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Free Online Statistics Solvers: Top Picks for Students

Free Online Statistics Solvers: Top Picks for Students

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Whether you're searching for a statistics solver app or the best statistics calculator online, we've got you covered with reliable resources delivering accurate statistics answers.

We know that the statistical journey within various academic disciplines can be both enlightening and daunting. Students constantly grapple with deciphering the intricacies of mean, median, and regression analyses.

Now, it's time to put your fear aside. Why? Because salvation lies in the realm of online statistics solvers. Here are the five best tools for your statistics coursework or subject. Let's unravel the statistical mysteries together.

Best Online Statistics Solvers Comparison Table

Statistics Solver Range of Statistical Solutions Accuracy User Interface Accessibility Cost
Mathway Mean, standard deviation, median, interquartile range, mid-range, probability High Relatively easy to navigate Web and app Free for most services. $10 per month for solutions with steps
Math10 Mode, mean, median, standard deviation, geometric mean, normal distribution, variance, t-distribution, range, and more High Simple but requires improvement Web only Free
Stats Calculator Classical statistics, probability distributions, basic probability, charts and graphs, etc. High Requires improvement Web only Free
Social Science Statistics Average, variance, mean, mode, standard deviation, P-value, Bayes theorem and more High Simple to use Web only Free
Statistical Analyzer Grouped and ungrouped data calculations, probability distributions, correlation, and regression High for minor data problems Easy to navigate Android app only Free

How We Chose the 5 Best Online Statistics Solvers

Statistics is one of the math branches crucial to anyone analyzing something. So, it's another field that reminds us why math is important.

Choosing the correct statistics solver is like picking the perfect study buddy. It needs to be reliable, easy to get along with, and able to tackle the challenges you throw at it.

Here are the criteria that led to the selection of the top 5 statistics solvers:

1. User-Friendly Interface

We appreciate tools that don't make you feel like you are deciphering ancient hieroglyphics. The best statistics solvers should boast a user-friendly interface. That paves the way for easy navigation through various statistical methods without getting lost in a labyrinth of buttons and menus.

2. Accuracy of Solutions

Accuracy is non-negotiable. A statistics solver app is only as good as the precision of its solutions. Can you imagine getting such math homework help from messy calculating software? It will end up ruining your day.

The top contenders on the list consistently deliver accurate results across various statistical problems. That ensures you can trust the numbers they give.

3. The Range of Statistical Methods

Variety is the spice of statistical life. The best solvers offer a comprehensive range of statistical methods. From basic mean to hypothesis testing, a versatile solver can handle whatever statistical curveball comes your way.

4. Accessibility and Cost

The ideal statistics solver should be within reach whenever you need it, preferably without burning a hole in your budget. Whether it's a statistics solver app or a free online statistics solver, accessibility and cost-effectiveness are crucial factors.

After all, the best tool is the one you can afford and access when the need arises.

5. Educational Support

An excellent statistics solver doesn't just provide answers; it supports learning by offering reliable statistics homework help. Whether through step-by-step explanations, additional resources, or helpful tips, the top solvers go the extra mile to help you understand.

It's like having a virtual tutor right at your fingertips.

6. Reliability and Reputation

It's good to know you are placing your statistical fate in capable hands. The best statistical software earns its stripes through reliability and a positive reputation. User reviews, educator endorsements, and a track record of consistent performance are critical indicators of a solver's reliability.

Choosing the best statistics solver is a personalized journey, but these criteria serve as our compass. Now, here are the top five statistics solver reviews. Before the review, it's worth noting that most apps here can also solve other calculation problems.

If you also need apps to handle other math problems, check out our review of the 10 best free math solvers for students. For expert help, we are here to help you complete that assignment.

Which is the Best Free Statistical Software?

1. Mathway

Mathway is a free platform that gives answers to your statistical problems. You can use the specific statistics calculator to get answers to a range of problems.

