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Why have a headache while writing your personal statement? Instead, seek our personal statement writing service and outstrip your competitors. We understand the pressure one goes through while making any application. Therefore, we offer you the solution by crafting a sensational personal statement that proves your value to the panel.

So, get our personal statement help today and rest assured of your interview. We ensure your statement is unique, factual, and relevant to the application. Send your details and wait for that winning and on-point personal statement.

Keep reading more to learn the meaning of the personal statement, the types, how to write one, the best tips in writing, and frequently asked questions.

What's a personal statement?

A personal statement also called a statement of purpose or autobiographical essay contains fundamental information about you. Students sometimes confuse personal statements with college application essays, but these are two different academic papers: an admission essay focuses on a general topic to test your writing skills.

A personal statement lets the selection board learn who you are, your achievements, and your educational and professional goals. So, you may be required to write a personal statement to join a certain program or change your career.

This article helps clear the controversy in the definition of a personal statement. You will learn what it is and what people imply to be a personal statement.

It's very okay to ask for personal statement help from us. We will craft a personal statement that will showcase who you are. Engage our personal statement writers and get first-class service.

What are the Types of Personal Statements?

A personal statement allows you to sell yourself in any application process, like career development, fellowships, scholarships, etc. So, this document can take two approaches;

  • A general comprehensive personal statement allows you to write all your selling points. It is mostly applied in medical and law school applications.
  • Responsive to specific questions – mostly, business and graduate schools ask specific questions, and you respond with a specific personal statement.

There are several types of personal statements depending on the purpose of the application, and they include;

  • Admission essay / College application essay is a personal statement you write to a college or university as part of the application. You present the application as a written interview where the panel learns about you from the rest of the application sections.

So, you can learn more about the structure and tips for writing an admission essay from the college application guide. If you need a personal statement writing service for a college/admission application essay, reach out to us.

Examples of admission essays include;

    1. Graduate school applications
    2. Business school application
    3. ESL teaching program application
    4. Admission to law school
    5. Medical program/ nursing application
  • Cover letter – serves a similar function as an admission essay in job applications. You use this personal statement along with your resume or CV. The management fully learns you as you explain why you are the best fit for the position.

Just like an admission essay, in a cover letter, you sell yourself to secure a job position. It's the document that the panel uses to eliminate you or choose you from a list of other applicants, so you have to stand out. In a cover letter, you should summarize your experience and skills and why you are the best.

  • Statement of purpose – sometimes, you may require a general personal statement as part of a scholarship application, a nomination for an award, a promotion, or an investment pitch. This statement may be a bit different from the other statements above. So, this general statement should focus on your present and future goals rather than your past and experience.

For any help in any of the above personal statements, consider our best personal statement writing service.

How to Write a Personal Statement

 The personal statement writing process should involve several steps ;

1. Understand the Application Requirements

Get to know the requirements of the application you are making. For example, if it's a study program, its requirements may differ from a scholarship, job promotion, or even job application. So the personal statement's purpose is to present the better part of yourself to the panel and stand out among all the other applicants.

Personal Statement Writing Service

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2. Brainstorm

After analyzing the requirements of your personal statement, it's the best moment to form your ideas or decide on the topic if you have an open prompt. There are several statements you can  use to come up with writing ideas;

    • Who are you? Why apply for the study program or the job? How will this opportunity impact your plans?
    • What are your career goals?
    • Explore the challenges you have experienced in life in line with the application and the lessons learned.
    • What are your passions concerning the job, scholarship, or study program?
    • What skills and strengths do you possess? How will they make you stand out amongst the other candidates?
    • Who are your mentors? How has mentorship improved or changed your life?

As you reflect on these questions, ensure you make notes to have a rough draft of your personal statement.

3. Outline Your Personal Statement

Your personal statement should have an introduction, body, and conclusion for the general comprehensive.


Write a clear introduction that reflects you and your personality. Explain why you are interested in the job or the degree. So, mention that strong point that attracted you to apply for the job or program and hook the reader to your personal statement to keep reading more. If it's a college course application, mention that part of the program aligns with your passions.


Expound on all the relevant skills, interests, and experiences. Give all your details that relate to the job or course you are applying for. You can address the following details in the body;

    • Achievements and experiences - write about your courses, certifications, awards, job experience, and all relevant positions you have held.
    • Relevant Skills and talents – what skills have you learned in your industry or university? Consider mentioning specific skills discussed in the job listing if it's a job position.
    • What will you offer to the organization -explain how you will be an asset to the company or school. For example, mention your eagerness to learn specific skills, perform duties well, or earn credentials in the field.
    • Professional or academic goals – How does the job or opportunity you are applying for fit your goals?

The details to include in your personal statement depend on the guidelines or word count. So, choose to write what's relevant or required in the application. 


The conclusion should have a strong, lasting impression on the hiring or admission team, like an introduction. It should summarize the application and what you hope to achieve with the opportunity.

Ensure you persuade the reader to take action on you as the applicant. For instance, request them to read the rest of the resume or review other academic credentials.

