 pandemic which has seen many institutions shift to online classes, but they face an issue with handling exams and ensuring integrity. It is also worth noting that companies like ours can also help with online courses or different essay genres hence services like interpretive essay writing help, so don’t hesitate to contact us and place your order today.

Why Do Institutions Use Honorlock Proctoring Software?

The company’s services combine AI and human proctors to ensure the exam process goes smoothly. May institutions prefer it since it guarantees fair testing and, consequently real scores. The platform also benefits institutions and teachers since it is scalable, thus allowing for expansion across classes hence promoting efficiency. 

It is also useful in guaranteeing a school’s reputation since it will churn out the best students who go on to become career trailblazers. In contrast, schools that have few notable alumni are not helped in high regard; hence it is worth ensuring that the best students are recognized. As such, proctoring is necessary since it ensures that integrity violations do not affect the results. 

In addition, it can be used at one’s discretion, so instructors can choose as and when they can use it. Some disciplines do not require proctoring, but others do. Students can use the service free of charge, but institutions are charged and may pass this cost to the student.

How To Use Honorlock?

For one, the service is available online and accessible through browsers such as Chrome. Aside from that, you simply need a computer, a stable internet connection, and a microphone to get started once your institution begins using Honorlock. For Honorlock to install and function properly, your computer should have an OS of at least Windows 10, a google chrome version 93 or higher, and an internet speed of 1.5 Mbps. Honorlock is also incompatible with iPads and tablets. Once you have all the necessary materials ready, you can follow these steps:

  1. Log into your LMS( Learning Management System), such as Canvas or Blackboard. Agree to the Honorlock Terms of Service, then proceed to the exam guidelines and review them.
  2. Launch proctoring and enter the access code provided by your instructor.
  3. Close all other tabs to continue to enable Browser Guard and select “I understand”. This will prevent you from accessing other applications on your computer till the test is complete. Attempting to exit will cause you to be flagged.
  4. The site will then ask you to take a photo of yourself using your webcam, after which you will take a photo of your ID. Taking blurry photos will illegible details will lead the site to ask for other photos. If you exceed five attempts at this, the site will ask a support team staff member to help you.
  5. Afterward, you will be asked to do a scan of your room, including your desk and the surrounding areas where you will take the test.
  6. Click “proceed” to allow screen recording and then “begin”. You need to keep your camera on during the entire test period; otherwise, your session will be logged as an academic violation or canceled.
  7. You can access tools such as the scientific calculator, exam guidelines, or support chat box at the bottom of the page.

How Does Honorlock Detect Cheating?

Based on all the requirements and steps required to use this resource, you may have noted that the software can detect potential cheating through various means. This is important since it allows us to understand the best ways to cheat and all the potential ways you can get caught. As such, they are:

1. Using AI

Honorlock uses AI for facial recognition, which checks to see if the face presented matches the one in the database. It also requires you to present your student ID to confirm that you are a student of the relevant course. The AI also checks to see if your eyes are moving to check others’ work, thus preventing cheating.

2. Webcam video feed

As you may have guessed by now, Honorlock will record the entire exam session from your webcam. This allows your instructor to check for any suspicious activity and flag you if necessary.

3. Analyzing sounds and noise

The Honorlock software uses a voice detection feature to check for any cheating that may be done verbally. It specifically does so by analyzing phrases and alerting the instructor to make necessary changes.

4. Monitoring the browser extensions

The browser extension, which allows you to search for topics on other tabs is locked, and your instructor may be notified if you attempt to open other tabs. As such, you do not need to download the Honorlock software, as Chrome will assess your browsing activities.

5. Detecting other devices

Other than asking for a record of your surroundings to see if you have any other devices, the Honorlock system will check and detect other devices within your network. Additionally, any device you use to access Honorlock will be screen recorded once the software is turned on.

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Best Practices for Acing Honorlock Online Exams and Succeed

How To Cheat On Honorlock Exams

For several reasons described prior, the Honorlock system is hard to bypass. However, our experts would advise you to apply the following practical tips for the best results:

1. Wear a mask

Depending on the location of the test, you may be required to wear a mask. This often occurs if you are taking the test in a public setting such as a hall and may have this condition in place to reduce the risk of spreading COVID-19. Doing so allows you to hide an answer sheet under the mask. However, it may interfere with the photo ID, so you may be asked to take it off.

2. Adjust the webcam

By changing your webcam’s position to record you below the waist, you can gain an opportunity to check a book or other reading material positioned where the camera cannot view it. A good position would be behind the computer you are using to take the exam or use a different device.

3. Search for answers online

To search for answers, one may install and use a different operating system, such as Ubuntu which allows you to switch and search for answers since Honorlock cannot access information across different operating systems. This is because it is downloaded as a Chrome extension and hence can only control that browser within that particular operating system.

4. Have a separate monitor or device

Another option is to have a different device or monitor that allows you to search for solutions online. Be sure that you do not log on to Honorlock but simply search for answers as Honorlock can detect use across different devices. As such, you can use your phone on the side to access educational content.

5. Use a silent keyboard and double monitor

Additionally, you may opt to use a dual screen, with one in the front and another in the back to help you search for answers. A quiet keyboard will also come in handy since it will prevent you from getting caught by the sound detector.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I opt out of using Honorlock?

No. Once your institution chooses to use Honorlock, they will not allow you to opt out since it may be an institutional standard.

2. Does Honorlock detect VPNs?

No! In fact, students from some countries need to use Honorlock since their countries restrict certain sites. As such, a VPN will not detect a Honorlock, and both can be used at the same time.

3. Can I trust Honorlock with my information?

Yes! Honorlock does not sell students’ information to other parties. It also has information security controls set up to protect the users and assure institutions of the quality offered.

4. Who is responsible for flagging, Honorlock’s AI or my instructor? 

The AI auto-generates flags if it detects any suspicious behavior such as a camera shift, pausing when recording the camera session, or if another person enters the room. This alerts the instructor, who reviews the session and determines the next course of action to take.

5. Can I uninstall Honorlock once the exam is over?

Yes! Once your exam is done, you can uninstall the Honorlock chrome extension if you have no other upcoming tests.

6. Cheating Honorlock sounds like a lot of work. Do you offer tutoring services?

Yes! We have several experts skilled in handling different majors such as biology, math, chemistry, English, and many more. We also operate 24/7 so if you need something like leadership and governance homework help, feel free to contact us and place an order.

In a nutshell

To sum it up, Honorlock is a proctoring software used by educators to prevent students from cheating. It ensures academic integrity and notifies instructors of any suspicious activity which may lead to punishments such as expulsion or exam cancellation. However, many like it since it helps an institution recognize its best students and understand which academic areas they need to improve on. Most of the time, the cost of using Honorlock is accounted for in the tuition fees, but some institutions may require students to pay a certain amount upfront.

The platform requires you to take a photo of yourself, your ID, and a scan of your room, as well as record the entire session. As such, students have to get creative when looking to cheat the Honorlock system. They may choose to wear a mask, adjust their webcam to hide their face, use a double monitor or silent keyboard, and install a separate virtual machine. Employing these actions can therefore help you pass your exams. If this guide enlightened you, do not hesitate to place an order from the experts who compiled it. Aside from exam help, they are also experts in other subjects like communication media homework help.

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