You can use it online or download the related Android/iOS app. While free, the statistics calculator with steps version needs a $10 monthly subscription fee. The website is easy to use since it is clutter-free. You can type your problems there or upload a screenshot and get the statistics answers within seconds.

The application boasts of solving more than 5 billion math problems. That includes other topics, but the number consists of statistical issues, too.

The Mathway app is also okay, but there are several complaints of ad disturbance. You must also create an account for a better experience, such as seeing your history.

Mathway helps you to solve various statistical issues using the following features:

  • Mean calculator
  • Median calculator
  • Standard deviation calculator
  • Mid-range calculator
  • Interquartile range calculator
  • Probability calculator

It's worth noting that you can get graphs, too, when the need arises. You can also rely on the Mathway app for Calculus and algebra.


  • Easy-to-use app with a simple layout
  • It offers robust and several calculators to solve your statistics issues
  • Shows step-by-step solutions
  • Offers graphics and text explanations
  • Have a nice inbuilt- glossary and help sections
  • Can operate offline


You have to subscribe to get the steps

There are disturbing ads on the app version

2. Math10

It's a free statistics calculator app that can handle various calculations. It's a simple calculator to use. Once you enter your data, press the 'Calculate' button, and you are ready.

While the user interface does not look modern, we appreciate the cleanliness and lack of clutter. How it displays the answers will tell you what it can calculate. You can use Math10 to solve the following statistics problems:

  • Mode
  • Median
  • Mean (average)
  • Geometric mean
  • Standard deviation
  • Variance
  • Normal distribution and t-distributions
  • Largest number
  • Smallest number
  • Range
  • Statistical hypothesis analysis

Google enhances the results you get. That means there is an extensive directory here to depend on for your statistics problems. The problem is that if you need a solution with a graph or chart, you will not get it here.


  • It has numerous calculations
  • Being web-based means it's easily accessible
  • Easy to use


  • It doesn't have an app version
  • It doesn't generate graphs

3. Stats Calculator 

You can use this statistics solver free of charge and get your answers. It is an easy-to-use website that helps you get complete solutions to any statistical issue. You only need to visit statscalculator.com via your favorite browser to access what it has.

There are all manner of statistics calculators to help you solve various topics. These calculators are grouped into about eight categories that also include probability. Here are some of the categories for your statistics assignment:

  • Classical statistics: Here, you get sample mean, standard deviation, quartile and range, median, mode, and more.
  • Probability distributions: Beta, Poisson, Gamma, Pareto, Geometric, Hypergeometric, and Weibull distributions.
  • Basic probability: Here, you get the critical value calculator, binomial, Chi-Square, and Bernoulli distributions, among others.

This website has several unique features which include:

  • A flexible input table that grows when you put more data
  • A reference guide to study formulas
  • A guide to use the different calculators (It's located at the bottom)
  • It allows copy-pasting data from Excel

Once you enter the data, you just hit the calculate button and get the answers. That will range from figures to graphs and charts. It all depends on what your assignment demands.

While there are numerous calculators here, this is a statistics solver without steps. The UI also needs polishing since it makes things look like we still need to graduate from Web 1.0.


  • Numerous specialized calculators
  • It accepts copy-pasted data from Excel
  • Answers include graphs, charts, histograms, etc.


  • They don't have an app version
  • The user interface needs a modern design

4. Social Science Statistics

Social Science Statistics is a web-based platform with simple and advanced statistics calculator options. This site offers four free resources for statistics:

Enhance your

academic performance and reach your goals

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Free Online Statistics Solvers: Top Picks for Students
  • Statistical calculators: This section contains a set of calculators you can access through the links. They include plus correlation, effect size, confidence intervals, hypotheses testing, etc.
  • P-value calculators: Here, you can derive p-values, Z, t, chi-square, Pearson(r)
  • Descriptive statistics: This is where you calculate averages and variance, among others.
  • Standard deviation: You can enter the required data here and press the calculate button to get the deviation.

There are also easy histogram and bar chart makers. You may not enjoy the user interface here, especially if you are a newbie. What you can be sure of is the accuracy of these calculator projects.

