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What Is IXL, And How Does It Work?

IXL is a digital learning platform that offers personalized lessons to students from kindergarten to grade 12. Over 12 million students around the globe use it, and it has more than 8,000 skills (topics) spread out into five subjects: English language arts, math, social studies, science, and Spanish. The recommendation and analytics of IXL enable the platform to provide effective personalized teaching and learning strategies with a very focused outcome.

You can access IXL on your browser by inputting this IXL website link, www.ixl.com, or downloading its mobile application. You can find the app on practically all mobile devices: Android, iOS, Chrome, or Kindle Fire gadgets.

How IXL works

IXL houses hundreds of academic skills (topics) that help students practice and ultimately outshine in the desired subjects. The platform has a point-scoring and reward system that continuously motivates students to do better. You will get points for each correct IXL answer you provide and lose some points when you answer incorrectly. You can hire us to provide you with correct IXL question answers any time or day: we offer 24/7 academic help services.

Once you complete one level, you will move to the next until you garner a SmartScore of 100 points. You earn virtual gifts as the score increases and will receive a ‘stamp’ if you hit the highest score, 100 points.

What Are The Skills/Topics You Can Learn On IXL?

IXL helps you to master skills in five main subjects: language arts, math, science, social studies, and Spanish. You will find tens, if not hundreds, of skills to learn in each subject. Any skill you want to improve under these subjects, you find in IXL. The IXL skills are grouped depending on the level of education, between kindergarten to grade 12. Below are examples of skills you can find and learn in each subject:

IXL language arts

  • Metaphors and similes
  • Punctuation
  • Active voice
  • Creating thesis statements
  • Parts of speech
  • Writing essays
  • Making substantial arguments, etc.

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IXL Math

  • Subtraction and addition
  • Multiplication and division
  • Graph fractions
  • IXL geometry
  • IXL algebra
  • IXL pre-calculus
  • IXL calculus, etc.

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IXL Science

  • States of Matter
  • Plants cells and body parts
  • Animals' cells and body parts
  • Water on earth
  • Solar system
  • Genetic mutations, etc.

IXL social studies

  • Famous leaders of the USA and the rest of the world
  • Identify rural, suburban, and urban areas
  • Worldwide religions
  • Types of government
  • Longitude and Latitudes
  • Countries, states, and cities
  • Historic revolutions like the Industrial Revolution, and the Chinese Empire, among others.

IXL Spanish

  • Preliminary steps (pasospreliminares)
  • In class (enclase)
  • At school (En la escuala)
  • The family (la familia)
  • Food (La comida), etc.

Why Do Students Like Using IXL?

IXL puts students on the road to success by helping them practice thousands of skills. In addition, learning on IXL is as interesting as it can get. Students using this platform highly enjoy learning because of the outstanding IXL features mentioned below.

  • The practice lessons and questions are interactive. For instance, some are formatted as games.
  • Comprehensive coverage
  • You get awards and certificates when you score highly
  • There are audio capabilities that explain to you the steps in IXL math skills
  • Questions adapt to your capabilities. They increase in difficulty as you become better
  • The IXL platform identifies your weak areas and offers recommendations
  • There is an analytic feature that allows your teacher, guardians, or yourself to evaluate your performance.
  • You can practice with your mobile phone.

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Steps You Can Follow To Answer IXL Assignment Quizzes

Your instructor has probably given you IXL homework, and now you are wondering how to go about it and answer the IXL quizzes. This section will highlight the step-by-step actions you can take to see the IXL assignments.

IXL Answers

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1. Create/Register and sign in

  • Open your web browser, then go to ixl.com
  • Create (or register) an account by using your name and district
  • Go to the “For Students” section after registering and log in: input your unique ID and the six-digit password

2. Access the “Recommendations” Section

Once you are inside your IXL account, click on the “Learning” tab. Under this tab, you will see the following tabs, among others.

  • Recommendations
  • Skill plans
  • Math
  • Language arts
  • Science
  • Spanish

Click on the recommendation section. At the top of the page, you will see “Skills suggested by your teacher,” click it.

3. Choose a subject

Once you click the suggested skills, a page will open with all the subjects and skills your teacher wants you to handle. Now open the skills and start working on them. It is that simple. Contact us when you encounter a difficult IXL quiz: we have a strong reputation for helping students get the right answers.

