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To understand more about Coursera, continue reading.

What Is Coursera?

Coursera is an international online learning platform that provides everyone, everywhere, access to online degrees and courses from over 200 prominent organizations and universities. It was founded in 2012 by two computer science professors – Daphne Koller and Andrew Ng – of Stanford University.

You expect the following from Coursera:

Flexible learning. You can learn most of the courses at your own pace, from any location, using your personal computer or mobile.

Get first-class learning. Leading academic institutions and companies offer courses in Coursera. Also, these entities employ evidence-based online schooling and learning tactics.

Pocket-friendly courses. In Coursera, you will find tens of courses that fit your budget. Even if you do not have money, there many free courses.

It is very simple to register, find, and enroll in a course on Coursera. If you want to know your way around The Coursera platform, such as registering and personalizing your account, you can go to this account set up link. One difficult aspect of this learning platform is providing correct Coursera assignment answers. Luckily, we are available. We, my homework market, have academic experts that will assist you in solving any question or issue in your course. Just give us your order and then shortly wait for the answers.

What Topics, Programs, Or Skills Can You Get Help From Coursera?

You can gain absolutely all skills and knowledge from Coursera. Last we checked, Coursera had over 7,000 courses spanning all fields of study. It is important to note that we can help you to get quiz answers 24/7 in all courses, just register yourself with us and place your order.

Moreover, the platform has a ‘skills’ section that you can use to hone your abilities. Below we will list a few of Coursera's offerings.

Learning Programs

You’ll find the following programs in Coursera

  • Normal courses
  • Projects that offer hand-on experience
  • Specializations programs that assist you in getting deep knowledge on a subject
  • Graduate, Postgraduate, and Master’s Degree programs with the respective institutions' transcripts and certificates
  • Professional programs, and at the end, you receive a certificate that you may show your employer.

Subjects and Topics

Coursera offers subjects and topics in 11 broad disciplines. They are:

  • Information technology
  • Computer science - You can also check our computer science homework help services.
  • Social sciences
  • Math and logic
  • Business
  • Health
  • Language learning
  • Data Science
  • Arts and Humanities
  • Physical science and engineering
  • Personal Development


There are over a hundred skills you can learn and hone with Coursera. Some of them include:

  • 3D modeling
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Algebra
  • Amazon Web Services
  • Virtual reality
  • Biostatistics
  • Time management
  • Blockchain, etc.

What Is The Difference Between The Free And Paid Courses In Coursera?

Coursera offers many free and paid courses. It is difficult to state the exact differences between these two courses as many dynamics exist. The best way to understand them is you familiarize yourself with the terms below, which are common in Coursera.

(If you are a college student accessing Coursera through your institution, you may want to read the next subheading about Coursera for college students. This section will provide information about Courserapayments relevant to college students.)

The Coursera terms you should know are:

Coursera Answers

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Course certificate. This indicates that you will get a certificate after completing the course. You will have to pay for the course to get the certificate. You can pay for the course at any time, before starting, during, or after finishing the course. Nowadays, there is no free Coursera certificate.

Audit only. A course that is in “audit” mode means that it is limited. For instance, you will not be able to do and submit certain Coursera assignments, get graded, or receive a certificate. Nonetheless, once you pay for the course, you will be able to get these privileges.

Coursera Plus. This subscription plan lets you do over 90% of the courses by paying for the subscription plan, as long as you do the courses within the agreed timeframe of the plan.

Specialization. These are courses that help you master a specific subject. You can pay for the entire series of courses, one course, or do them using a subscription plan.

Financial Aid or Scholarship. If you cannot pay for the courses, you can seek Coursera financial aid, and the courses will be fully paid.  Learn about the steps and tips for applying a Coursera Financial Aid to increase the chance of getting a scholarship. Once you get the aid and encounter a difficult quiz, you can contact us for all the answers you need. 

Full course, no certificate. This is a course with no certificate. It can be free or paid.

Do College Students Need To Pay For Coursera?

The good thing about being a college or university student is that you can access many Coursera courses for free. It is possible through a Coursera feature known as Coursera for Campus Basic Plan. This feature allows universities and colleges around the globe to incorporate and provide top-quality online education through the Coursera platform.

Students have unrestricted access to all Guided Projects if their institution has subscribed to the Coursera for Campus Basic Plan. What are Guided Projects? Guided Projects are hands-on professional-led learning experiences that instill job-ready skills in students by utilizing real-world tools. You will need a computer to access the Guided Projects, as they are found in in-browser cloud settings.

It thus means you, a college student, will pay for courses outside the Coursera for Campus Basic Plan.

Do Coursera Quizzes And Assignments Change While Retaking Them?

There are diverse types of assessments in Coursera, which may change while you retake them.

