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What Do You Understand by the Term Inquisitive?

According to Britannica Dictionary, it defines inquisitive in two ways. The first definition is "tending to ask questions with a desire to learn or know more." This explanation is the most appropriate for our discussion. Instructors apply this inquisitive learning method to weigh how much the students know about a certain topic or subject.

So, what's the Inquizitive Tool?

Inquisitive is an online adaptive learning tool used in educational institutions. The tool allows students to master their foundational knowledge in a fun way. The app combines interactive questions with game-like features to engage the students. Through the quizzes, students gauge how much or little they know about a topic. Therefore, instructors most often assign inquisitive quizzes to students to help them master the skills and knowledge needed for a specific topic, referred to as adaptive quizzing.

What is Norton Inquisitive?

Let's understand the meaning of Norton Inquisitive by defining each separately. Norton is a company(W.W. Norton &  Company), an independent publisher since 1923. The company publishes books that educate and inspires people. With around three departments, it publishes 400 books annually. So, the Norton Inquisitive aids learning and gives access to Norton eBooks as resource materials (incorporates ebooks).

If you use this app and require Norton Inquisitive answers, hire us to help you.

How to Access Norton Inquisitive?

There are three ways in which users can access this app.

  • Using an Inquisitive access code – you get this access code for free when you purchase selective Norton textbooks. So, for this method, you should consult the company and order a textbook that contains the code.
  • Purchase online - you can purchase access to the app online
  • Register through trial access – you can access the app for the 21-day trial process. When the 21 days expire, you should enter a registration code or purchase one online.

You can use this app on any device, like computers, tablets, or smartphones since the platform is user friendly while integrating with Norton learning tools like eBooks.

Why Do Students Like Inquisitive?

Students like Inquisitive due to its grading method. On this platform, you can gain or lose points based on how you answer the question. In addition, you can weigh how much you know about a subject by answering the question. Again, it gives you confidence that you have an idea about a concept. So, this app is friendly to students, unlike other programs, where you only have a choice of a correct or wrong answer.

Inquisitive allows students to keep practicing the questions until they achieve the desired points. Another advantage of the platform is that it gives a clear explanation of the correct answer even if you got it right, which helps the students to learn more.

Other benefits of the app are as follows;

    1. Adaptive­­- the app makes the questions harder as the students keep progressing. Also, if the students get the questions wrong, the quizzes get easier. So, with this technique, the app helps the students improve on the subject.
    2. Active - you get to interact with the questions in many ways as you attempt to answer.
    3. Formative - this tool always explains why an answer is wrong or correct.
    4. Gamification - the app uses game-like elements to engage the students and motivate them. For instance, the wagering of points using the slider, the visual design, bonus points that the students receive for answering questions correctly in a row, one can take a break and solve a puzzle game, and more.

Through this mode of inquisitive learning, the platform motivates the students to grasp more and improve their memory skills. So, if you need our Norton inquisitive answers, don't hesitate to contact us. We will save you time instead of searching for the "Norton Inquizitive answers quizlet."

Inquizitive Answers

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How Does Inquisitive Work?

Inquisitive helps you practice your academic knowledge and excel in your course. This app works as follows;

  1. You answer the questions and receive feedback. You get points for all correct answers and lose for wrong Inquizitive answers. So instructors ensure students come prepared to handle different quizzes.
  2. You can add the questions points depending on how you feel confident about the question. You increase your progress on the activity when you get the questions correct with a high confidence level.
  3. If you aren't familiar with or sure about the question, the app has Norton eBooks and other resources you can use.
  4. You can leave the quizlet anytime, and the app will save your work automatically.

How Do You Score Maximum Points on Inquizitive?

You must answer a certain number of questions in the activity to get a grade and achieve 100 the target score. This app has a confidence slider feature that you should use to earn 100% on every Quizlet. In every activity, you will see the number of questions you should answer to get a grade under the current grade box

So, What's a Confidence Slide? How Do You Use It?

The confidence slider is an icon in Inquizitive that helps you earn additional points on every question. Find this slider to the right of your platform on a computer or at the bottom for a smartphone. A point to note, when you raise your confidence level on a question, the points you will gain or lose also increases.

When using the slider, you should slide the ball to adjust your confidence level. If you have no idea, you can use the keys below or on your computer to type the lowest confidence level. However, if you can answer the question correctly, type the highest confidence level.

The app will increase your points when you answer the question correctly on the first attempt. But, if you get the answer wrong on the first attempt, you will increase the points you lose. If you find yourself at a crossroads, it's best to consider our services when doing an activity. Don't keep searching for "Inquizitive answers history"; instead, place an order with us for accurate Inquizitiveanswers on the first attempt.

