SWOT Analysis Homework Help


SWOT Analysis Homework Help

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So, it's an easy task for us. We have handled SWOT analysis assignments for students and assignments on SWOT analysis of a company. Both are easy tasks you can tackle; you need to identify the external and internal factors that affect the company. Again, you must also consider the entity's current and future potential. 

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This guide defines SWOT analysis, its components, and how to conduct an individual and company analysis.

What is SWOT Analysis?

This technique helps organizations, small businesses, and companies handle their daily challenges differently for business prosperity. SWOT also helps businesses to identify new and better markets. 

Swot analysis helps assess an organization's strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. It's a significant tool, especially in marketing management and acquiring the necessary information for decision-making. 

SWOT tool has several elements; S- strengths, W- weaknesses, O- opportunities, and T-threats. These elements are classified as internal and external environmental factors of a business.  

Which are the Advantages of Seeking SWOT Analysis Homework Help?

The SWOT analysis technique is helpful for every company and has the following advantages:

  • Eases the decision-making process by sharing and comparing ideas
  • It helps group the factors that can make a business stand and those that make it fail
  • Aids a company in knowing its strengths and its downfall
  • Improves strategic thinking, planning, and decision making
  • It helps in knowing the past, present, and future of an entity

Components of Swot Analysis

A SWOT analysis elements may vary depending on the company. However, there are main components that this tool must have, and they include:

Strengths (positive internal factors)

These features and activities make an organization excel and differentiate from its competitors. What makes an entity stand out includes: loyal clients, better technology, and a strong brand. There may also be tangible assets and internal resources like capital, intellectual property, and skilled staff. 

Weaknesses (internal negative factors)

Weaknesses act as a hindrance to a business's optimum performance. So, an entity should focus on the area that makes it fail. For example, less capital, high debt levels, poor location, 

Opportunities (external positive factors)

Opportunities are the external factors that make your business prosper. Examples are less competition in your niche, media coverage of your company, and favorable tariffs.

Threats (external negative factors)

Threats are the factors that lead to your business's downfall. For instance, drought may threaten you in acquiring raw materials if you are dealing with a food production company. Others include the high cost of materials, high competition, and negative media coverage.

Which are the Types of Swot Analysis? 

There are two major types of SWOT:

1. Personal SWOT Analysis

It's an individual evaluation of one's strengths and weaknesses. You can do a personal SWOT analysis before a job interview or during a job self-evaluation. During the assessment, you should reflect on your achievements and failures. 

However, this evaluation should be structured to differentiate it from other personal meditations. This document will help you work on your weaknesses and perform better. You can identify your strengths and keep improving and your weaknesses to rise higher. Check out our editing and proofreading services if you need help writing a personal SWOT analysis.

An example of a personal SWOT analysis includes:


Holds bachelors in clinical psychology

Certificate in Communication

Social person

10 plus years of experience

Like learning

Proficient in oral and written communication

SWOT Analysis Homework Help

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Can speak several languages     


Carrying clients' burdens as if they are yours and affecting your performance

Been less active on social media

Lack of social media presence for the business                                                                  


More mental health awareness in the society

Different platforms for supporting virtual counseling services

Expand counseling services to reach the global audience

Develop an official website, YouTube channel, and Instagram to reach out to potential clients


People trust social media and end up getting the wrong solutions

Lack of confidence to approach a counselor

Failure to accept their mental health diagnosis, just like any other health condition

Well-established consultants offering virtual services

You can learn more insights in this article on personal SWOT analysis.

2. Business SWOT Analysis

Business SWOT evaluation focuses on the products and services of a company. The business analysis has the same components as the personal one but is carried out differently. So, how do you identify a business's positive and negative elements? As a management team, you identify your business's internal and external factors in the following ways:

Internal Factors

These factors include the resources and experiences that a company goes through. As earlier stated, the internal factors include the strengths and weaknesses, which include:

  • Human resources are the people who work directly or indirectly with the company. They include staff, management, and the target population
  • Physical resources – they include location, building, and equipment
  • Financial -they may be grants or other sources of income
  • Activities and processes – systems employed, programs
  • Past experiences – like the reputation in the community

External Factors

They are positive (opportunities) and negative (threats). The opportunities are some important reasons that are likely to propel your business, while the threats are factors beyond your control that put the business at risk. However, the threats may be a benefit if you can foresee them and have contingency plans in place.


  • Positive perception of the company
  • A gap in the market
  • Positive changes in the market/ market growth


  • Potential competitors
  • Unfavorable trends in the market
  • Government regulations
  • A shift in consumer behavior
  • New technology for making products

Example of business SWOT analysis:


  • We have more knowledge of epidemic management, ICU, and HDU care. Again our medical professionals are very skilled in maternal and primary healthcare.
  • We have a loyal clientele
  • We have been located in the area for years, and thus we don't lose our clients


  • Our competitors have modern diagnostic machines
  • Some of their services have low rates


  • We target the aged for physiotherapy services which most competitors don't offer
  • We got a new supplier of digital machines at affordable rates thus we will lower our prices to attract more clients


  • Sometimes our clients think we are expensive yet we have to cater for hired machines that were are using currently hence the high fee
  • There is a new home for the aged center that opened in the neighborhood, and it offers free therapy sessions once a month

How Do You Carry Out An Assignment on the SWOT Analysis of a Company?

