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Edmentum Answers

Are you searching for a platform to quench your thirst for knowledge? Edmentum is one of the best online schools you should consider. Do you need Edmentum answers? Well, we have all solutions for you. We have a team of professional certified tutors in all levels of education, high school diploma, pre-college, and college and career readiness experts. 

Our team is well conversant with the Edmentum curriculum. We offer instant, credible, affordable, and personalized solutions. We develop easy-to-follow tutorials, and revision notes, do writing assignments, and offer Edmentum answers hack. So, grab this opportunity now and place an order for Edementum solutions.

Learn more about the site features, its benefits, how to handle assignments, and frequently asked questions.

What is Edmentum?

Edmentum Courseware is also known as Plato and has significantly expanded to acquire other sites such as Educational Options and Archipelago learning.  This merge has helped Edmentum create solutions such as EdOptions Academy and Study Island. All these products fall under one unified roof called Edmentum, the best international virtual school.

Edmentum is an online academy that offers K-12 curricula, assessments, and other learning services to many educational institutions. This platform has partnered with the best-certified educators to create and provide personalized, comprehensible, standardized instructions or tutorials. So, you can find the course of your choice on Edmentum, credit recovery, career development, languages, etc.

This online school helps in the following areas:

  • Acquiring credit for the first time
  • Skill remediation and grade-level proficiency
  • Elementary Curriculum
  • Career and technical courses
  • Credit recovery
  • English language learners
  • Tutoring
  • Early literacy

What Does the Edmentum Learning Entail?

This site offers courses divided into various units and lessons.  A unit includes a pretest, online discussion, practice, unit activities, and unit posttest. There is also a learning module, which includes tutorials, activities, practice, and mastery tests. Finally, an assessment checks your understanding or mastery of the concept. Assessments include mastery tests, unit pretests, course and unit activities, and the end of the semester.

Which Subjects Does Edmentum Offer?

The following are some of the subjects offered on this site:

  • Plato math
  • English language arts
  • Social studies
  • Science
  • Health and PE (physical education)
  • College and career readiness
  • ELL (English language learner) foundations
  • Higher Ed 
  • Economics
  • Music
  • Plato algebra
  • Civics
  • Biology
  • Plato Chemistry
  • Earth and space science
  • Plato physics
  • Plato geometry

There are hundreds of subjects on Edmentum, so choose yours today and place an order for our plato physics answers.

What is the Curriculum and Grading System in the Virtual System?

There are various curriculum systems that Edmentum offers and products. Let’s first highlight the products:

  • Courseware - handles secondary curriculum, credit recovery, and college and career readiness courses. Offers career and technical education (CTE) programs.
  • Apex courses – secondary credit-bearing core and elective courses.
  • Calvert learning – has an elementary project-based curriculum. It handles research-based for grades K-5.
  • EdOptions academy – K-12 online instruction services
  • Reading eggs – phonics, reading, and comprehension

Edmentum offers two main types of curricula. The main aim of this learning is to promote critical thinking and mastery learning for students. The curriculums are as follows:

  • K-5 Curricula – it’s offered through Calvert learning and the Edmentum’s K-5.  This system engages students using a project-based learning framework.  The subjects available under this system are art, PE, and health.
  • 6-12 Curricula - products offering this system are Courseware and Edmentum. They offer standard-based courses that are built using research-based techniques. The courses cover core subjects, advanced electives, career technical Education (CTE), and world languages. This curriculum offers all the courses a student requires up to career level. 

So, do you want to pursue a high school diploma and continue with your work? Then, this platform is the answer for you. Enroll for the diploma and let us help you with Edmentum answers. You can also check out how to pass your online courses from this article.

Grading and Assessment

The grading on the Edmentum platform has the following assessments:

Edmentum Answers

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  • Module – online instruction tutorials which are formative – 50%
  • Writing assessments- they include discussion and summative  - 15%
  •  Course Activity – summative – 10%
  • Post unit test – summative – 25%

If you enroll for a course with all those assessments, then you will be tested and graded.  If a course doesn’t have a course activity, then the discussion is 25%. This international virtual school applies these three modes of assessment: summative and formative.

A summative assessment measures the content you have learned at the end of the unit, while a formative track how much you have learned during the study. Therefore, summative examples are like final reports and final presentations, while formative are homework assignments. 

Our writers understand all these forms of assessments and are ready to help you. Therefore place an order for our Edmentum answers key.

What are the Benefits of Edmentum to Students?

If you want to enroll in courses on this platform, you have made the right move. You will enjoy the following benefits:

  1. Personalized learning – you get an opportunity to receive instructions or learn at your pace. Therefore, you can determine when or how to learn without pressure. Again, you can even choose what to concentrate on where you have knowledge gaps.
  2. Self-monitoringthe virtual school has features like instant feedback for learners. When taking assignments and tests, you get a response on why your answer is wrong or correct. Again there are also mastery tests that grade you automatically after submission. So, plan when to retake a unit, revise more or even move to the next module.
  3. Multi-modal learning – this offers every student a chance to access education regardless of their learning challenges. The courses integrate rich media technology for students that need visuals, detailed explanations, or audio instructions. 

