How to Cheat ExamSoft


How to Cheat ExamSoft

As Aristotle said," the roots of education are bitter, but the fruits are sweet." The painful experience occurs during the study cycle and especially during exam time. Some students struggle with the coursework and fail to prepare well for the exams. Others become tense to handle the exam, and cheating thoughts crop up.

Cheating has been a common issue in most schools. Getting better grades is overrated, and students fear failing and thus can do anything to pass. However, the examiners are aware of this vice and apply effective mechanisms to curb it, like using examsoft. So, you may be wondering, is examsoft cheating possible? Which are the best tricks and hacks for this?

Keep reading to get the answers to those questions, how the software detects cheating, tricks you can use if you have to cheat, and learn from the most frequently asked questions.

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What is ExamSoft?

Examsoft is an online assessment platform facilitating learning activities in traditional and virtual classes. It offers a learning environment for virtual courses for both instructors and students. This software makes education accessible for everyone in middle school, high school, and college.

This tool helps academic institutions in the following ways:

Are Examsoft and Examplify the Same?

Examsoft is the whole learning and assessment tool used by academic institutions. In comparison, examplify is a program within examsoft that enables students to take downloaded exams offline and still allows monitoring. This tool ensures exam integrity by blocking the student's device from accessing other files, programs, or the internet. Therefore, you can't open another site while doing an exam, search online, or even read the learning materials on your computer.

In Which Ways Does Exam Soft Detect Cheating?

The examsoft can detect cheating in the following ways, so it’s best to avoid them:

  • Randomized answers locations options. So there are many ways of creating exam questions.
  • It prohibits copypasting, so you can't get an answer from another monitor and paste
  • Locks down the gadgets during exams, meaning if using a computer or iPad, you can't leave the exam site and start browsing or opening other files that may have answers
  • Detects any unusual behavior; for instance, the mouse activity and swift movement may indicate the use of reading material. This situation may mean you have bypassed the system and managed to open other apps to seek answers.
  • Examplify can also capture your inactivity if you aren't answering any questions. High chance the examiner will assume you were reading something else and not instructions, especially if it occurs more than once.
  • Rapid clicks may also land you in trouble; it indicates that you are using an automated system to answer the questions.
  • Examplify can tell if you switch devices during the exam. For example, if you use an additional second device like a monitor, plugging or unplugging USB.
  • Captures the screen, though not on all devices, so check out the following situations:
  • If using a laptop, it only records with the webcam and not the screen. So examplify won't view anything outside the browser window. But for a desktop, the app can capture both the webcam and the screen.
  • When having an external monitor and a laptop, it captures through the webcam and the external monitor.

Which are the Examsoft Cheating Hacks and Tricks?

Cheating in an exam isn't a direct ticket to better results. Sometimes you may mistake and copy the wrong answer due to your anxiety. Again, this assessment tool has secured mechanisms to monitor cheating that sometimes may be tricky to bypass. However, the system cannot be 100% foolproof; thus, take advantage of examsoft glitches and cheat.

 All these hacks aren't accurate, but they are worth a trial if you have to cheat. But, instead of risk, you can contact us for webwork answers. 

1. Hiring a Professional to Take the Exam for You

It's possible to cheat by hiring an expert to do the exam. You can log in to the platform as usual and share the screen with the expert remotely to do the test for you. Some screen-sharing apps to use are Google Meet, Zoom, or Teams.

Since the webcam monitors your eye movement, you should act busy with your exams and only communicate with the tutor via chat. Indicate to the tutor which questions you need help with by pointing to the number and receiving the answer via chat. Ensure you agree on these communication tricks before the exam to avoid wasting time.

Again you can have someone do the exam on your behalf. Some experts have a way of interfering with the system identification and pose confidently like you. So, it's possible for an intelligent person to do the test and later leave you to upload the answers. You can take this chance if the system only identifies you at the start and while uploading.

How does Examsoft prevent impersonation?

  • The tool blocks access to any other program, which means you can't share the screen remotely
  • It takes a screenshot of the device since the app records the screen and audio, especially if using the desktop.
  • Examiners may have random authentication techniques, like showing id, facial recognition, sending OTP to your phone, and more
  • The system can detect movements within the room if you have to interchange with another person after logging in

2. Use Learning Materials

Another cheating hack is carrying the reading materials to your exam room. Remember, the examsoft tracks your eye movement and audio, so you should be careful as you check answers from your textbook.

Ensure you sit nicely on your desk like someone reading on the screen. If you deviate eyes elsewhere, you will be easily detected. Place your textbook strategically before you and slowly peruse the page you want for answers.