The calculators we have highlighted above are just the tip of the iceberg. This website has so many calculators for those in the statistics world.   

The statistical calculators can help you in solving the following:

  • Significance tests
  • Prediction
  • Test of correlation
  • P-values
  • Bayes theorem
  • Effect size
  • Confidence intervals
  • Biostatistics
  • Utilities


  • There are lots of statistics calculators
  • It's free to use these statistics calculators
  • These calculators are highly accurate
  • Being web-based means they can be accessed anywhere


  • You can only access these calculators on the website
  • There are no steps for methods used

5. Statistical Analyzer

Consider this if you require a simple app for any small statistics calculations. This app allows you to calculate a variety of statistics problems. It also has a formula sheet for your reference. The user-friendly interface simplifies navigation and exploring what it can do.

You must go through the instructions before using it. The Statistics Analyzer has the following features related to calculations:  

  • Grouped data calculations
  • Probability distributions
  • Ungrouped to grouped data conversion
  • Regression and correlation

There is more to that list. The statistics analyzer is only available on Google Play. It, therefore, suits those on Android.


  • It has several useful features
  • The user interface is great
  • Clear instructions as you use it


  • It's only available for Android users
  • You cannot use it to solve large data problems

Other Advanced Statistics Calculator

Statmagic Calculator

This app has 11 unique calculators that make handling statistics problems enjoyable. It deals with the following issues:

  • Descriptive statistics
  • Normal distribution
  • Hypothesis testing
  • Confidence intervals
  • Regression
  • Chi-square

Standard Deviation Calculator

It's an online tool that calculates standard deviation data sets. It can solve problems for two types of data: sample and population. Standard deviation can also offer help in the following:

  • Variance
  • Mean
  • Sum
  • Sum of squares
  • Differences
  • Square of differences

It's a free tool for all the above results and can use large data sets.

Why Should You Use Online Statistics Solvers?

Here are a few reasons to use an online probability and statistics solver.

a) They are Time Savers

As a student, time is often my most precious commodity. Whether in the form of a statistics solver app or a free online statistics solver website, statistics solvers are like time-saving superheroes.

They swiftly crunch numbers, giving you more time to understand the underlying concepts and focus on the bigger picture.

b) Instant Clarification and Feedback

One of the perks of using statistics solvers is the immediate feedback they provide. Whether you are working on a hypothesis test or wrestling with regression analysis, these tools don't just spit out statistics answers. They guide you through the process, helping you grasp the complexities of each step.

c) Your Understanding Bridge

Statistics can be a maze of unclear concepts. Online solvers bridge the theory taught in class and the real-world application of statistical methods.

They will help you connect the dots, turn abstract ideas into tangible solutions, and foster a deeper understanding of statistical principles.

d) Complements Traditional Learning

Rather than replacing traditional learning methods, statistics solvers complement them. They're not a shortcut but a supportive tool. You solidify your understanding by grappling with problems manually and then cross-referencing with a statistics calculator app. It's a dynamic duo—old-school learning meets modern efficiency.

e) Accessible Assistance

The best statistical software is the one that's accessible when you need it. Whether at the library or burning the midnight oil at home, a free online statistics solver is a reliable companion. It ensures that the help you need is just a few clicks away.

f) Confidence Booster

A certain confidence comes with knowing you have a statistics solver in your toolkit. It's not about avoiding challenges but having a trustworthy ally when it gets tricky.

The assurance that you can tackle complex statistical problems with the assistance of these tools is empowering.

Now, it's clear why you should have a statistics calculator app. So, why not leverage the power these solvers have? They're here to make the statistical odyssey less daunting and much more rewarding.

Tip: Our experts can offer you specialized assistance if you need more than the statistics calculator help.

How Do You Maximize the Use of Online Statistics Solvers?

Here are some pointers to assist you in utilizing these tools without falling into the over-reliance trap:

1. Blend with Tradition

Don't toss your textbooks out the window just yet! Instead, use the free online statistics solver options to supplement your traditional learning methods. Start by tackling problems manually, then cross-check your solutions with digital magic.