Other Benefits

  • Access to nationally accredited courses
  • Best guides and tutorials from certified teachers
  • Combination of summative and formative assessment methods. For instance, the pre-test helps students to skip the courses
  • Use a friendly dashboard that helps learners to monitor their progress
  • A text-to-speech feature that helps students listen to the lesson

Best Assignment Tips to Apply to Get Correct Edmentum Answers

Consider applying the following tips while doing your assignments for accurate plato test answers.

1. Understand the task instructions

 It’s easy saying, read and understand the instructions, but sometimes students don’t.  Failure to follow the guidelines will lead to a wrong answer because you will compose your question.  So, as the first thing, ensure all the guidelines are clear. This is one of the easiest Edmentum answers hack that will help ace your homework and achieve better grades.

2. Have a schedule for your homework

You may be busy the whole day with lessons, a job, and other life activities. But it’s always best to allocate time for your homework. Your assignment may be comprehensive, and you may pause and wait until you have a whole day, but this may not work.

 The best technique is allocating the little time you have each day, like 1 hour or 30 minutes, and doing the work in bits.  Within no time, you will have finished the work and submitted it before the deadline. However, if you can’t hit the deadline why not buy university assignments from us?

3. Research thoroughly

You should gather knowledge about the subject to write facts. Ensure you do enough research online on credible sites, use the recommended learning materials, or even your class notes.  Conducting the research helps you learn more details on the subject.

4. Prepare an Outline

List all the main ideas you will discuss in the assignment. Add the thoughts or ideas that flow in your mind when you read the question.  These key points should cover the definition, topics, subtopics, examples, and other important details that should mention. 

5. Write your homework

Start writing your assignment as you follow the outline format in the instructions.  Be sure to include the key points outlined and dwell on the facts. Where possible, ensure you and examples for better understanding.  Again, ensure you answer the question fully.

6. Proofread your work

Take some time off after writing the homework to ensure you refresh. This tactic helps you proofread the draft with fresh eyes, thus easy to spot errors. Read the document severally as you make corrections and then submit.  

We apply all these strategies in handling our client’s plato quiz questions and answers.  So, it’s best to try them out for the best platoweb answers.  However, we are always here when you need our education assignment writing services.

Where Do You Get Edmentum Answers?

The following are some of the sources you can use to find the Edmentum solutions:

  • Supplemental learning materials – research from the extra learning materials that you have like textbooks and revision notes
  • Khan academy – provides free online learning materials for various courses and subjects. So you can get great answer keys here to help handle the tests and exams.  
  • Online search – Google, Yahoo answers, Chegg, and Quora; provide hints on how to handle the questions
  • AskMeFi – a site with impressive questions and answers. You ask questions on any subject and get answers from those visiting the site.
  • LinkedIn – it’s a credible site where you can get answers. People use this site to build their reputations as experts in a particular subject.
  • Our tutors – even after trying the above sources, sometimes you may not get what you want. So, it’s best to consider hiring our tutors, who will provide quality and instant plato course answers

How Do You Get Edmentum Answers on Our Site?

Do you need easy-to-follow and thoroughly researched solutions? We have them all ready for you on any subject and academic level. Follow the steps below to acquire them:

  • Sign in to our platform in a few easy steps.
  • Fill in the request form on the order page. Ensure your instructions are clear so our writers can deliver highly customized work for you.
  • Make the payment; we have various payment options, so choose what fits you
  • Wait for delivery and download the answers from the site

Our help is: timely, reasonably priced, hassle-free, plagiarism free, professional from the best-qualified team, and accessible. Therefore, don’t hesitate to seek our assistance for plato answer key.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Edmentum Accredited?

This online course is fully accredited, and its courses are recognized. So, if you need to acquire a high school diploma through a flexible learning option, consider them. We will also help you with Edmentum answers.

How Long Will I Take to Finish Edementum Courses?

As a student, you should take 18 weeks to complete a course on Edementum for a semester. However, other longer courses like diplomas can take four years. This period includes learning up to the school graduation stage.

How Much Does it Cost to Use Edmentum?

If you plan to pursue the high school diploma on Edementum, prepare for the following payment option:

  • You can pay for six months at $179 in one payment and $ 99.50 for two monthly installments.
  • For one year, you require $299 as one payment or $159.50 as two monthly installments
  • A single course for $129 or $74.50 in two monthly installments

Is Edmentum Self-Paced?

Yes, the curriculum on Edmentum is self-paced. You can study at your pace until you achieve the target. Therefore, the platform offers flexibility for anyone working or attending to other personal duties.

 Can I Retake A Quiz on Edmentum?

Yes, it’s possible to retake a quiz on this learning site. A student can retake the end-of-semester test once, regardless of the score attained. So, if you need a retake, request the administration as soon as possible, and they will make arrangements.

Does Edmentum Know When I Cheat?

If you cheat during a proctored exam, the program will detect it. It’s not easy to monitor students as they do their exams online, though it’s the site's mandate to ensure students maintain academic integrity. Therefore, the platform maintains integrity through proctoring.

In Conclusion,

Education is here to stay, you will never stop learning. You may have finished your high school diploma and college, but that doesn’t mean you know everything. If you need to learn a new language or an extra skill for your career, check out Edmentum. 

 Follow those assignment hacks that will help you perform in your course. If you encounter any challenges or need assistance in your coursework, place an order for Edmentum answers.

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