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Just like many other learners, I had issues with math in my youth, especially when it came to algebra. Technical math subjects tend to stir fear in the hearts of many learners, both younger and older, who lack the proper guidance to ace their tests. 

This can lead them to seek the best algebra homework help website online from sites like ours which offer quick and affordable algebra help online free assistance. Please keep reading for more information on algebra and the benefits of our services.

What Is Algebra?

Algebra refers to a mathematical discipline that focuses on solving problems that are represented as expressions. Solving math in real life requires one to understand that certain numbers keep changing and hence can only be properly represented as variables using values like x or y.

One can find these variable values using constants and operators such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. When you are taking algebra, you will likely tackle various topics such as: 

  • Algebra fundamentals - logarithms, determinants, and equations
  • Trigonometry - the study of angles and their relationships to planes
  • Equations - linear, and quadratic equations as well as exponential and logarithmic equations
  • Polynomials - coefficients and variables
  • Matrices - numbers and arrays
  • Equalities and inequalities - look into the relationship between numbers
  • Algebraic geometry - coordinate geometry, lines, conic sections, circles, and ellipses
  • Graphs and functions - function notation, inverse functions, and graphing functions
  • Algebraic techniques -factoring, radical expressions, and complex numbers
  • Advanced algebra - proofs, polynomials, matrices, sequences, and series

As such, we can say that algebra is a wide and diverse discipline that helps us find the unknown in various situations. For this reason, algebra is widely used by people in fields such as construction, computing, graphic design, investment, and many more.

What Are The Branches Of Algebra?

Since algebra is a wide subject that includes several concepts, such as variables and equations, divisions are necessary. These are based on the complexity and concepts covered and are taught, starting from the simplest topics to the most technical ones. Over the years, it has been developed, and there are levels to this subject that you will be exposed to as you advance academically. These are:

1. Elementary Algebra

Covering basic concepts, this branch is common for lower levels such as elementary school. In this branch, students will handle simple variables and their relationships to numbers, such as percentages, proportions, and distance, thus helping them acquire a firm grasp of statistics, economics, computer science, and business.

2. Algebra 2 or advanced algebra

In comparison to elementary algebra, this level is harder as it includes graphical functions, linear systems, rational functions, and polynomials. Usually, this level is undertaken by students towards the end of their high school education from grade 11 and helps prepare them for the next level of algebra.

3. Abstract algebra

Unlike other branches of algebra, abstract algebra does not deal with number systems but rather focuses on structures such as vectors, rings, spaces, and groups. It is largely an undergraduate course and contains concepts such as identity elements, associativity, inverse elements, and binary operations. In the real world, abstract algebra contributes to finding appropriate interest rates, computing, robotics, and many more.

4. Linear algebra

This mathematical discipline combines calculus to find solutions to vectors, planes, lines, and matrices. The concepts learned in this branch are useful for studying computer science, animation, physics, and geometry since they help calculate speed, distance, and time.

5. Commutative algebra

Focused on the study of commutative rings, their ideals, and modules, this branch is studied by students at the level to help them gain a deeper understanding of geometry and topology. This branch is mainly utilized in the sciences and is particularly focused on string theory. If you are seeking an expert to handle this relatively niche branch of algebra, place your order with us today.

Please note that we also offer geometry homework help as one of our other services.

What Are Some Important Terms In Algebra?

As a math student, you will come across many different terms. Below are some of the most common ones:

  • Variables- a symbol or letter used to represent an unknown number in an expression or equation
  • Constant- refers to a quantity that is known e.g4
  • Expression-variables and constants e.g x+3
  • Equation- a mathematical expression that shows that two expressions are equal e.g  x+2=5
  • Linear equation- an equation with variables on both sides, both of which are multiplied by a constant e.g y= mx+b
  • Quadratic equation- any equation where the one exponential value is a square e.g ax2+ bx+ c=0
  • Coefficient- a real number in an equation or expression e.g 6y
  • Polynomials- an expression consisting of both coefficients and variables
  • Absolute value- refers to a number’s distance from 0 
  • Algebraic fraction- fraction where both the numerator and denominator are algebraic expressions e.g 

1    +    4  

(x + 1) (x + 6)

Why Do Students Dislike Algebra?

Many students dread learning algebra and its many concepts to the extent that it is the most failed high school and college course, thus leading students to miss out on their dream degree course. Some of the reasons include:

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  • Math is seen as abstract with little to no real-life application or personal connection, so they do not see its value, and the teacher will have difficulty keeping them focused. 
  • Educators have trouble managing the entire class’s needs; hence, some students lag behind
  • It is technical and has several rules and equations
  • Students struggle with memorizing rules and often enter the wrong equation values in their algebra calculator, leading to wrong answers, and in math, there is only one right answer
  • Mathematical concepts require constant revision, and many students are unable to dedicate time to studying it

If you are facing similar issues, feel free to place your order with our algebra help online free services today.

What Is The Best Way To Study Algebra?

