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Can Moodle Detect Cheating, Copy Pasting


Can Moodle Detect Cheating, Copy Pasting

You may have come across this article wondering: can Moodle detect cheating? The answer is definitely yes; this app can detect cheating. 

Technology has made it easier for teachers to curb cheating in online classes. However, as it advances, students also get wiser and have access to various smart devices. But unlike before, when teachers could watch the students like a hawk, nowadays it’s easier with Moodle.  This platform has advanced ways of detecting cheating though it may not be 100% foolproof.

Keep reading this guide to discover ways to curb cheating on Moodle and how students try to maneuver it.  

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What is Moodle?

Moodle is a credible online platform that facilitates learning for various courses worldwide. The site is easily accessible for students and teachers and simple to use. It’s a highly reviewed site used by thousands of schools, universities, colleges, and corporate trainers to offer to learn. So teachers can structure learning modules on the site, deliver content, assess students, track the assessment process, and even keep students' performance records.

So this platform can offer the following benefits:

  • Compliance training
  • Online course development
  • Competency-based training and management
  • Onboarding training
  • Hiring, recruitment, and interviewing process
  • Product and service launch
  • Workplace training
  • Improves students’ performance through interactive and engaging features

To summarize Moodle helps in delivering interactive content and assignment, provides a communication and collaboration platform, offers tools for student management, and assists in assessment and surveys.

Can Moodle Detect Cheating?

Moodle can detect cheating in various ways during tests, quizzes, and exams. Let’s discuss how this site can detect cheating through Moodle statistics. This Moodle statistics feature offers a quiz report on the number of questions available and time spent per quiz. If a student takes more time on a question, it’s usually a red flag that could be cheating. So it’s a great way of analyzing the student’s behavior during exams.

Again the app can incorporate various plugins such as plagiarism scanners, proctoring software, and lock browsers. So, let’s find out how these tools curb cheating.

1. Use of Plagiarism Scanners

Copying other people’s ideas and notes is the most common method of cheating applied by students.  Moodle helps to curb this vice through plagiarism scanners like Turnitin. This app is very robust, and it assists in checking plagiarism and grammar. Moodle uses this app as it can detect when a student submits someone else works. The app is integrated into the testing system to detect any form of copying to steal someone else content.

So if a student's work fails to meet set criteria, the examiners will realize that one used crude ways to find answers. If your work is similar to other content, this raises eyebrows about its quality and is a sign of cheating.

However, students still have ways of beating this measure. The option is to hire experts to do the test and pass the plagiarism check. Our best tutors can handle any subject and deliver quality and original solutions.

2. Use of Proctoring Tools

 Proctoring software is used to monitor various activities during a proctored exam. These tools monitor the webcam video, computer screen, and audio. After the software records all these data, you should transfer it to the proctoring service for assessment.

Before taking a proctored exam, you should install the software. Secondly, you should verify your identity through a webcam photo to capture your face and ID photo. The camera also scans the desk and your exam room. This app monitors your computers and all the running software. So when you finish the exam, all the recorded data is streamed to the proctoring software for assessment.

So, if the examiners notice any fishy behaviors in the data, this is a red flag for cheating. Your institution will take the right measures to punish you for offending the exam regulations.

3. Use of Lockdown Browser

 This tool helps curb cheating by detecting suspicious behaviors. The app uses the webcam to monitor any activities in the room. It can detect actions such as looking at your phone or another computer or device in the room. After the exam, this tool provides a rating of a student’s behavior and the likelihood of cheating.  So, in case of cheating, you may face serious penalties or retake the exam.

Sometimes it’s tricky to cheat, and you waste time and energy to execute the plan. If you are always worried during exam time, let’s help you out. Consider applying our learning tips elaborated on how to get good grades in college essay article.

Other Techniques to Curb Cheating

There are other ways that learning institutions can use to detect cheating:

  • Different question formats – the system puts one question per page, making it harder for students to screenshot and ask friends since one can’t view all questions at once. Thus, it takes more time to open and capture every question than when they are all on the same page.
  • Setting hard questions – these are questions that a student can’t check anywhere as they require mastering the content. Even if a student has a book, it won’t be
  • Embed items – teachers can embed text or videos in an iframe and disable copy-pasting from another site.
  • Disable change of IP address – this will prevent students from opening other sites during the exam in search of answers.
  • Setting timers – if each question has a time limit, it will be hard for students to steal as time will run out before they finish.
  • Form a question bank – students can access random questions, so they can’t work together to cheat since each has a different test.

Can Moodle See If You Switch Apps or Tabs?

Moodle can detect the opening of tabs through third-party programs. The site depends on proctoring software to monitor the students’ devices as they do the exams. After installing the software, you should mount a screening browser that tracks the opening of new tabs and record questionable behavior. Switching tabs in an exam offense in various institutions, and if you are called out, your exam will be canceled and awarded zero points. 

