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Chemistry Homework Help

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What's Chemistry?

Chemistry is a science that deals with the properties, composition, and structure of substances. These substances may be elements or compounds, transforming into other new products by releasing or absorbing energy.

This science still deals with utilizing natural substances and forming artificial ones. For example, all these processes apply chemistry concepts during cooking, fermentation, and glass. So, we are correct to say chemistry is life; it's everything around us. The gaseous exchange, digestion, respiration, genetic composition, and photosynthesis are all chemical reactions essential for life.

So, it's fun learning chemistry and enlightening to understand all the chemical processes. Therefore, don't develop that negative attitude toward chemistry assignments; approach our experts, and your life will never be the same.

What are the Branches of Chemistry?

Chemistry has various subdivisions as follows;

  1. Analytical chemistry - is the study of material samples to understand their chemical composition and structure. The branch involves the use of standardized experimental methods in chemistry. This branch includes qualitative and quantitative chemistry. Qualitative examines the chemical makeup of a material, while quantitative handles deals with the amount of components in a sample.
  2. Biochemistry – a study of chemicals, their reactions, and interactions in living organisms- relates to organic and medicinal chemistry. It's also associated with molecular biology and genetics.
  3. Theoretical chemistry - the study of chemistry theoretically, especially in mathematics and physics
  4. Nuclear chemistry – a study of how sub-atomic particles join and form nuclei. Modern transmutation is a major component of this branch.
  5. Inorganic chemistry - deals with the properties and reactions of inorganic compounds. There is little difference between organic and inorganic as they mostly overlap, especially when dealing with organometallic chemistry. Inorganic chemistry includes organometallic, nuclear, metals and non-metals, and nuclear chemistry.
  6. Organic chemistry deals with organic compounds' structure, composition, properties, mechanisms, and reactions. Organic chemistry handles functional groups, hydrocarbons, isomerism, alkanes, alkenes, alkynes, ethers, etc.
  7. Physical chemistry - studies chemicals and the basics of chemical systems and processes. Some topics of interest under this include chemical kinetics, electrochemistry, spectroscopy, statistical mechanics, and chemical thermodynamics.

Our chemistry homework solvers can handle any issue in the branches above. Don't hesitate to request our affordable homework help.

What's the Relationship Between Chemistry and Other Fields?

Chemistry is the central science that connects other sciences: physics, biology, nanotechnology, medicine, pharmacy, geology, and bioinformatics. Chemistry provides more ideas and concepts that apply to other higher sciences. Therefore, one can handle the other sciences with a deeper understanding of chemistry. This concept has an explanation in the relationships below;

Botany and Biology Chemistry Relationship

These fields deal with living chemical compounds. These compounds go through chemical reactions that release energy. Again, living things have cells that grow and divide. Reproduction, respiration, growth, and development occur through chemical reactions. So, to understand all these processes, one requires chemistry knowledge.

Geology and Archaeology  

Geology deals with rocks, and this relates to chemistry. Rocks have atoms, and the chemical composition of stone and soil determines their hardness, erosion, and physical properties. In addition, the many chemical reactions in radioactive elements enable carbon-14 dating techniques.

 Medicine and Biochemistry  

Chemistry also plays a significant role in these two fields, medicine and biochemistry. The chemical reactions in our bodies through hormone synthesis and other processes maintain our health. During treatment, one needs to understand the chemical reactions occurring in the body and prescribe the correct drug. So, in this health sector, chemistry is critical.


Modern astronomy relies on chemistry concepts. This field uses astronomical spectroscopy knowledge to study celestial objects' spectra and match them with periodic table elements.

This article gives elaborate details of chemistry and its connection with other fields.

What are the Basic Concepts of Chemistry?

There are some concepts that you need to understand before studying chemistry. These concepts form the basics of this science, and they include;