Your conclusion should have the following ;

    • Extension of your professional goals – where you see yourself in the next five years
    • Summary of the personal statement
    • Link back to the introduction – revisit the introduction and what's interested you to the position to program

4. Drafting

After outlining, now you should start writing. As we have always advised, starting with free writing is best, just like in persuasive, reflective, and analytical essays. So don't worry about your errors but about writing all the ideas in your mind. This is a draft copy; you will have time to revise and edit it.

Remember, this is about your story, so write honestly without exaggeration. Remember, the panel can clarify this information from your past employers and mentors or even pull it out from your CV.

5. Proofreading

After polishing your document, you start proofreading. Fix all the grammar and spelling mistakes and even formatting. This step is essential for every kind of content that you write. All your efforts will be worthless if you submit unrevised work.

We always recommend better proofreading practices, like case studies, term papers, literature reviews, and more. Ensure you have a fresh mind while proofreading and if possible, ask for help from a friend. Before submitting your work, double-check that it has recommended format, word count, and other given guidelines.

Best Tips to Use in Writing Your Personal Statements from Our Team

Our team always applies these tips when writing personal statements, and it's best if you consider them. These writing guidelines match those discussed in this article.

  • Write your work well and correctly – always be meticulous in your writing. Make sure your points are clear and concise. Stick to the writing guidelines like format and word limit. Before submitting your work, it's best to proofread it.
  • Carry out some research - before you start writing, find out what the company or the school values and how they match your goals. Research something unique that will set you apart from the others on reasons for choosing the opportunity.
  • Be creative and original at the same time. Write something unique, especially in the opening and closing remarks.
  • Be yourself and write what's relevant to the application. You can't copy what others have written.
  • Tell a story in your personal statement – don't narrate but demonstrate your story through concrete experience. Then, make it lively and impressive to the panel.
  • Find an angle of how you will phase your story to make it interesting and unique.
  • Avoid dwelling on crisis; offer what can relate to the essay. Explain how it affected your goals or academic performance and the lessons learned.
  • Be formal and avoid cliches

Do you admire having such as organized personal statement? Then, consider our quality personal statement writing service, and get a personalized, outstanding personal essay.

What Personal Statement Writing Services Do We Offer?

 We offer various categories of personal statement help as follows;

  • Medical school personal statement writing service – discuss your qualifications, achievements, experience, and why you need to attend medical school.
  • Fellowship personal statement writing service – should display your potential as an expert in your field.
  • Residency personal statement writing service - this document becomes the means to let the admission team learn why you have chosen the specialty and what ingenuity you would bring to the institution.
  • Personal statement for college
  • Ph.D. personal statement
  • Admission essays
  • Letter of recommendation
  • Resume

Why Should You Seek our Personal Statement Writing Service?

We offer several benefits when you seek our personal statement help:

  • Personalized approach – we rely on all your unique achievements, skills, and talents
  • Fully original and error-free
  • Compelling and persuasive statements
  • Well-formatted and presentable personal statement

Frequently Asked Questions

1) Can I Hire Someone to Write a Personal Statement?

Yes, you can hire our writers to write a presentable personal statement. We have great experience in this and always surpass our client's expectations. We will deliver according to the requirements and match your unique abilities to the application to make a lasting impression. So, what are you waiting for? Engage our services today for your prosperity.

2) Is Personal Statement Service Legit?

Yes, these writing services are legit. You will recognize legit services from scammers by researching the service providers. Then, choose a platform with great customer support, professional writers, and good client reviews. Our platform stands out among thousands of other service providers by offering quality, affordable, timely services. Our values are honesty, confidentially, and impeccable services.

Where else will you get such exemplary services except here? Engage us today.

3) Where Can I Get Personal Statement Writing Service?

Personal statement writing help is available on our platform. Our services favor any client due to our affordable and professional services. Our ordering process is easy with just a click of a button; we have your work requirements. We also engage you in the writing process; you can interact with your writer anytime.

4) Is it Confidential to Hire Professional Personal Statement Writers?

Yes, when you hire a professional personal statement writer, your information remains confidential. The service provider shouldn't use your details like contacts, finances, or even advertising anywhere. Again, they shouldn't submit your statement elsewhere so that you become the original writer of the work.

On that note, our platform is the best for the confidentiality and submission of credible, original, and quality personal statements. In addition, our services have good reviews from our clients, so don't hesitate to contact us.


A personal statement should be a mirror of your personality. The admission or hiring panel will look into that mirror and decide whether you are worth it. That's why our personal statement writing service ensures that your mirror shines for everyone to see. We craft a compelling and convincing personal essay presenting you as the best candidate for the opportunity.

Our technic is just one, applying the above writing tips. We follow an organized writing process and ensure our content is presentable. Therefore, if you need to master these writing skills, you can't avoid applying our writing tips above.

We adapt our writing to each client. Your personal statement will leave the hiring or admission team amazed and even love it. So, hire our personal statement hiring service today, and let us do our magic.

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