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What is Socrative?

Socrative is a cloud-based assessment tool ideal for businesses and educational institutions. The instructors or teachers use the tool to administer tests to their learners and grade automatically and check student response. This tool thus helps teachers to assess their learner's progress easily and save time for marking and assessing student understanding of the topic.

It makes work easy for instructors to teach and make an analysis of their student's performance and visualize student progress and performance. Feedback and marking are almost instant, which saves time for teachers. This platform aims to support remote learning in a paper-free classroom

How Does Socrative Quiz Work?

This tool is available on almost all iOS, Android, and Windows devices. Moreover, you can access the tool on web browsers, so you don't require to download it. Therefore, it's easy for students to access this tool for free on any device, including their smartphones, laptops, tablets, and desktops. Hence, it's convenient for students to access the platform and do their quizzes.

Student Socrative app can save students' results, thus the best measure of progress. In addition, one can see questions and respective correct answers across the class, and the teachers can identify the areas that require more attention.

So, how do you access the platform? First, teachers can create a free account to get a free public room. This room is a virtual meeting place for teachers and students to engage. However, the public room can't accommodate a class register, so teachers can't track class activity. On that note, for teachers to track students' activity in this free room, they should enter the room's name followed by their name. Each room has its unique room number. 

For students, there is no need to create a Socrative account. Instead, teachers should invite their students into the room to access a quiz or test, the space race, or an exit ticket.

What are the Features of the "Socrative App"?

People mostly search for the Socrative app on Google to register and start accessing the platform. The app has many features that make it user-friendly for teachers and students. These features include;

  • Space race- it's a mode that helps teachers time the quiz. The student can thus give answers in a timed quiz which is a way of promoting quick performance and participation in class.
  • Freedom to create quizzes - this feature allows teachers to create multiple questions and their answers, promoting healthy competition in class and even fostering debate later. If you are struggling with your multiple tests, let our experts help you get answers to Socrative multiple questions.
  • Exit mode - it's useful for standard aligned questions. It's best to apply this mode when testing almost at the end of the lesson. This mode makes the students concentrate in class and demonstrate mastery of the content.
  • 'Are you sure prompt'- helps the students take their time while giving Socrative test answers.
  • Room for different activities- teachers can use this platform for different tasks: launch a quiz, receive exit tickets, and ask a quick question for instant answers.
  • Interactive quizzes – teachers can design and edit various tests for their students and save them in their accounts. Users can still design multiple choice, short answer questions, or true and false kinds of quizzes. Teachers can also form personalized libraries for their specific classes.
  • Customizable reporting –this platform can help teachers review each student's results, whole class performance, and question level. Teachers can access the results report saved in their accounts. In addition, they can download and share the results anytime through Google Drive. Do you feel proud when given a commendable report? Don't waste this chance; contact us for quality answers.
  • Private/public virtual Rooms – Socrative teacher platform helps them create virtual rooms for their students to join. Teachers can engage with their learners virtually by sharing a unique code.
  • Attendance tracking of your students in class

Benefits of Using Student Socrative App

This formative assessment tool has many advantages for both teachers and learners. The benefits provide advancement in the learning system, especially through remote training.

  • This tool provides a learning platform that makes learning easy in whatever content the teachers and students share. Thus, it means Socrative doesn't provide any content, so the teachers have the freedom to share on any subject. In addition, teachers can create quizzes in advance and later reuse them in the future.
  • Track learning–teachers can use this platform to access the class, not just those responding. From the response, the teacher can know how to handle the rest of the lesson if the class or maybe just a few students get it right.
  • Social interaction–through the tool lacks opportunities for social interaction, a feature like space race makes the class collaborate. Again, there are options for quizzes done in pairs or groups, thus bringing the spirit of interaction in class and teamwork.
  • Active participation of quiet learners – Socrative helps all learners to engage in class quizzes, especially at the end of the lesson. Unlike regular classes, all students have a chance to respond to the quiz and submit it to the teacher.
  • It makes teaching and assessment easy – teachers have to give assignments and mark books in the traditional classroom. But, through Socrative, the issuing of quizzes as homework or assessment is paperless, and the grading is automatic. This platform gives the teacher more time to prepare the content than waste marking.
  • Virtual learning platform – It helps learners and teachers interact anytime and anywhere. Teachers can thus send the test to their learners even when on holiday and assess them.