  • Atoms – an atom is the smallest fundamental unit of particles. It's responsible for the chemical identity of a substance.
  • Molecule – a combination of two or more chemically bonded atoms like a gas, liquid, and solid. Elements can also form molecules like hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen, fluorine, chlorine, and bromine.
  • Chemical compounds - a compound can be ionic, like salt. Compounds are either organic or inorganic. Organic compounds contain carbon as their central atom, while inorganic may have carbon, but it's not the main element.
  • Period table - it's systemic and organized information about elements. A periodic table arranges elements according to the group properties. Each element contains key information like atomic number, weight, electron configuration, and electronegativity.
  • Acids and bases - according to the logarithmic scale, acids have a pH value of less than 7, while bases have pH values above 7.
  • Chemical reactions - changes that occur when substances interact and form new products. The basic types of chemical reactions are single replacement, double replacement, synthesis, combustion, and decomposition.
  • Molar mass – the molar mass or the molecular weight is the mass in grams of the atoms in one mole. In an equation, molar mass = mass/ mole = g/mol. Using this formula, learn the steps to calculate the molar mass of aluminum.
  • Avogadro – it's the experimental gas law that relates volume to the amount of gas present.
  • Homogeneous mixture – when components mix entirely forming a uniform homogeneous mixture.

These are some of the basic chemistry concepts for the high school level. It's best always to ensure you have this at your fingertips to handle chemistry assignments. But, if you have difficulty grasping some, let our tutors help you.

Applications of Chemistry in Modern Life

Chemistry is all around us. As a result, various industries have specialized in its knowledge, and these chemistry applications include;

1. Cosmetics

Manufacturing talcum powder, lotions, and fragrances- uses chemistry basics. The manufacturing process applies the following categories of chemicals;

  • Emulsifier – like potassium cetyl sulfate to strengthen the emulsion's stability
  • Preservatives – to increase the cosmetics' shelf life
  • Thickeners – like cetyl alcohol
  • Glimmer and shiners - like mica

All these cosmetic products contain chemical products. These products are manufactured in the lab to maintain our skin health. Using the right products helps remove marks on our skin and maintains the proper pH.

But, if you use a product with the incorrect chemical composition, it will damage your skin. So, it’s best to use the right cosmetics for your body.

Chemistry Homework Help

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Health and sanitation

Many drugs are manufactured to save a life, for instance, the covid 19 vaccines, the antibiotics, and more. Again, various cleaning agents are available, like washing detergents, sanitizing, etc.

Analytical chemistry is very crucial in identifying food toxins. Also, new life-saving pharmaceutical and diagnostic tools like X-ray machines, MRI, cancer tests, and pregnancy kits exist.

Various drugs have been manufactured to cure illnesses, such as ibuprofen, used as a painkiller. So, medicine applies chemistry to treat and develop new drugs. For instance, we experienced the manufacturing of the COVID-19 vaccine. This project applied medicine and biochemistry concepts.

Some of the essential drugs in chemistry include:

  • Disinfectants - kill microorganisms that are that are harmful to humans
  • Analgesics - pain relievers that treat various ailments
  • Antacids - chemicals that alleviate excess acid in the stomach and raise the pH to a reasonable level
  • Antibiotics - drugs manufactured from other microorganisms to kill bacteria causing infections


In growing crops and rearing animals, farmers require various chemical substances like pesticides, fertilizers, herbicides, insecticides, etc. This sector relies on researchers to analyze multiple chemicals and advise how to use them.

For example, pesticides are used to kill microorganisms harmful to crops. Agriculturalists analyze which element can kill a specific pest, which involves chemistry. They apply processes like gas chromatography and mass spectrometry.


In nanoscience, scientists use various techniques to form unique materials. These materials have special magnetic, electronic, optical, and chemical properties.

The above are some chemistry applications in our lives; we can't do without them. So, if you are feeling like quitting chemistry, it's impossible. So, instead, get chemistry help from us.

Careers in Chemistry  

When you pursue a chemistry degree and specialize, you can land yourself a job in the following industries as outlined by Gordon college;

  • Agricultural chemistry
  • Biotechnology
  • Chemical engineering
  • Chemical technology
  • Chemical education
  • Food and flavor
  • Hazardous waste management
  • Medicinal
  • Water chemistry
  • Oil and petroleum
  • Pulp and paper

All the above fields and more can offer these careers;

  • Quality control chemist – monitors and tests the use of materials in a production process to meet all the standards.
  • Soil scientist - analyzes chemicals used in soils to grow crops
  • Chemists work in various areas like inorganic, organic, pollution, food
  • Biochemist – develop research on biological and chemical issues such as cell development, diseases, and heredity.
  • Pharmacologists work in clinical settings and monitor drug effects during clinical trials. Also, it helps in the creation and testing of new medications.
  • Toxicologists – test blood and tissues for poison, alcohol, and other substances in the body
  • Nanotechnologist – manufactures devices and materials on the nanoscale in sectors like electronics, aerospace, biotechnology, medicine, and environmental engineering.
  • Geochemists – study the movement and distribution of compounds in water resources.
  • Water resource specialists perform tasks like water purification, analyzing water ecosystems, and making regulations and policies.

