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Blackboard Answers

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What is Blackboard?

Blackboard is an online course-management platform that helps education institutions conduct online classes or supplement face-face learning with course materials. This system provides an interface for instructors to upload learning materials( course content and modules), act as discussion boards, virtual chat, offer online tests and more.

The learning systems have been of great help, especially during the covid 19 period. Blackboard has been one of them, helping students learn and still interact with their instructors remotely. This article explains why more students use the blackboard platform.

So basically, this application helps in teaching, learning, community building, and sharing knowledge. Additionally, the tool helps in submitting assignments and grading students' work. The blackboard app helps all education levels from k-12, higher learning institutions, and adult learning.

What are the Features of Blackboard?

According to Fieger, technology's rise has revolutionized education and made learning easy and accessible. For example, the blackboard platform can replace face-to-face, blended, or even supplemental for classroom learning. So, if you are too busy to handle your blended learning on the blackboard, hire us to do your blackboard assignment.

Some of the features that you will encounter on blackboard include;

  • Assessment and evaluations - entails the following icons, right or wrong answer, summary at the end of the question, and automatic reminders.
  • Performance support–for video, directly through LCMS and a topic
  • Classroom training management – you can enroll and register for a course and search for the course catalog
  • E-learning feature - allows third-party support for learning solutions
  • Custom content publishing – one can create, modify, and manage new templates, view the type of content assigned to users and prerequisites, and view or edit users.
  • Virtual classroom – supports more than one voice at a time. One can schedule sessions and can support videos
  • Course content feature –has the following actions import, export, move, delete, relate, contain, and status update. It supports metadata elements and TIFF file format. Again, it provides security and authentication for users.
  • Communication and collaboration–you can communicate with your mentors or experts via email.
  • Blended learning–can support streaming videos and audio, instant messages, and shared whiteboards.
  • Competency and performance management – the platform helps track and manage regulatory compliance certifications

Blackboard for Students

Blackboard is a free app for students; you can access it on Apple and Android devices. As a student, you can log in to the app as follows;

  • Using your device, access the Appstore and search for the blackboard app. Then, download and install it on your device.
  • Open the app and search for your school by entering its full name to check if your access is enabled.
  • If you fail to find the school after several modifications, you should contact the school's IT help desk.
  • After school's search, log into the blackboard learn account with your username and password.

Which are the Various Modes of Logging in to the Blackboard App?

There are two modes you can use to access your app, and they include.

  • Touch ID - blackboard supports Touch ID; thus, you can use your fingerprint to access the app. First, log in to the account with a username and password to enable the fingerprint option. Next, find settings from the menu and tap the touch id, and it's successful.
  • Face ID – this feature is only active on IOS. First, ensure you log in to the app to access this feature. Then, find the settings and tap the face ID to activate it.

For these two methods, when you login to the app, you will always receive a prompt of whether to use "touch or face ID," depending on what you have set. So, you should select continue to use your preferred mode of logging. Always contact us if you encounter any challenges while changing the settings. We will help you access your blackboard tests and provide correct blackboard answers.

Which Type of Questions Can You Find on Blackboard?

This article has expounded on several types of questions that you can encounter in your blackboard assignment, and they include;

Blackboard Answers

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  1. Calculated formula questions –here, you should calculate and give a number as your blackboard answer. The system grades these types of questions automatically.
  2. Calculated Numeric - this example requires a numeric answer, but you don't need the formula to get a blackboard quiz answer. Again, the system grades these questions automatically. For instance, "How many body parts does a crustacean have?" This question requires you to answer as'3' and not in "three."
  3. Either/or - these are questions with answers you can choose from, such as true/false and yes/ no. They are easy to grade and done automatically.
  4. Essay – questions that need you to type answers on the chatbot. Grading for essays is manual.
  5. Filling black spaces - the questions can have multiple or single blank spaces in statements. Therefore, you must fill in the correct answers, either multiple or single.
  6. Hotspot – these questions provide an image, and you should select a certain area as the answer.
  7. Matching - these questions require you to pair the answers.
  8. File response –these questions require you to upload content or a file from your device. They mostly have a higher word count; hence they follow this procedure. You can access these questions earlier, have time to do them, and submit them later.
  9. Multiple answers – you get a list of answers to choose from, especially when a question has more than one correct answer.
  10. Multiple choice - only one answer is correct in a list.
  11. Opinion scale – mostly weighs your reaction towards a certain issue. The answers to these questions are agree, disagree, and strongly agree.
  12. Quiz bowl –You have answers in the system and should phrase the questions.
  13. Short answer - it's almost the same as an essay question since you type the answer in the chatbot—however, the number of rows given limits your explanation.

