How to Cheat On an Online Exam - 10 Common Tips and Tricks

How to Cheat On an Online Exam


How to Cheat On an Online Exam

Can you cheat in an online test? Absolutely, Yes. Will there ever be an end to school cheating? We don’t think so. Cheating has been evident since ancient times and is still pervasive in the current era. Even after the education system has undergone a massive transformation from traditional classroom learning to an online paradigm, cheating has still found its way into this learning style. Students devise ways to cheat no matter what is thrown at them.

This guide will enlighten you on 10 tips and tricks students typically use to cheat on online exams. At the back of your mind, know that cheating may result in dire consequences, so be careful. If you don’t have enough time to study for an upcoming online exam, just place an order with us. We’ll help you with your coursework so that you save up some time that you can use to study for the exam.

The guide will later explore the strategies institutions and teachers use to tackle cheating, reasons students engage in cheating, and tactics students can use to pass well on their online courses and exams.

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Without much ado, here are tricks on how students cheat on online exams.

1. Access Questions Before the Test

Sharing exam questions is one of the most prominent cheating tricks in online and traditional tests. In this trick, students take screenshots or photos of an exam when they are doing it. They later share the questions with other students who will sit for the exam in the future. This trick is mainly widespread for exams that are done on different dates and time zones.

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2. Utilize Prohibited Resources

You may take advantage of prohibited resources if you are looking for how to cheat in an online exam with the camera on. It includes resources like cheat sheets, notes, formulas, and books. A good way that students execute this trick is by placing a sticky note on their laptop screen.

3. Impersonate

Another great way how to cheat on an online exam is to get someone to take the test for you. Make sure the person the impersonator is a high-achieving student. Twins or look-alikes efficiently execute impersonation.

Many approaches exist in exam impersonation. The common one is test-takers confirm their identity at the start of the exam, and then they switch with an impersonator, who does the exam.

4. Collaborate with Others

One of the safest approaches for cheating on an online test is collaborating with others: family, classmates, friends, or experts. These individuals can be within the same room as you or in a distant location.

If they are within the room and the test is proctored, ensure they are not in sight of the webcam, preferably behind the screen. They can whisper the answers to you or write them on a block. You can send them screenshots of the questions if they are in afar locations. Note that some proctoring services may notice it when you take screenshots.

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5. Search for Answers On the Internet

Another trick for cheating on an online exam is looking for answers online. All you need to do is to open a browser and search for the answer to a specific question. If you are using a lockdown browser or another browser with strict restrictions, you won’t be able to navigate to another browser or page to search for the answer.

6. Excuse Yourself or Disrupt the Exam

You can also purposely disrupt the exam and quickly search for answers. For instance, you can log out from the exam and switch off the camera. Afterward, you can use the below excuses to justify the disruption. You can blame it on:

  • Poor internet
  • Power issues
  • Technical issues with your computer
  • Accidental unplugging of your device

7. Use Advanced Electronic Devices

Professional exam cheaters have taken cheating to another level. This lot has started using computing technology to ace their online tests. Some technological devices that assist them in cheating are:

  • Unique wristwatches
  • Unique calculators
  • Google glasses
  • Micro-earpieces
  • Spy glasses
  • Tiny Bluetooth devices, etc.

They sneak these devices into the exam room and perfectly hide them. Later, they use the devices to get answers to the test questions. The devices may directly assist students in getting answers, or they are used to communicate with other people who provide the students with answers.

8. Adjust The Webcam

Most online exams will require you to use a webcam at a certain instance or during the entire exam. The webcam helps authenticate the student’s identity and monitors the learner to spot acts of cheating. You can thus adjust your webcam’s position if you want to do some cheating.

9. Share or Mirror the Screen

Screen sharing or mirroring may efficiently assist you in cheating on online tests. You can use several monitors or third-party apps to share your screen.

So, this cheating trick goes like this:

  • You first share your screen before you begin the exam
  • You position someone on the second screen
  • You start the exam
  • The individual on the other screen will see the questions you are working on and will provide you with the answers

10. Utilize Virtual Machines

This is one of the newest forms of online cheating that requires one to have a high level of technical skills. For starters, one must understand what a virtual machine is and how to use it. In a snapshot, a virtual machine is a platform that mimics the entire infrastructure of a computer system. It’s like having a computer inside a computer, but the inside computer is virtual.

So, when cheating, students run their exams on the virtual computer and use the real computer to look for answers. It’s a little confusing, we know. That’s why we said it requires some top-level technical skills.

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What Are the Ways for Tackling Cheating?

Test organizers have learned the different ways students cheat in online exams and have taken their anti-cheating game a notch higher. Below are some efficient measures they have devised to fight the cheating menace.