Categories of Chemistry Homework Help

We offer the following services under chemistry when you engage our chemistry experts for quality chemistry answers.

  • Organic chemistry homework help
  • Online chemistry help
  • Physical chemistry
  • High school chemistry homework help
  • College chemistry coursework help
  • Polymer chemistry
  • Industrial Chemistry
  • Mass spectrometry
  • Nomenclature of chemical compounds
  • Nuclear chemistry
  • Rate of change
  • Rotational symmetry
  • Chemical reactions

Learn more concepts about chemical reactions in our blog on types of chemical reactions worksheet. We have worked out chemical reaction questions and balanced them correctly.

How Can I Do Chemistry Homework?

There are various tips that you can apply to do your chemistry assignment effectively;

1. Choose appropriate time

It's always best to tackle your chemistry assignments when awake and focused. So, choose the best time to concentrate and handle complex and engaging tasks.

2. Make a schedule

Assignments may require some research work and extra time. With the usual routine of classes or work if doing remote learning, you must set aside time to do this assignment to avoid the last-minute rash. It's best to have at least 30 minutes or 1 hour a day and achieve some milestones.

3. Find a suitable space.

Always choose a place that is quiet and free from other distractions so that you can concentrate. Keep off the screen or pets when handling your assignments. If you can access a library, this may be the best place for your homework.

4. Do extra work/ revision.

If you have challenges in specific topics, it's always best to find some additional questions or tasks to handle. This technique helps you dig deeper into the content and grasp tricky and complex concepts. We will walk with you on this journey if you need tutoring services for some topics.

5. Review your work

It's best if you always double-check your work before submission. First, ensure you have followed all the instructions, used the correct format, and answered all the questions. Then, check if your answers are relevant to the question and if the content is grammatically correct.

6. Seek chemistry homework help.

There is no harm in asking for help when you are stuck. Get help from friends, parents, or even a private tutor. Again, you can get free online chemistry help with proper research. The information that you gather will help you handle your homework. 

We are also here for you if you need help to handle your assignment. Our chemistry homework services are available and affordable round the clock. We also offer learning resources like tutorial videos for complex theories that become easy to understand.

Why Chemistry Homework Help from Us?

 We offer you several benefits not worth missing when you seek our help.

  • Unique answers – don't worry about violating your institution's policies because we create every order according to your instructions. The work is original, and we always provide a plagiarism report if you request.
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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where Can I Get Help with Chemistry Homework?

If you are searching for chem help, contact your seniors, parents, or the chemistry homework help app. Also, at our company, we offer a step-by-step explanation to help solve your chemistry homework.

2. Can I Get Online Chemistry Homework Help?

Yes, most of our assignment help is virtual since we serve many students. However, we don't compromise on quality. Again, the advantage is that you can access online chemistry homework help instantly and 24/7.

We always ensure you get the best one-on-one help for further clarification. When you place an order with us, we match you with the best brains around. We also recommend the best reliable online resources for further reading.

3. Where Can I Ask Chemistry Questions and Answers for Free?

As the saying goes, cheap is expensive. We are not trying to discourage you, though there is almost no source of free, legitimate answers. Some social media sites like Reddit and TikTok may have people offering free solutions, but you can't rely on them. You will spend much time verifying them rather than doing something gainful. Why all the hustle and bustle instead of hiring our chemistry homework solvers?

4. What is the Best Website to Help with Chemistry Homework?

Homework Market is the best website for chemistry assignment help. Register on the platform and get the proper support from our professionals.

5. How Can I Get Help with Chemistry?

By filling in your order request for chemistry homework help on our platform. Our chemistry masters will tackle all your questions efficiently.


Chemistry is one of the primary subjects that every student needs. No matter your career or dream, you will apply this knowledge in every stage of your life. If you are breathing, eating, and digesting chemistry, then it's essential. That's why our dream is to see students prosper in chemistry by offering the best chemistry homework help.

 We are always ready for your questions, assignments, reports, tests, and chemistry exams. We will journey with you until you achieve your desired results. So try us today by placing your order, and you won't regret the decision.

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