This fusion ensures you're not just tapping buttons but understanding the intricate dance of numbers.

2. Create a Routine

Integrate these online solvers into your study routine. Whether it's a dedicated time slot each week or a go-to resource when you're stuck on a problem, make it a habit. Consistency is your ally, turning these tools into reliable companions rather than occasional rescue missions.

3. Understand Before You Command

Letting your best statistics calculator online do all the heavy lifting is tempting, but resist the urge! Take a moment to understand the concepts behind the calculations.

Why does the solver say "yes" or "no"? What's the logic behind the numbers? Understanding how to solve a statistics problem makes the how a whole lot clearer.

4. Step-by-Step Mastery

Don't rush the process. Break the complex issues into manageable steps. If you have a statistics solver with steps, use them! Each step is a breadcrumb leading you through the statistical forest. Follow the trail, and soon, you'll find your way without the digital breadcrumbs.

5. Challenge Yourself

Online solvers are there to assist, not to babysit. Once you've grasped the basics, challenge yourself with complex problems. Push your boundaries and see how well you can navigate without constant guidance.

It's in these challenges that true understanding blossoms.

6. Beware the Over-Reliance Pitfall

Think of the statistics question solver app as your training wheel. It's fantastic for support, but relying on it exclusively stunts your growth. The real-world applications of statistics won't come with a handy "solve" button.

Use these tools to build your foundation, not as a crutch that hinders your independence.

7. Stay Curious

Numbers are fascinating, and statistics unlock their stories. So, stay curious! Use online solvers as exploration tools, not just as a means to an end. The more you enjoy the journey, the less it feels like a chore.

Tip: Once you know how to solve statistics on a calculator, punch those numbers, but always keep the captain's chair firmly in your grasp. Online solvers are your allies, not the commanders of your statistical destiny.

How to Solve a Statistics Problem?

Here is the procedure you need to follow when solving a statistics problem:

i) Determine the Question

You must identify the subject question on the hypothetical test. You can't proceed with the correct solving procedure if you can't remember the question. Understanding the question helps you determine the calculation strategy.

ii) Data Collection

The second step is gathering information or data on the hypothesis. It would be best to determine the study population and then decide on the data collection method. If you follow this step keenly, you will surely get accurate results.  

iii) Data Analysis

You can use several data analysis methods like Microsoft Excel, Python, and R. Therefore, ensure you know how to analyze data and choose your preferred method.

iv) Data Interpretation

When interpreting the data, always remember your questions to scrutinize the data appropriately. After, you should get the desired results for your study and present them. When submitting, you can use tools like graphs, pie charts, tables, etc.

NB: You can also learn how to get good grades in math to get more tips on approaching math-related problems.

Which are the Various Statistical Methods?

There are many statistical methods categorized into the following groups:

  • Descriptive: It includes all the steps in the final analysis and interpretation. It also involves data collection, tabulation, central tendency measures, skewness, dispersion, and time series analysis. Descriptive helps in analyzing data characteristics and summarizing their features.
  • Analytical: It has all the methods that assist in analyzing and comparing any two variables. They include correlation, regression analysis, and association of attributes.
  • Inductive: This one has all the procedures that aid in the general interpretation or estimation of phenomena. The methods are interpolation, extrapolation, and probability theory.
  • Inferential: This method involves all the procedures that draw inferences about a population's features based on samples. The technique incorporates the sampling theory, significance tests, and statistical control.
  • Applied: This is where you get the methods that handle real-life problems. Examples include quality control, sample surveys, linear programming, and inventory control.

Best Techniques for Learning and Passing Statistics

In addition to utilizing the best statistics calculator online, here are tips to help you learn and excel in your coursework.

