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Sophia Milestone Answers


Sophia Milestone Answers

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What Is Sophia in Education?

Sophia Learning is an educational platform that offers over 50 ACE-certified courses for college-level education. This platform has been used by over 200 countries and territories, including all 50 states of the U.S., and beyond 250,000 learners have benefited from it.

All the courses are self-paced, allowing students to easily juggle learning with their other personal and professional errands. In addition, students can transfer the credits they get in Sophia courses to college.

Other popular educational platforms include the following:

  • StraighterLine
  • Aplia
  • Aleks
  • Cengage: Mindtap, WebAssign, and the others
  • MyMathLab
  • IXL
  • Webwork

Keep in mind that, on top of offering sophia answers, we can also offer you answers for courses in any educational platform, including the ones listed above and others.

Which Sophia Courses Can You Get Sophia Milestone Answers for?

We can provide you with answers for all Sophia courses. We have a massive team of academic experts from all fields. So, whatever course you are taking, just know you will get help from us.

Below are some common fields and courses we handle for students using the Sophia platform.


  • Introduction to Business
  • Business Communication
  • Project Management
  • Principles of Finance
  • Business Law


  • Introduction to Mathematics
  • College Algebra
  • Foundation of Statistics
  • Precalculus
  • Calculus I

You can reach out to us if you need an answer to any Sophia course assignment, such as sophia statistics unit 5 milestone.


  • Art History
  • Introduction to Ethics
  • Approaches to Studying Religions
  • Ancient Greek Philosophers
  • Critical Thinking


It is worth noting that we also provide environmental science homework help on top of sophia milestone answers. Just contact us if you need assistance with this coursework.

Computer Science and IT

  • Introduction to Web Development
  • Introduction to Information Technology
  • Introduction to Python Programming - check our Python homework help services
  • Introduction to Relational Databases
  • Introduction to Java Programming

»Remember to check our computer science homework help services

Social Science

  • S. History
  • Introduction to Psychology
  • Microeconomics
  • Macroeconomics
  • Introduction to Sociology

Also, note that you get sociology homework help from us or any assistance for any other field.

Career Success

  • College Readiness
  • Workplace Writing
  • Conflict Resolution
  • IT Career Exploration
  • Developing Effective Teams

Types of Assessments in Sophia Learning Courses

Sophia Platform has tens of courses, but the good thing is that all of the courses follow a general structure. The structure is that most of the courses have the following four assessments:

  • Challenges
  • Milestones
  • Touchstones
  • Final Milestone

Not all courses will have a Touchstone, and the number of Challenges and Milestones depends on the course's length. The following section will briefly touch on these assessments of Sophia's courses.

Sophia Milestone Answers

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What’s The Difference Between Challenges, Milestones, And Touchstones In Sophia Learning?

Each course is divided into several units, though some courses have one unit. Each unit has three graded assessments: several Challenges, one Milestone or/and one Touchstone. After you finish all the units in the course, you will do a Final Milestone to complete the course. You have two attempts in total for any of these assessments. So, if you fail the first trial, you will remain with only one extra trial.

Remember, if you encounter any challenge with your Sophia course (such as a population proportion question in statistics), turn to us for sophia milestone answers.  

  • Challenges: These are real-world problems you need to solve using the concept you have been taught in the unit. You can take the challenges anytime you want, as they no set amount of time to do and finish them.
  • Milestone: A Milestone is more like a test because you are given a certain amount of time to complete it. The time is displayed on the Course Dashboard. Each milestone has around 20 – 30 questions. You can google when doing the milestone as it is an “open book.” Some units will have both a Milestone and Touchstone, while others will have one of these two.
  • Touchstone: It is a project-based assessment that is manually graded (evaluated by a human rather than the Sophia platform, contrary to what happens on the other assessments). If the unit has both a Milestone and a Touchstone, you need to pass the Milestone so that the Touchstone can be graded.

How Are Assessments in Sophia Courses Graded?

You must get an overall 70% on all the assessments to pass a Sophia course. Also, you need to score more than half in the Milestones, Touchstones, and Final milestones to pass these assessments. You can get more information about these Sophia assessments by opening the “Student Guide & Course Docs” page. So, how do you get to this page? Easy. Just open any course and click on the “Student Guide & Course Docs.”

Also, this page will offer you tips you can use when doing the Sophia assessments. If you want additional tips to transform your learning process, check out our blog on tips for a better online learning experience.

How Do You Practice Effectively On Sophia Courses?

You can use two major ways to practice well when doing Sophia courses. They are:

1. Work On the Practice Questions

You will find plenty of practice questions in each course. For instance, each Challenge has approximately 5 – 10 practice questions, and each Milestone has its own Practice Milestone.

To add icing to the cake, you can attempt any practice question as many times as possible, and the answer for each question is displayed.