What Are The Most Common Features In IXL?

They are IXL Diagnostic And IXL Recommendations

You will mostly use IXL recommendations and IXL diagnostics to improve your IXL skills.

IXL ‘Recommendations’

We have touched a bit on the “Recommendations” above, mainly on how to access IXL homework via the recommendations. But there is more to the “Recommendations” section than this. Again, to access the “Recommendations,” click the “Learning” tab.

The “Recommendations” section also highlights your weak areas and offers quizzes you can do to improve. Scroll down the section to see all your weak areas.

IXL Diagnostic: SmartScore and Level

Another critical area you need to familiarize yourself with in this learning platform is the IXL diagnostic. This feature allows you to practice any skill and view your proficiency in the skill. The “Diagnostic” button is at the top of the page, beside the “Learning” button. Once you enter the diagnostic section, select the skill you want to work on. You will be asked questions about the skill and receive points depending on your performance.

The points of your skills are known as “SmartScore” The highest point you can get in the SmartScore is ‘100’ while the lowest is ‘0.’ There is no specific number of questions you have to get right to reach 100 points. It is because many dynamics are involved when calculating the points; for instance, some points will be deducted when you fail an IXL question.

It is also important for you to understand your Diagnostic level. The diagnostic level is a numerical value in IXL that symbolizes the grade level you are ready for or belong to. For example:

  1. Level 500 on IXL indicates that you are ready for grade 5
  2. Level 800 on IXL symbolizes that you are supposed to be in grade 8
  3. Level 250 on IXL means that you are supposed to be halfway through your grade 2 curriculum and so on.

Writers use diagnostic level and diagnostic score to mean practically the same. For instance, by using the three examples above (a, b, and c), we can say that:

  • A diagnostic score of grade 5 is 500
  • A diagnostic score of 8th grade is 800
  • A diagnostic score of grade 2 is 200.

Techniques You Can Use To Cheat IXL Or To Hack IXL. Which Is The Best?

Our team has done immense research on the different ways of IXL hacking, cheating, or something in this line, and we have been amazed by the results we have found. For starters, IXL hacking is known by different names, like:

  • IXL cheat
  • IXL cheat bot
  • IXL bot
  • IXL answer hack
  • Cheat IXL
  • Hack IXL

We found that most of these IXL hack strategies are untrustworthy. And due to this, we will not discuss these strategies more than we have. If you want a trustworthy and reliable strategy, you should seek help from websites that offer academic help. A good example of this website is ours. The following subheading will touch on why ours is a ‘good example.’

Another common item in our study is the answer key. What is an answer key? An answer key is a button or link found next to a question that directs you to study materials that you can read and be able to answer the question. Some learning platforms like Cengage offer an answer key, but not IXL. Luckily, we can provide you with an IXL answer key. 

Why should you turn to us for IXL answers?

The best way of getting 100% correct answers is by hiring us. How do you go about it?

  1. Create an account with us
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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get every IXL question right?

One way is by practicing a lot; then, you handle the questions. The second way is you give us your order, and our IXL experts will provide you with the correct answers.

How can I cheat IXL?

Unfortunately, we are not in a capacity to give you advice on this question, mainly because most of the IXL cheats, IXL hacks, IXL answers hacks, and IXL bots, among others, cannot be trusted. But we can provide you with the answers to IXL for a very small fee, which will be more worthwhile than using the cheats or hacks.

Where do I get free IXL answers?

Free answers are available in the practice questions and when you fail a question that your teacher has suggested (assigned). You can contact us for almost-free answers. "Almost free" means that we will charge you a small amount.

How much is the cost of IXL?

Many factors are put into consideration when calculating the cost of IXL. For starters, you can open three IXL accounts: school and district accounts, classroom accounts, and family accounts. Each of these has its own cost. Moreover, in the case of the family account, you will pay more if you have an account with more members.


Are you struggling to find IXL answers? Register yourself on our website and place your order. We will help you with IXL math, IXL science, IXL English, or any other IXL subject or skill. The cost of paying is too small compared with the hassle of searching and using IXL hacks. Go through this article to learn more about IXL and how to practice and access IXL assignments. In case you come across a challenging question, turn to us.

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