  • Attend all lessons: Ensure you attend all the classes to master all the content taught. If you miss a math-based lesson, it can be hard to catch up. If at any point you miss a lesson, find a classmate you can trust to send you notes. Also, be prepared to seek tutoring services for that lesson.
  • Practice as many problems as possible: A statistics lesson isn't just about attending and listening to the lecturer. It would be best if you practiced becoming better each day. Use your homework problems, textbooks, and additional questions in all the topics.
  • Seek assistance when stuck: Statistics have many concepts you must grasp and relate to. If you encounter a challenge that you can't solve, it's best to consult. Keeping unsolved problems makes them more complex and may affect your concentration on other topics.
  • Follow your pace when reading: Learn and practice until you solve a problem perfectly. If you solve it with haste, you entertain confusion and waste of time. Also, you may misinterpret the question and give the wrong answer.
  • Use the recommended learning materials: Keep the course syllabus and the handouts for reference in case you need another study material.
  • Set a study plan: They say failing to plan leads to failure. So ensure you have some particular time allocated for personal study. Revise your notes as per the timelines and objectives you have set. Revise using different resources to gather more knowledge and solve as many questions as possible. Be sure to handle complex problems to challenge yourself.  

NB: You can also check how to study college math courses for more learning and passing tips.

Can You Rely on the Free Online Statistics Solvers 100%?

You can only partially rely on a statistics solver app. Your chosen app should serve as a guide to perform some complex questions. Before using them, you need to understand the concepts and how to analyze the question.

You can only verify the solution if you have foundational knowledge. Again, the problem may even become more complex after getting the answer. That is why there are more than reasons to hire an online statistics helper.  

The more straightforward way is consulting experts like us. Unlike the apps, we will offer the following:

  • Accurate and verified stepwise solution for your questions
  • We empathize with your situation and offer customized help to solve all underlying problems.
  • Revision tactics for the subject – our mission is to help students excel in their studies, so we pride ourselves in top-class revision tricks.
  • 24/7 availability of qualified professionals from your comfort zone. Our platform is also easily accessible to make your inquiries or consultations.
  • Affordable payment rates for every student

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is there a calculator for statistics?

Yes, there are calculators specialized in calculating statistics. While some physical ones figure statistics problems, better ones are available online. You can use them to work on a wide range of statistical issues.  

2. What is the best app to help with statistics?

The best app to help you solve statistics problems is Mathway. Other top solvers include:

  • Math10
  • Stats Calculator
  • Social Science Statistics
  • Statistical Analyzer

If you want personalized help from human experts, consider platforms like HomeworkMarket.

3. Can you use Excel for statistics?

You can use Excel for statistics, though it doesn't offer the best statistical support. This program lacks non-parametric tests and post-tests. Also, excel reports statistical results without a detailed explanation like other programs. So, this program is fit for nonlinear regression.  

4. Is there a free version of Mathway?

Yes, Mathway has a free version that's helpful for students. This virtual calculator gives you access to many statistics solutions. However, you are required to subscribe to access stepwise answers to your questions.

5. How can I memorize statistics?

Several tricks to help you memorize statistics include:

  • Using flashcards to remember complex formulas
  • Reviewing something until it sticks to your mind
  • Using acronyms short-form tactics and then outlining the letters
  • Revising with a friend who jogs your mind with random questions
  • Reading the concept over and over
  • Using notes to note the formulas and key terms

6. What are the components of a statistical problem?

The main components are:

  • Asking a question or the hypothesis
  • Gathering data using the appropriate means for the question
  • Analyzing data to become more meaningful for the issue
  • Interpreting results to get solutions for your study questions

Wrapping Up

In the dynamic world of statistics, the journey becomes smoother with the right calculator. We've unraveled the magic of the 5 best free online statistics solvers - your allies in conquering the numerical realm.

From user-friendly interfaces to immediate feedback, these tools are more than calculators. They're mentors guiding you through statistical complexities.

Explore, challenge, and let these solvers be the wind beneath your statistical wings. Try them, and share your experiences as you solve the statistics problems. Subscribe for updates on more statistics discoveries. If you also need personalized help, contact our experts for some affordable help.

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