Every subject requires you to apply yourself so as to pass the assessments, and this takes dedication. As such, there are special techniques you can employ in your studies to help you pass your tests, such as:

 Where Can I Get Answers For Algebra Homework?

If your instructor is not available, you can consider hiring affordable homework help, specifically algebra homework help services that can offer solutions to tricky questions. While some students may prefer to tackle the problem areas on their own, external help will save time. 

Students who cannot access an instructor to provide more information or those in large classes where this is not feasible often prefer to use algebra assignment help services since it is easier and quicker. For these reasons, many students choose to hire online experts and tutors from the best algebra homework help websites online that allow you to place orders and then deliver the answers.

Oftentimes, you may receive a recommendation from a peer, but please note that they may have done so in the past, and their experience might be subjective. As such, you should consider services with actual reviews from real clients to avoid wasting your time and money.

How can I get help with homework online for free?

You can search for answers directly to your question or use educational platforms like Quizlet and Brainly. However, the search results may be inaccurate or not tailored to the question, which can cost you marks. 

Optionally, you can use online libraries, which have repositories of various books you can use to source answers. However, this may not be feasible since some are copyrighted and not accessible online.

Are Algebra Homework Help Sites Illegal?

No. While many clients are concerned that they will suffer the consequences if caught using services similar to ours, this is simply not the case. Our services are completely legal, and our business is fully registered by the federal government. The papers provided merely act as guides for students who want directions on how to solve certain problems. However, some shady companies provide students with the wrong answers sourced from other papers and copied to seem like a new paper.

Is There An App That Helps With Algebra?

Yes, they include Math Solver, Khan Academy, Photomath, and more. They offer a good introduction to algebra for young learners and also offer feedback on weak areas a student should focus on. Unfortunately, they have limited functionality compared to websites like ours, which cater more to advanced learners. 

 Which Website Is Best For Algebra Homework Answers?

When it comes to the best college algebra homework help websites, our firm is among the top sought-after firms that offer value for money. While there may be apps, we mainly operate on our website, which can be accessed through a browser. Every industry has certain metrics that clients use to gauge quality, and we are among the top in most of them. This is because we go above and beyond to deliver quality help with college algebra to clients through the following guarantees:

1. Plagiarism free work

We use software such as Turnitin to ensure our papers are plagiarism-free. 

2. Affordable algebra homework help

Students generally have limited finances, so we use a bidding system to determine prices. 

3. Diverse options

While some students are late on their homework and need a quick solution, others want algebra assignment help and exam prep services to help them master difficult concepts.

4. Different topics covered

Algebra is a wide topic, but our experts are highly skilled and can tackle various topics.

5. Free revisions

If you would like any changes to your paper, feel free to request them. We operate on a 24/7 basis, so you are sure to receive assistance when you need it.

6. Refunds

In some cases, like assignment cancellation, we offer refunds. Once you request it, customer care verifies the authenticity of your claims, after which your money will be refunded within 14 business days.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the main formulas used in algebra?

To pass basic algebra, you need to be familiar with the following formulas that help solve simple equations:

a2-b2=(a-b) (a+b)

(a+b)2=a2+2ab+ b2


2. What are the five rules of algebra?

These are the rules that you need to master as they can aid in gaining a better understanding of algebra:

  • Commutative law of multiplication
  • Associative law of addition
  • Distributive law of addition
  • Commutative law of addition
  • Associative law of multiplication

3. Is there a golden rule in algebra?

Yes! Experts advise that you focus on maintaining a balance. Algebra is based on equations that have an equal sign, so what is on one end of the equation must be equal to what is on the other end.

4. Is there an algebra calculator?

Yes! There are several online resources that offer help with calculating equations and inequalities. To use them, all you have to do is input the equation, click on the calculate button, and get your answer. However, this service is mainly for basic algebra, and more advanced students will not offer much assistance.

Where can I find algebra resources to help me study?

You can use library books such as Algebra: A Complete Introduction and more on sites like the Center for Open Education, Project Gutenberg, and other similar free e-textbook sites online.

5. What should I learn first before algebra?

Basic math operations are important to grasp before learning algebra. They include addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. 

6. What is harder calculus or algebra 2?

Most consider calculus to be harder than algebra. This is because calculus applies algebraic concepts to even more complex scenarios; hence, it is slightly more advanced. 

7. Is it OK to take Algebra 2 before Geometry?

Yes. Usually, students take geometry before Algebra 2, but it may differ depending on your school’s policies. 


In closing, algebra is a branch of mathematics concerned with equations and expressions. It contains several concepts that are key to understanding other scientific and business disciplines, such as finance, statistics, computer science, and robotics, among others. However, this subject remains the most failed course due to its abstract concepts, need for constant study, and the several formulas to be memorized.

As such, students seek out algebra homework helper services from experts like us, who can guarantee value for money. Our firm promises plagiarism-free content delivered on a timely basis at affordable rates, in addition to free revisions. We also offer a diverse range of services, such as homework help, exam prep, and tutoring so place your order today and start your journey to better grades with the best in the business!

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