The system works on three levels. So on the second question attempt, you will regain half the points if you answer correctly. In all three levels, you will accumulate a certain number of points. Your points won't fall below the threshold if you achieve them by 2nd or 3rd level.

That's how the confidence slider works to raise your points and boost your chances of earning a 100% target score - there are more details on using the confidence slider in this article.

How Do I Purchase Access If I Have Norton Account?

 If you have an account on the book's website, follow these procedures to purchase your Inquizitive access code.

  • Log in to the account of the book's website and find the student menu on the top left.
  • Click Shop textbooks, and choose which one you need, either high school or college.
  • You should select the book's title from a list on the left side of the page. You can also use the search bar next to the account icon.
  • Choose the book title from the list search given.
  • Locate and click view all options by scrolling down. Click it and find Norton Learning Tools Page.
  • Click sign in, register a code, or purchase access and enter your email address and password. Remember these are the credentials that you use to create the
  • Choose the option, "I want to purchase from the menu."
  • Enter your details on the blank fields, and click continue till you finish the purchasing process.

How Do I Get My eBook Pages to Load?

In case you are having trouble loading your eBook pages, below are clear steps that you can follow;

  • Use one of the navigation arrows to try to load a new page.
  • When the new page loads, go back to the previous or original page; it should be easy to load now.
  • If the issue is unresolved, you should update your URL in the browser by adding"?si=0" without quotation marks and pressing enter.
  • If it still fails to load after updating the URL, consider logging out of the Norton Learning Tool. Later, clear the browser history in the settings.
  • Follow the above procedures and try them several times. If all the trials fail, then you should visit the Norton service desk website and submit a request.

I Purchased an Inquisitive Access Code, But I Can't Access the eBook. What Should I Do?

If you purchased access to inquisitive but can't access the eBook, you should upgrade the purchase.

  • Login to your Norton Learning Tool page with the correct credentials.
  • Click on purchase options at the top right corner below the account icon.
  • Choose "upgrade purchase" for the eBook.
  • Enter the credit information on the field and confirm your purchase.
  • After this upgrade, you should now access your eBook.

Frequently Asked Questions?

Can I Get Inquizitive Answers for Free

No, you can't, but our answers are very pocket friendly. We save you time by doing Inquzitive activity and at the same time increase your chances of better scores. So instead of spending two hours or more on an activity, let our experts save you the hassle. We will deliver accurate inquisitive answers if you place an order with us.

Can I Always Get 100% on Inquisitive?

Yes, it's possible to get 100 on the Inquizitive activity. In all your assignments, ensure you answer the minimum number of questions to get a grade. Additionally, you need to reach a certain threshold of points or target score to get 100%.

However, you can modify the number of questions you will answer and target score at any time. To always ensure you get 100% in your assignments and save time for other class activities, always hire our inquisitive answers to help. Don't waste your time searching anymore for Inquizitive answers to psychology online.

How Do I Join a Student Set on Inquizitive?

Joining a student set is an easy procedure. If your LMS has integrated Inquizitive, you don't require a student ID number to join. Your course grades will autonomically reflect on your instructor's platform.

However, for this platform alone, use this procedure.

  • Find the gear icon on the platform, and add yourself to the student set from the menu.
  • Enter your ID number in the field and click Ok
  • The procedure is successful, and you will see a message that you are a member of a certain student set.

Can I Skip Questions on Inquizitive?

No, you can't skip a question you don't know in this app. Instead, the platform gives hints to help you think and try another attempt until you get it right. The hint explains why your response is correct or wrong. So, for a wrong answer, you get to learn and improve your odds of getting it right in another trial.

Can You Use a Screen Reader on Inquizitive?

Yes, you can use a screen reader on this app. In addition, the app offers various features for users, making it user-friendly. These features are screen-reader accessibility, a full keyboard, and multi-modal feedback.


Inquizitive tool has been of great help in motivating students in various ways of learning. Whether an institution uses it as a stand-alone or integrated with other LMS, they still reap great benefits. In addition, some have witnessed a major boost in the departments for low-performing students. Therefore, it's best to consider the guidelines in this Inquisitive Answer article to learn how to use the tool effectively. If you encounter challenges while using or you're searching for Inquizitive answers in chapters 1,2, and 3, then we are at your service. Contact our professional tutors, and they will assist you. Place your inquizitive questions and we will provide the accurate answers you need to excel.

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