This method may have its downside when implemented, as the examsoft can record the audio in your room. Therefore, you should eliminate the noise as you open the pages. For example, you can cover the laptop speaker with tape to block noise.

3. Use Extra Devices like a Phone or Laptop

If you want to cheat in examsoft, be prepared with a different device. Your computer with the exam software can't allow you to browse or minimize the page. However, you can outsmart it by carrying an extra device. Be still, and remember to focus on the webcam as you search with the other device.

For instance, if you use a phone, place it on the keyboard and focus your eyes on the screen. Type the questions carefully as you concentrate and open the page you need. After opening the pages, skim the answers and fill in the exam.

4. Seeking Help Using an Extra Screen Monitor

You can request help from a friend or a family member and let them be in the exam room with you. Let your helper sit behind the laptop to prevent the webcam from capturing them. Before logging in, ensure the friend can access the screen by connecting a monitor to your computer. Again, so that they can help you, fix an extra keyboard on your laptop.  

You should do these activities before starting the exam to avoid noise detection and movements. Start the exam and let them help you as you focus on your screen and pretend you are answering the questions.

To avoid raising eyebrows, avoid commotion or movement, ensure you face front and focus on the screen. But the examsoft can detect double keyboards on your system and compile this report for your lecturer. So, you may be in for a hot soup after successfully cheating.

5. Exiting the Test Deliberately

Exiting may sound like a good excuse for you to pass the exam by checking out the answers. You can leave the exam platform and start researching for answers and copy them somewhere. However, if the exam is timed and you take so much time seeking answers, there may be issues. You will miss the exam, and sitting for makeup will not be an option.

Some of the excuses you can give for exiting include:

  • Poor internet connection – if you are doing an online exam but for the examplify, it allows you to download and do the exam offline.
  • Technical issues with the laptop – for instance, you may say the webcam has problems, and you had to fix them. As you exit, grasp the answers, copy them somewhere, and answer correctly.

6. Prepare for Your Exam

Cheating isn't for everyone; it also requires skills and some preparations to avoid getting caught. Sometimes your cheating plans may backfire, and you end up failing terribly. So, revising and preparing well for your exams is the best instead of all this hustle.

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Does Examsoft Record You?

If you have plans for cheating on examsoft, you will be interested in this question. But its answer is unfortunate because the software will record you. Examsoft's monitoring device allows tutors to take a video and capture audio as they take the exam. The footage files are automatically uploaded for your instructors to review when you finish the exams. So, the app will record your audio and video through the webcam and the screen.

Does Examsoft Use the Internet?

Exam soft is a web-based system and requires the internet. However, the student interphase, examplify, doesn't require the internet. Examplify allows you to download the exam before starting and upload answers after finishing; thus, you can do it offline.

Do you have to cheat for your exams? Not precisely; let's help you deal with exam anxiety and prepare for your exams. Be sure to check how to prepare and pass the GED test.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does Examplify Detect Cheating iPad?

 If you have installed the software, examplify can tell you are cheating on your iPad. Also, you will be caught if you fail to focus on the screen or make any suspicious moves while using your iPad. Again, because the software allows you to access your exam even on iPad, avoid any anomalous activity during the exam time.

2. Can ExamSoft Detect Other Devices?

Yes, examsoft can detect cheating with any device. It has advanced AI technology that enables it to detect any gadget, such as phones, laptops, and tablets.

3. Can Examplify Detect Opening of Tabs?

This platform may not detect the opening of tabs on your computer. However, it monitors you by recording the screen. So, in short, the app takes screenshots of your screen automatically as this can exposé you if you are cheating.

4. Can Examsoft Track My Eye Movement?

The program uses a webcam to monitor your eye movement as you take the exam. Thus, it reduces your chances of opening other files or even apps. But this monitoring will be successful if you have a functional webcam and microphone. Again, for the app track, you must allow it to access the microphone and the camera. That means, by granting examplify permission, you will be aware it's capturing the eye movement.

To Finalize

Cheating also requires techniques to do it effectively without being caught. Therefore, it means you have to invest time practicing and learning how the software can detect you. So, you will be occupied finding ways to bypass the examplify or hacks to get answers. We have given you a list of tricks you can use to cheat examsoft, but remember they aren't 100% accurate, just like the software.

If you are convinced about cheating, try some techniques that fit you. However, if cheating isn't a cup of tea for you, we got your back. We have the best tutors to walk you through your academic journey. They can handle any issues from coursework, assignments, tests, revision strategies, and more on a personalized level. So don't fear that complex course; place an order for our services, and we will help you.

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