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How to Get Free Stuvia Answers

Would you wish to make some cash selling your class notes or other study resources that you may have? It may not be a very lucrative opportunity, but it's a good side hustle, especially as a student. In this article, we’ll dive deep into Stuvia, how it works, and how you can download answers for free. 

So, if you are diligent and organized in note-taking, this is your chance. It's also a bonus if you attend your lessons and conduct thorough research to ensure you don't duplicate the notes available online. Students will prefer your work if it’s unique, and you will have more positive reviews. So, let’s get started with the Stuvia website.

What is Stuvia Site?

Stuvia is a global platform that allows students to sell and buy learning materials. Learners can join the site at 16 years of age and above and earn passive income, while others benefit from those documents. You can upload several learning resources, such as study notes, summaries, flashcards, and guides. All the above learning materials permitted by the site are summaries.

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So don’t get confused when you search for Stuvio answers only to get summaries; they mean the same thing. Stuvia acts as a link between the buyers and sellers of study materials. As a seller, you are privileged to set a price for your documents and earn for your creativity. Stuvia charges you a commission of 30% for using their platform to sell. 

How Do You Earn from Stuvia?

There are a series of steps that you should follow to start earning on this site:

  1. Sign up for a free account on the site. Search for the Stuvia website on your browser and sign up as a seller.
  2. Click the sell icon, and access the upload page.
  3. Before uploading, you must select your country and the kind of document you are uploading. Share your study notes and summaries. Keep your descriptive information detailed and optimize it for Google; this will attract more clients to the site.
  4. Share your materials on Facebook groups related to the course materials. This technique helps increase your item's visibility and drive traffic on Stuvia.
  5. Bundle the learning materials together to make them appealing to the buyers
  6. Set your price for the materials; indicate what you feel is worth for that content by playing around with a range of what others offer. If you fail to get clients at a specific price, then be ready to change to a lower one.

These are the steps that you should follow to upload material on Stuvia and start earning. Remember that the platform will automatically deduct a small fee from your sales without any other hidden charges. To ensure that your documents get approved on the platform, you must follow these set of copyright guidelines:

  • Upload an original copy, not scan or someone's copy; you should paraphrase the document
  • You must quote someone’s else idea or text correctly as per APA guidelines
  • If you use figures, images, or tables in your document, be sure to cite or seek the owner’s permissions
  • Take full legal responsibility for the content you upload

NB: To sell on the platform, you must build your profile and get more visibility. The site recommends sharing your profile with classmates, friends, or Facebook study groups to increase your content's traffic. Again, you should also work hard to get positive reviews, boosting your sales.

Read the requirements you should meet to share documents on Stuvia.

Which Materials Can You Sell on Stuvia?

You can upload the following materials on the site to help others access Stuvia answers:

  • Course & textbook summaries
  • College notes
  • Assignment
  • Papers
  • Essays
  • Manuals
  • Essays

All the above materials should be original, not copied from other sources. That means there are documents you can't post on the site due to copyright issues. These resources are old exams, scanned textbooks, PowerPoint class slides, and published scientific articles. 

How Do You Download Stuvia Answers for Free?

Getting free stuvia documents is tricky unless the seller gives them out for free or you use alternative sites. To download the summaries on the platform, you should create a free account and choose the document you want.

This site has no membership subscription to access the documents; you just need to pay a fee. So the site is accessible to everyone. Therefore, if you need to download Stuvia summaries without paying, access other alternative sites or bypass the paywall.

However, you have a better option to avoid the paywalls because we offer questions and answers help for all courses, so seek our services today.

How to Bypass Stuvia Paywall and Download Summaries for Free

A paywall is when a website blocks you from accessing its content until you pay a subscription fee or purchase. So there are two types of paywalls, soft and hard. A soft paywall allows you to view some of its content; for example, you can get a limit of downloading two free articles in a month. While a hard paywall only gives access to the subscribed members or those that will purchase the document.

1. Install a Post light Reader for Chrome Edge

The site allows you to view the document you want but in a blurred mode. If you can get a way to view this summary and read it, there will be no need to download it. You can also take a screenshot of the document and read it at your convenience.

Use Post light for Google chrome to unblur the materials. Install the Postlight reader for Chrome on your device and click add to Chrome even if you are using Microsoft Edge. After installing the software, search for the document you need on Stuvia. Find the puzzle piece icon at the top right corner of the browser and choose the Postlight reader.

There is a high chance that the reader mode will work, and you can view the notes. If the method doesn’t work, consider trying others.