A SWOT analysis is about data, facts, and reality. For this report to be effective, it should be very genuine and positively impact the business. Even if the threats are more, at least an organization will plan on how to handle the future scenario.

Therefore, use all the resources available to gather facts about the business; for instance, you use its website. Next, analyze the information, and present it to the management. Below are steps that will help you examine all four components of a SWOT analysis:

1. Identify your objective

Before doing this analysis, have an objective you want to achieve. You may have a broader intention, but it is better when you can pinpoint a specific one. Determining an objective helps your analysis to be effective.  

To understand the business, you can answer the following questions:

  • What is your business about?
  • What are the products or services that you deal with?
  • Why are you doing a SWOT analysis?
  • Who are your loyal clients?
  • How will you use this research to better your entity?

2. Choose a group leader

Identify a team member who can facilitate a group, project, or activity. It should be someone with great listening, writing, and organization skills. This leader will be in charge of the team doing research and guiding them on where to gather information.

3. Collect information

Now that you know why you are conducting the analysis, it's a moment to start the research. Allocate duties to the members and let them start collecting available data. Focus on market surveys and customer behavior studies. The team should cite the sources of information to avoid intellectual theft. Factors like customer preferences, purchasing trends, and demand patterns will shape the marketing strategy and help you identify opportunities and risks.

4. Data analysis and sorting information

Arrange the information gathered in a way that gives insights. Use the SWOT formula to group the data in a checklist of strengths, opportunities, threats, or weaknesses. After grouping all the features under the above components, it's time to do a risk analysis.

Determine the risks or losses the business will likely face in the foreseeable future. So, ensure you understand the market trends to make at least a good prediction of the future. However, remember this assessment may not be 100% accurate.

5. Draft a report

After gathering all the information about the product, and market trends, you should prepare a report. The report should have an introduction, body, and conclusion. In the introduction, give details about the product and brand. Let your reader learn more about your business.

In the body, list the weakness, strengths, opportunities, and threats. Under this section, you can use infographics and charts to present this data in an organized format. In conclusion, focus on the business strengths and opportunities.

6. Make a presentation

Present this report to the stakeholders for discussion. Ensure you prepare well and check the accuracy of the information for effective planning.

You should follow those steps to present a quality SWOT analysis report. Again, apply the tips discussed in the analytical essay writing help article. Can you handle it yourself? If not, seek our SWOT analysis homework help.

What are the Limitations of a SWOT Analysis?

Certain limitations of SWOT analysis are out of the control of the management:

  • High prices
  • Government legislation
  • Search for new markets for a product having oversea import restrictions
  • Insufficient research facilities
  • Lack of skilled and efficient labor
  • Products losing value due to poor quality control

Best Tips for SWOT Analysis

  • Choose the best team for carrying the task – honest and willing to research
  • Take note of all your thoughts and ideas
  • Be flexible to change any plans or thoughts
  • Choose a suitable SWOT leader or facilitator for the team
  • Avoid losing sight of external influences
  • Don't just list the errors and mistakes

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Can Do SWOT Analysis?

A SWOT analysis is necessary when:

  • You have been assigned to a new role or job at the workplace – which helps you assess yourself and plan for career growth
  • When you are evaluating your performance – you can compare yourself against peers or competitors
  • A business ventures into a new product or service
  • Starting a new year with fresh plans or targets
  • A business entity fails to achieve its revenue, costs, and expenses
  • The business operating environment is unfavorable

You don't have to burn the midnight oil for an urgent assignment. Save your peace of mind and trust our team for credible SWOT analysis homework help.

How Do You Get SWOT Analysis Homework Help?

Let us do your assignment of SWOT analysis by visiting our site:

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Can You Do My Personal SWOT Analysis Assignment pdf?

Yes, we can handle any SWOT analysis questions and provide the report in any format. Our writers have hands-on skills in curating quality and customized reports for your business. You don't have to worry about the required kind of analysis; we also offer pestle analysis help, and we have a guide on writing PESTLE analysis. Therefore, engage us in your project and enjoy amazing writing services.

In a Nut Shell

A SWOT analysis is a simple, elaborate way of assessing positive and negative impacts on an organization or an individual. The SWOT acronym stands for strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. All four elements include the external and internal forces within your business.

It's very necessary to carry out a SWOT analysis to help make strategic plans and decisions. Are you planning on launching a new product for your business, or do you have an assignment for SWOT analysis? Don't panic; our team will sort you out. Place an order for our meticulous SWOT analysis homework help.

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