How to Use the Socrative

  1. First, teachers should type on their browser to create a free account.
  2. After creating the account, Socrative will send an email notification to establish the account.
  3. Sign in with the correct logins and access the homepage with several options.
  4. To access the tutorial, click the "Getting Started" icon
  5. For creating quizzes, quick questions, the space race, or exit tickets, click on the specific icon you want.
  6. To activate either a quiz, a quick question, a space race, or an exit ticket, click on the icon Launch
  7. To design the room, click on the icon
  8. To review your student and class performance, check the icon Report.

For more details on how to invite your students to the room or add a roster, check out this.

Socrative Answers

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What is Socrative Answer Key?

An answer key is a set of answers that matches a quiz with several questions. This answer key gives a fair idea to the student on how to tackle the question. In addition, an answer key will help you as a student to identify where you made mistakes and make corrections.

The key indicates a correct answer to the question though sometimes the answers are not acceptable. There are instances when an answer key will be displayed, and they include;

  • Tutorial questions – when you skip a step, the answer to the specific step appears before the due date.
  • If your instructor allows, the answers key will be disapplied automatically before the due date. The answers usually appear after a specified number of submissions.
  • If the instructor allows, you might see the View key button after the assignment's due date.

How Do You Find Answers to Socrative?

For users to access the answers, they should use the answer key as follows;

  • Check out the activity/ report that you need to generate. Also, check out the Export button in the top-right corner.
  • The reports menu will display.
  • Select the Socrative answer key pdf; you can choose explanations if you want. However, this feature is present in Socrative Pro.

What services does Socrative support?

This tool offers various services depending on your needs. Teachers and learners in educational institutions can access the following;

  1. True or False Questions
  2. Multiple Choice Questions
  3. Short Response
  4. Visual Data (Bar graphs and short visual responses)
  5. Exit Ticket
  6. Pre-Assessment
  7. Post-Assessment
  8. Create Short Quizzes
  9. Upload Premade Quizzes
  10. Reflection
  11. Collect Background Knowledge
  12. Quick Check for Understanding
  13. Voting on the best responses

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are the Socrative Answers Hacks?

The internet has several answers to Socrative questions, though it's tricky to cheat on Socrative students. The tool has various features that make cheating hard, like random timed questions. In such a case of timed quizzes, you won't have time to cheat on Socrative quizzes answers. So instead of wasting time planning how to cheat, why not buy our answers at an affordable price? Additionally, we still offer tutoring services to prepare you for your quizzes.

So, if you decide to cheat in Socrative using online methods, you can get fake answers. Kindly hire our services to avoid such a scenario and lower your test scores. Our professional team will quickly help you out and give Socrative quizzes help you need.

Can Socrative Detect Cheating?

Nowadays, many courses are offered online to students and the working class. With the growing dependency on the internet for studying, learners may tend to cheat. It's easy to submit simulated results even on Socrative.

Due to rising technology, there is the invention of tools that detect cheating, like a combination of proctoring software, cameras, and IP monitoring. This software works when you log in to a student's computer IP address and videotape to check if they are navigating outside the platform.

Other cheating detecting tools institutions have invented blackboard and canvas. These tools help instructors monitor learners' activity during the tests. These tools can also detect cheating, like opening tabs using IP. Blackboard also uses Respondus monitor and Lockdown Browser.

What is Socrative Formative Assessment?

A Socrative formative assessment is a platform that evaluates students' knowledge as they learn. The tool allows teachers to assess their students' performance in real-time. This technique helps improve content delivery during the learning process as students have to concentrate to answer the questions correctly.

This formative assessment method involves a series of quick-fire questions and exercises for learners' evaluation. Through the Socrative quizzes answers, the teachers can assess whether the students have understood or not.

Where Can I Find Socrative Answers?

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The Socrative platform has been of great help to learning institutions, especially teachers. Instructors can use this platform for formative assessment in class or online learning. Getting these quiz answers can be tricky, especially if you don't understand the content.

We come in to bridge the gap. We are here for you if you are doing your online or class study and you get stuck. Our professional team will help out with thoroughly researched and accurate answers. So order our services today and enjoy amazing test scores.

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