How to Write a "Why Do You Want To Be A Nurse" Essay - 2023

How to Write a "Why Do You Want To Be A Nurse" Essay


How to Write a "Why Do You Want To Be A Nurse" Essay

The field of nursing is a wonderful department with a lot of diverse opportunities, but the opportunities it provides come with a lot of challenges. The career is not one that should be taken lightly. Thus, it is common to find people asking how serious one is about the position. Nursing is a job with a condition for helping others in probably high-stress conditions. So by responding to this question, one is given the chance to highlight not only their ability but more importantly, their love for nursing and capacity to act cool even under high pressure.

To add, people wish to know the reason why a person is interested in the department in the first place. Giving a story about the satisfaction sense one feels while assisting a patient or about an impactful encounter with a medical expert may assist in showing that one is not only skilled but also possesses a deep concern for the individuals that one will be working with. It is vital to be sincere when responding to the question, but with the aim of impressing the passion for asking the question.

One may be interested in the career since it is steady with great growth opportunities and good pay (which is okay to want to take the career), but one should minimize the response as part of their reason altogether. Even if the opportunities and pay are okay for you, the career is a challenging one, and it only hurt a person in the long run if the individual cannot articulate more purposeful desires for the position. The desires are the ones that carry the practitioner through challenging times. It is also a passion that the person questioning you wants to hear.

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Questions to consider

Therefore, before answering the question, ask yourself, without considering the career goals and money, why are you interested in being a nurse? Could it be that?

  • Are you excited about the medical field?
  • Is your passion for working with people and science?
  • Do you wish to assist people?
  • Do you flourish when you get to develop connections with individuals?
  • Do you possess particular skills, like communication or working best under pressure, which fit the role naturally?

Emphasis on these characteristics about you when responding to the reason you are taking nursing as a career.

Steps to respond to “why do you want to be a nurse”

Emphasis on these characteristics about you when responding to the reason you are taking nursing as a career. Here are steps to respond to “why do you want to be a nurse:”

1.     Begin with the origin.

Start from when you started wishing to be a nurse, like when you were a kid. It may also be from a college professor or a drug that had an impact on your life.

2.     What attracted you to nursing?

The concept is that one does not want lengths that are not important, and also not to begin in the middle. Not all individuals might determine an exact moment, but try to mirror what attracted you to nursing. Narrate a story as most people asking you the question prefer narratives. Do not feel like you are required to create a good tale concerning the day a nurse was the hero of the day when you were young. However, narrate in real-time when you choose nursing as the career to pursue.

3.     Talk about experiences and people

Nursing is all about making connections. Your response needs to touch on your compassion and capacity to create bonds with the individuals you serve and work with. In this manner, your response will indicate that you wish to be a nurse since you truly love the nursing process.

4.     You also need to incorporate the future.

 End your response with a nod to the future and the things you wish to fulfil in your new nursing career. Take your response from the past to the future and indicate that you think about the future and have enough determination to fulfil your dream.

Best response opportunities

While you are focused on your interest in the career, you might get a couple of opportunities to provide you with the best responses, they include:

1.     Be brief.

A long and rambling response might provide the impression that you have not thought of the query ahead of time. In case you rush with your words, the person asking you the question might get concerned about your response. Therefore, do not be afraid to compose yourself and select your words effectively and carefully. Succinct communication is a major part of the profession of nursing, so this is a chance to show that ability.

2.     Be positive.

There is nothing more concerning to the person asking you the question than you being cynical and negative while responding to the query. The task requires a strong sense of selflessness and empathy. It does not mean that one can or cannot ignore the profession’s challenges. In case you are able to reframe the challenges with a positive mindset, you will make your response strong while responding to the question.

3.     Incorporate individuals’ experiences.

When responding to the reason why you want to be a nurse, it might help if you incorporate a personal touch in your answer. This generates an exceptional response that might assist you to capture the eye of the person questioning you. The personal encounters might also show a moment of encouragement pointing toward the reason you selected nursing as a career.

4.     Remember the description of the job.

 Utilize the abilities needed in the job description and use them to yourself as your passion in the field. Incorporate care with them so that one may like it better. Consider the way your skill has improved over time and the way that connects to your passion for nursing. Remember, abilities are created through some types of interests.

5.     Practice your response.

Make sure that the response of why you chose nursing is always at your fingertips. You need to assure the person asking you the question that you have a solid response to your passion in the career. Practice providing the response to your friends and families. You may practice the same in front of the mirror. This will improve your confidence while responding to the question.

There are a lot of jobs in nursing and they are in demand out there. Knowing the way to respond to questions on why you want to be a nurse is vital to your success. Thus, the answer needs to be easy for you.

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