That's the list of questions you should expect in your blackboard homework. Do your research thoroughly before taking a test or exam. If you get stuck, we are always here for you. Consider hiring our blackboard homework helpers.                                                                                                 

Are Blackboard Answers Automatically Saved?

Blackboard does not always save answers when doing your tests. So, it's advisable to click the "save answer "icon once every 15 minutes when doing long tests. This practice helps to save your answers in case of a technical error and prevents your session from timing out.

But the platform will save the answers automatically if you are handling multiple-choice questions. To ensure you take and submit your tests correctly on the platform, consider learning blackboard test-taking tips.

How Do You Get Answers on Blackboard Quizzes 2022?

Follow this procedure for you to find the answers in the system;

  • Right-click on the inspect element or press the command and options button on your mac or F12 on pc.
  • Under the inspect element options, you can change the answer's presentation.

Nevertheless,  you can only view answers using the element feature after a test submission. When you click the inspect element tool, the answers are in a code format during the quiz.

Are Blackboard Exams Proctored?

Some institutions will proctor blackboard exams for integrity by using lockdown browsers and honorlock. However, not all tests require remote proctoring. Therefore, if you are going to take a proctored exam with either tool, you should configure your browser accordingly before the test.

How Can You View Test Results and Feedback on Blackboard?

As discussed in this blackboard answers guide, the platform automatically grades some tests or questions. Others, like the file response, may sometimes require time for review and be graded manually. Depending on the options set by the instructor, you can view your results or only the incorrect answers given to the questions. Therefore, if you need to review the quizzes results, use this procedure;

  • Find my "grade area icon" on the platform
  • Check the test that you need to review the results
  • Open the test's title to access the "view attempt page."
  • Click on "calculated grade" to see your exam attempt. The exam and the results should display.

Frequently Asked Questions

I Have Been Kicked Out of My Exam, What Could Have Happened?

If you experience a technical error during an exam, it's always best to inform your instructor immediately. If you delay, this won't be good for you, and you might miss the exam when time elapses. You may experience the issue due to;

  • Poor internet connection
  • Browser inactivity
  • Browser refreshed

To prevent this problem, ensure you;

  • Don't refresh the browser
  • Don't close the browser window
  • Don't click the browser's back button
  • Work offline like on a word to avoid losing your answers

Can Blackboard See if I Cheat?

Yes, blackboard can detect if you plagiarize your work using a safe assign plagiarism tool. However, it's only limited to copying and not opening other tabs. Accessing other tabs can only be detected if the platform has a Respondus monitor.

Who Can Do My Blackboard Homework?

We are just a click away if you are wondering who can do your blackboard assignment. As a company, we offer blackboard help with tests and homework. We have a team of experts that leaves no stone unturned until they deliver correct and timely blackboard help. So hire our services and enjoy our accurate blackboard quiz answers.

I Need Materials for Revision. Can I Access Courses from the Previous Semester?

No, you can't access previous course materials on this platform. But, suppose you need these previous course resources for revision; in that case, you should request the instructor to help you. However, it's best to create a backup for your assignments and course materials on cloud software or external hard drives for your safety. But, if you can't find help and need materials for revision, kindly contact us. Our trusted tutors will help you do your revision and pass exams.

Can I Start a Test and Resume Taking it Later?

Yes, you can resume a test if it's not allocated time. So, always read the instructions on the launch page for each test to understand the terms of the quiz. If taking a timed test, the countdown starts when you open the test and continues even when you close the browser window. You will face a penalty if you resume the test after the time expires. Therefore, always check the time settings before you start the test to confirm the time you have to answer the questions.

Where Can I Find  Blackboard Answers for my Homework?

Most students search for this question when stuck on their blackboard homework. If you are among them, then we have a solution for you. We offer blackboard help on all types of questions offered by your instructor. Even for proctored exams, we will guide you on revising with practical and tested tips to make you excel. Therefore, you don't have to worry because we have all the blackboard answers. Hire our services today for better grades in your exams. 


The blackboard platform has been a game changer in the education system. This app has helped institutions offer face-to-face, blended, and fully online courses for all students. Instructors can upload course materials for revision and videos, and this helps improve learning. Again, students take exams online and submit homework.

If you are learning to use blackboard in your course and require some help, don't hesitate to reach out to us. We offer quality blackboard test answers.

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