2. Get Tutoring Services

The other way of effectively practicing is by getting tutoring services. Where can you get these services? Who is the best in it?

You can get the services from us. Our team has Sophia academic experts with advanced degrees and several years of experience helping students like you ace their courses. They deliver first-class Sophia tutoring services over and beyond your expectations. Just place an order with us to get the services.

Furthermore, these experts can offer sophia milestone answers for any course. Some of the typical solutions they provide are listed below:

  • Sophia Intro to Statistics milestone answers
  • Sophia statistics milestone 5 answers
  • Sophia accounting milestone answers
  • Sophia art history 1 milestone answers
  • Sophia public speaking milestone 1 answers
  • Sophia college algebra milestone 1 answers
  • Sophia project management milestone 2 answers
  • Sophia us history 1 milestone 1 answers
  • Sophia human biology milestone 1 answers

Should You Sign Up for Sophia Free Trial?

Are you wondering what you will gain when you sign up for the Sophia free trial? Then, wonder no more. This section will profoundly look at the free trial feature of Sophia learning.

First, how does Sophia free trial work? So that you can choose the right course, Sophia allows students to create a free account and evaluate any and all courses for free. The managers of Sophia Learning know that it is always good for clients to try out a product before purchasing it, and that’s what they have done with the “free trial” feature.

You only need to create an account with Sophia Learning. You will feed your names and email address. Your credit card is not required. There is no time limit to check out the courses: you can take as long as you want. The free trial allows you to check out any course you want, even if it’s all the courses, though you can’t go past the first unit of any course.

What Will You Gain from The Sophia Free Trial?

The main goal of the free trial is to assist you in finding the most appropriate course that caters to your needs and concerns. Checking out a course will assist you in the following aspects.

  • In estimating the amount of time it will take to finish a course
  • It will offer you time to reach out to your school’s registrar and confirm whether you can transfer credits from this course to your college
  • In understanding the course structure
  • In assessing the course instructor

Overall. These aspects will help you gauge if a certain course fits you best. You can preview the article on how to choose the best online course to learn more tactics for selecting an educational program.

When Should You Pay for A Sophia Course?

Pay for a Sophia course after you check it out by using the free trial. Most students pay after they are through with the first unit, as they are able to collect most of the insights about the course at this point. Furthermore, you can’t go beyond the first unit on the free trial.

After you finish the first unit, you will be prompted to pay a monthly membership fee of $99. Remember that you can get Sophia Learning promo codes that will help you save money. Check out the Green Promo Code website and this Reddit discussion to see how you can get Sophia Learning Promo codes. 

If you are searching for other ways to save money, look at this article on how to save money in college.

How Do You Transfer Sophia Courses’ Credits to College?

Do you know that Sophia Learning accreditation has been certified by ACE (American Council on Education)? ACE is the major coordinating body in the U.S. for universities and colleges. Over 1,700 universities and colleges are members of the ACE.

This means you can easily transfer Sophia's course credits to many colleges. To be precise, Sophia has partnered with over 40 colleges, and over 1000 colleges have accepted credit transfer from Sophia courses.  Some of the major colleges that are partners of Sophia Learning are:

  • West Governors University (WGU)
  • Walden University
  • University of Phoenix
  • University of Maryland Global Campus
  • University of Massachusetts Global
  • Strayer University
  • Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU)
  • Purdue University Global
  • Grand Canyon University
  • Colorado State University

You can use the following strategies to transfer Sophia's course credits.

  • Automatic Transfer: In case your college and Sophia Learning are partners, your transcript will be automatically transferred to the college once you complete your course. You will receive an email notification once your credits are
  • Manual Transfer: If your college has not partnered with Sophia Learning, you must transfer the credits manually. You can achieve this using the Parchment platform. Sign up on this platform, follow the steps highlighted for ordering a transcript, and pay the small delivery fee for your transcript to be sent to your college.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can Someone Provide Me with Sophia Milestone Answers?

Yes. We offer unmatched questions and answer help at the friendliest price in the market. Just place an order with us to get help.

2. Is Sophia Learning Worth It?

Yes, it is. Below are some of the reasons why it is worth it:

  • It has extensive self-paced courses
  • Its courses are economical
  • The courses are ACE accredited, and credit transfer to college is possible
  • It offers a free trial for all courses

3. Can I Transfer Credit from Sophia Courses?

Yes. Your credits will be automatically transferred to a partner college. Or you can do it manually for colleges that have not partnered with Sophia Learning using the Parchment platform.

In Summary

Do you want to know what Sophia Learning is, the courses it offers, and the kind of assessments it has? Then, this article is what you need. The article will also show you how to transfer credit once you complete a Sophia course. Note that you need to pass all Milestones assessments if you want to get the credits. We have good news for you if these assessments are giving you sleepless nights. Just place an order with us, and we will provide you with sophia milestone answers.

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