Can Teachers See What You Click on Moodle?

Teachers can view every activity that a student does on Moodle. This tool can detect when a student logs in, uploads the answers, and when viewing other learning resources that aren’t allowed on the site.  So, this site will note these activities and submit the records to the examiners.

Can Moodle Detect Copy Pasting?

Yes, Moodle can tell when you duplicate or copy-paste content through the incorporated plagiarism scanners plugins.  So, if you copy some content, you can’t use the program to paraphrase since your browser is locked. Therefore, you should be very keen as you write every line to avoid falling into the trap.

Which Ways Can You Rip Off the Moodle System?

Cheating isn’t easy, especially when robust systems are applied.  If you are taking Moodle course, you should be well-prepared to handle your exams. Otherwise, leaning on the hope of cheating the system may be an uphill task for you. You can use various methods to rip off the system, but they are very risky:

  • Seeking professional assistance - hiring an expert is one of the best techniques if the test is hard. It's convenient and with less risk than the others. If you are struggling to find answers or have tight deadlines, don’t hesitate to place an order for our help.
  • The old school tricks – you can consider some tricks like using notes during exams to confirm a concept. But, remember, this strategy is risky and you can be caught
  • Use a safe exam browser – students should install this program to have a secure workstation before taking exams. The program prevents access to other sites or resources outside the Moodle platform.
  • Hacking the correct answers – you can access the test answers by hacking the Moodle system. However, it’s a technical process and very risky. When the teachers set questions, they list them on the platform with answers. You may think the easier way to access them is by hacking the program, which isn’t guaranteed. Again, linking back the hacks to you is easy, and you will face criminal and academic charges. Instead of the entire struggle, it’s best to seek help from our experts.   You can also learn tricks of getting answers on how to get free Chegg answers in this article.  

These strategies can effectively curb cheating if integrated with all the other Moodle mechanisms. But remember, some students are cunning and will always have a way out.

 So, as a student, we can help you keep a clean exam integrity record if you place an order for our services.  We offer the best revision tips, tutoring services, and credible answers for all courses.  Again, we can learn better hacks for getting free Coursehero answers on how to get free Coursehero answers article.

Can Moodle Detect Multiple Monitors?

No, Moodle can’t detect if you use multiple monitors to cheat. The screen recording software can only detect what’s on your computer where you have installed it. So you can easily search for answers using the other monitor and type on the system.  Again, you may have a friend sit on the opposite side of the desk and help you.

However, there is a catch to this method. You should be keen as the webcam will record your eye movement and tell when you stare away from the screen. Also, the proctoring tool will record the audio, in case you are whispering with your friend, and monitor your activity on the quiz.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can Moodle Track My IP Address?

Yes, Moodle can track your IP address. This data is stored in the activity reports. Your teachers can access this data like the pages you visited, the time and access date, and your IP address.

2. Will Moodle Detect My Webcam?

Yes, Moodle will access your webcam during the exam through the proctoring tool. This plugin will capture your face as the exam starts and a screenshot of your ID to identify you. Again, it will keep capturing your picture every 30 seconds and store it in the database for evaluation.  So, this security measure aims to curb impersonification as a cheating method. If someone else did the exam, your examiners will find out, and you will be in trouble.

3. Can I Cheat on Moodle?

Yes, it’s possible to cheat on Moodle, though tough security measures are implemented. Moodle has several ways of curbing cheating, like the use of proctoring software, restriction of browser usage, and plagiarism scanning tools.  All these measures may be tricky to bypass, so the best choice is to seek our answers from us. 

4. What’s the Safe Way to Seek Help for Moodle Tests?

If you are wondering how to handle Moodle exams, don’t worry; we are here for you. We have the best tutors who will ease this burden for you. They offer personalized tutoring sessions to help you catch up with your colleagues. Again, they guide you on the best revision tactics that work for you to overcome exam tension.

 We also offer education assignment writing services to help you concentrate on your coursework. Therefore, don’t get headaches with Moodle tests and quizzes; place an order for our professional tutoring services.

5. Can Moodle detect Cheating, Copy Pasting, or See Other Tabs

It depends on how well you are knowledge and the software yu have to hide your identity. The best approach is to hire an expert on this.


Moodle is a robust learning management system used by teachers and students. The platform offers an interactive learning environment for students in different courses. Instructors can administer assignments, tests, quizzes, and exams on the platform for online classes. 

This site collaborates with various tools to preserve academic integrity, especially on graded exams. These monitoring measures assist in curbing cheating for remote assessments. Moodle is thus an advanced learning system that curbs cheating through proctoring programs, plagiarism scanners, safe exam browsers, and other methods. Cheating on this platform is difficult, and you may waste time. But don’t give up we can help you pass your exams if you place an order for our services.

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