The common assessment types are programming assessments, stand-alone quizzes, or peer assessments. In programming assessments, students use their knowledge to form code or evaluate data. Stand-alone quizzes are the most common Coursera assessment type and are divided into fill-in-the-blank or multiple-choice questions. These Coursera quizzes are automatically and instantly graded by the system, allowing you to see your grade as soon as you finish the quizzes. In peer assessments, you can create various materials, from essays, videos, and music recordings, to design projects.

Coursera assessments might change or not change when retaking them. The assessment type that changes mostly is Coursera quizzes, with two key modifications. One change is modifying the numerical values, though the logic for solving the quizzes remains. The second usual change to Coursera quizzes is a reshuffling of the answers, which is used to block students from marking the “correct answers.”

If retaking the quizzes is stressful, we can remove the burden from your shoulder. Our company’s mission is to assist all students in excelling in their studies. We, therefore, have lived up to our mission by recruiting an enormous number of academic experts ready at your convenience to give you the needed help. In simpler words, place your order with us to get Coursera quiz answers.

How Do I Get Coursera Quizzes Answers Or Coursera Assignment Answers?

There exist many ways through which you can get Coursera quiz answers or Coursera assignment answers. Some of the strategies will assist you in safely getting correct answers for Coursera quizzes, while others may lead to dire consequences.

Which strategies lead to “dire consequences?” Strategies that involved hacks and cheats. We have witnessed several students messing themselves up using Coursera hacks and Coursera cheats. They mostly get these untrustworthy tactics from the internet, mainly sites and pages like “Coursera answers GitHub” and “Coursera answers Reddit” The disadvantages of these Coursera cheats or Coursera hacks are many, such as they may give you incorrect Coursera quizzes answers or may lead to the Coursera system or instructors detecting that you are cheating.

The safer way of getting assignment answers is through seeking help from reliable academic helpers websites. Fortunately, our website is one of them. Our company has many measures that ensure you get the correct answers in the safest way.

The following section will profoundly explain why our website is the best to provide answers for Coursera quizzes or Coursera assignments.

  • We have immensely experienced academic helpers that have specialized in Coursera courses.
  • We have helped hundreds of students excel in their Coursera programs
  • We have a quality assurance department that reviews the answers before we send them to you
  • We understand the different methods used to detect Coursera hacks and Coursera cheats; thus, we have effective solutions to bypass them.

Other outstanding reasons why you should place your order with us are:

  • Our charges are super-affordable; it is as if we are giving your free answers.
  • We provide you with answers around the clock. Any time or any day you come across a Coursera homework or quiz issue, just reach out to us.
  • On top of offering you Coursera solutions, we can tutor you

Why Do Students Fail To Complete Coursera Courses?

The number of students that fail to finish Coursera programs is incredibly high. According to research done by Duke University, over 90% of students who pursue online courses cannot go through with it up to the end. Therefore, we will take this space to explain the key reasons for dropping out and try to give tips for finishing your online course.

The leading reason for not finishing is limited time. Other reasons include students not taking them seriously as the courses are always available and free, and not much recognition is given to their completion; for example, they do not help in college or university placement.

If you wish to increase your chances of finishing a Coursera course, you should choose short courses. You will be through with a short course faster, so you will not be affected much by limited time. If the course you desire to do is long, you can look for the modules under it and work on them one by one.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.     How do I pay for Coursera courses?

Search and open the course or Specialization you want. Then follow the onscreen payment instructions. Alternatively, you can apply for Coursera financial aid if you don’t have the funds.

2.     Can I skip the practice quiz in Coursera?

Yes. But at least ensure you have understood the concept discussed in the practice quiz before skipping.

3.     What happens if I fail a Coursera quiz?

Most of the time, you will not proceed to the next section. Fortunately, you have many attempts. You can therefore retake the quiz. If retaking the quiz is stressful, we can be of assistance. Just place your order with us. 

4.     How many attempts do I have for the Coursera quiz?

You have unlimited attempts. You can retake the quiz as many times as possible until you pass.

5.     Where do I find the Coursera answer key?

Our tutors will be able to provide all Coursera answer keys you might need.

6.     Will the Coursera certificate help me?

Yes. Getting a Coursera certificate will create a good image of you to your employer. They will see you as a self-starter, and also, they will see you with more value.

7.     Is it worth doing a Coursera course that does not offer a certificate after completion?

Yes. You will get the skills and knowledge in that particular subject.


Is it possible to get safe and correct Coursera answers? Yes, it is. Rather than using Coursera hacks and cheats that may lead to bad consequences, we can help you get these answers at the most affordable cost and in the fastest means possible. You only need to register with us and place your order, which should take a little time.

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