2. Use Bardeen

It's the best extension for hard paywalls, automating your manual computer task with a shortcut. Though this tool isn’t specifically for paywall remover, it can help you access the material through the playbook. After installing Bardeen, you can access your content through web archives. This process works by taking advantage of the organic traffic to the platform.

 A Website handles visitors and web crawlers differently. A user visiting the site will land on the paywall, but crawlers, usually get access to the page content for indexing purposes. Bardeen accesses the document content and converts it into an mp3 file by extracting the code. This software helps you listen to your summaries and get the answers without paying.

3. Research through the Archive Sites

You realize that some bypassing software may only work for some websites, so you must keep trying several. Instead of wasting time downloading and installing new tools, consider this method. An archive site is a platform that stores copies of old websites. If you can find an old copy of stuvia online, it's easy to download the documents behind a paywall.

Search on your browser, the website name; stuvia Search for the topic or document you need on the platform and read it for free.  

4. Search for the Document on Google

Stuvia gives you the title of the document and even a description of its content. You can use these document details to search on Google, and you will find the same or even related content. The aim is to get reading material to help you handle a unit or course. You will find other more helpful sites than Stuvia, which offers free content. In the process, you will also learn something extra if the documents differ.  

5. Use Alternative Sites to Get Free Stuvia Answers

There are other study sites that you can use to access Stuvia documents without paying. Some of these sites require you to create a free account and access some materials or upload your notes in exchange for the documents you want. These sites include:


It's an amazing site that gives access to various learning materials such as assignments, study guides, notes, summaries, examination practice questions, and essays to students globally for free. Students can share any learning documents for free.

 When you sign up for the site, you can access any content if you upload your notes or pay a small fee. The best option is to use your notes summaries, upload them, and in return, access the premium content for free.


This platform offers a free and premium membership for students to access learning resources. It contains practice problems, essays, lab reports, class notes, and questions with answers on any course. There are chances of getting the same document you need on Stuvia here or an even better version. You will note that those selling documents as a source of income aren't relying on one website, and the same content may find its way to Coursehero. If your content is on premium terms, apply the tips explained on how to get free Coursehero answers article. 

MIT Open CourseWare

MIT is a learning platform for different courses, providing teaching and learning materials in any format. You can access free lecture notes, learning videos, and exams. You can use the videos offline or online or access them from YouTube or iTunes. So instead of struggling to buy Stuvia documents or even find ways of bypassing the paywall, search for content in MIT Open Courseware.

6. Seek Help from Our Experts

Using Stuvia summaries may only address some of your academic needs. Sometimes it won't be easy to understand the content, and you need help from a professional. Our doors are always open to handle all students’ academic challenges, such as assignments, tricky coursework concepts, quality summarized notes, and accurate answers like sat practice test answers. We cover courses for all education levels.  

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is It Illegal to Sell Notes on Stuvia?

No, it's not illegal to sell summaries on Stuvia if you have composed them. Refrain from directly copying what you have gathered from other sources and selling. But take time to read, summarize and add value to the content to benefit someone else. If you do so, you will be helping other people and, at the same time earning something for yourself. 

2. How Much Can I Earn on Stuvia?

When you create a Stuvia account, you earn after uploading your documents. These notes are marketed to students worldwide, and you can earn an average of $ 8 for every summary. If you upload quality notes, you can make an average of 12 sales per month, leading to average monthly earnings of $ 100. 

3. Is Stuvia a Legit Site?

Stuvia is an established learning platform that helps students sell original learning materials and share their knowledge with others. The documents are of high quality and are reasonably priced to improve your performance in your studies. The website allows anyone to earn and even become creative in developing quality notes and summaries. 

4. Which Things Can’t I Sell on Stuvia?

Avoid selling the following items on this platform:

  • Old exams
  • PowerPoint slides
  • Scanned textbooks
  • Published scientific papers

5. Which Category of Items Can I Post on Stuvia?

You can write any material in the following categories:

  • Exam or a qualification
  • Training documents
  • Test
  • University or college courses
  • High school subjects

To Finalize

If you are a student struggling with finances, Stuvia can help you make passive income that can cater to your little bills. The platform helps you share knowledge with other students and also gain in the process. You will also benefit from other documents that other people have posted. You can't be a master in all areas; you will also need notes, questions, and answers for other subjects. So, how will you download Stuvia answers for free and save some coins?

We have described some methods above, like bypassing the paywall or using other alternative sites like Studocu.  If you can’t get the right help, consider placing an order for our services, and we will be glad to help.

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