Tracking IP Address

Test organizers check the IP of the students when taking the exam. The IP shows the location of an individual. So, the proctoring system flags it when the IP changes. Flagging also occurs when several individuals access an ongoing exam of a single student. The human proctor will then look at these instances once they are flagged.

Validating ID

Another common and highly impactful anti-cheating measure is student authentication. In almost all online tests, a student’s identity is verified at the start of the test. Other proctoring services continually verify the student’s identity as the exam progresses. Continuous verification occurs by regularly taking the student’s pictures and comparing the pictures taken with the image in the registration document.


Proctoring can be facilitated by two means: automated and human proctoring. In traditional classrooms, human proctoring is the most preferred. In contrast, most test organizers prefer automated proctoring for online tests to human proctoring, mainly because automated tracking is more economical.

Proctoring has drastically reduced the rates of cheating because this measure records a student’s behavior throughout when taking the test, and any unwarranted behavior is flagged.

Putting On a Wear-cam

A wear-cam is a camera a student wears on their head, allowing the proctors to see what the students see. It assists in detecting prohibited material, screen sharing, remote connections, virtual machines, and other devices or objects in the testing room.

Taking Screenshots

The proctoring system may also take frequent screenshots of the computer screen. This helps to spot if a student is using prohibited material or is googling the answer.

Limiting Questions’ Accessibility

The test takers have also limited how students access the questions to curb cheating. One measure is displaying a few questions (or even one) on a single screen. The other measure is that they restrict going backward or skipping questions.

Using Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning

Using AI and deep learning enhances the proctoring system's ability to detect unsuspicious behaviors rampant in cheating. This advanced technology looks at the student’s head pose, eye movement, background noise, etc.

What Are the Reasons for Cheating On Online Tests?

Below are some of the reasons why students engage in dishonest behavior.

  • Poor Time Management: Many students run out of study time, and when the exam arrives, their only option is to cheat. To curb this, you need to improve your time management skills. Preview our guide on Essential skills that online students need to understand other vital skills you need in online courses.
  • Fear of Failure: Other students manage their time well but lack the confidence to handle online tests Their end resort is thus cheating.
  • “Everyone Does It” Mindset: Cheating is as common as it can be. Practically all of us have witnessed it or heard about it. Due to this widespread nature of cheating, we have developed the mindset that everyone cheats, making us engage in the behavior too.
  • Pressure and Stress: Another key reason students participate in cheating is because of the mounting pressure in school. Some pressure contributors include too many assignments, relationship issues, and school-life and -work balance, among others. If you are looking for ways to manage school pressure, visit our guide on how to manage college stress for students.
  • Lack of Monitoring: Sometimes, student cheat because of the design of the online exams or testing environment. If the exam or environment has no efficient anti-heating measures, students become tempted by these factors and cheat.

What Are the Other Options for Passing Online Tests Than Cheating?

Cheating is a risky undertaking. So, what can you do to ace the online exam other than cheating? The easiest strategy you can take is to seek help from experts. Our company has tons of academic experts available day and night. Place an order with us, and we’ll let you know if we can handle your online exam for you. Keep in mind that we can handle all your assignments and coursework.

The other strategy, though hard to execute, is to put in the study time. Below are tactics to study like a pro and nail online exams.

  • Create a realistic schedule for study
  • Space your study sessions throughout the term or year
  • Study in a comfortable environment that is free from disturbances
  • Reward yourself when you finish a milestone. This will keep you motivated
  • Test yourself regularly

You can check out our blog on how to pass online courses if you want detailed tips for acing online courses and exams.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How Do I Cheat On Lockdown Browser?

You can cheat the Respondus lockdown browser in the following ways.

  • You can use another device to search for answers, such as a laptop or phone
  • You can use a virtual machine; it has been discussed above.

2. Do Proctored Exams Detect Phones?

Somehow, they can. In proctored exams, webcams are used to detect unusual student behavior. Therefore, when you use your phone while doing a proctored exam, the proctoring system may detect an unusual behavior with your eyes and body movement when using the phone and flag it.

3. Can I Cheat On a Video-Proctored Exam?

Yes! But keep in mind that a video-proctored exam has many anti-cheat measures. Go through this guide to understand these measures better and the tricks you can use to cheat.

4. Is Searching for Answers Online Cheating? 

It depends on the rules of the online test. Some test organizers allow students to google anything, others permit students to visit certain web pages, and others don’t allow any form of finding answers online.


Many techniques exist that you can use to cheat on online exams. This guide has touched on the common 10 techniques, as well as the anti-cheat measures that online test organizers like to use. Remember that cheating has detrimental impacts, so be careful when doing it. A safe tactic you may use is to place an order with us, and we’ll assist you with any coursework and maybe even certain online exams.

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