100 Persuasive Essay Topics For College Students


100 Persuasive Essay Topics For College Students

Looking for an interesting and comprehensive list of persuasive essay topics for college studentsLook no further than our list, which covers the definition of a persuasive essay and various research persuasive essay topics for students you can write on.

What Is A Persuasive Essay?

A persuasive essay is an essay genre where one presents arguments and uses evidence to convince readers to adopt the viewpoint. They are also known as argumentative essays and require you to choose a side to represent in your arguments. 

The general structure of a persuasive/argumentative essay is as follows:

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  • Introduction: this is the first section of a persuasive essay and often begins with a hook which is an interesting first sentence. You are also required to include background information and define any technical terms that help introduce the concept to your reader and the essay. At the end of the introduction is the thesis statement, which is a sentence at the end of the introduction that covers the main point covered in the essay. It also provides a roadmap toward the conclusion that will be reached. 

Once you find a good topic from our persuasive essay topics for college students list, you can proceed to contact us and place your order for writing help. An example of a persuasive essay introduction focusing on "modern diets are damaging to one’s health".

“Modern diets have changed. Unlike our ancestors, we do not depend on fruit, vegetables, and meats sourced from local farms. Global logistics chains have made it possible to access industrial and processed foods, which cause several health problems due to the high number of preservations and flavoring agents used. This has caused a spike in cancer and other degenerative illnesses. This essay will explain why modern diets damage one’s health and the proper alternatives. 

  • Body: this section contains several paragraphs that introduce a specific idea per paragraph. It also includes the use of supporting sources and a convincing analysis to build the argument. Usually, each body paragraph begins with a topic sentence and often concludes with a connecting sentence that shows the interconnectedness of all the ideas. An example would be:

“Most industrial food is grown in large farms that seek to maximize yields and often utilize several pesticides to accomplish this. However, little research has been done on whether these chemicals are present after ingestion and the effects they may have. It is therefore likely that there are many unforeseen issues that researchers should look into.”

“In summary, modern diets have shifted from farm fresh foods to industrially processed items, which are full of harmful ingredients. It is necessary to analyze the different effects these foods have on the human body, and try to minimize these issues. Until then, people will have to exercise caution and buy more organic foods. It is also important to push for legislation that holds manufacturers and big farmers accountable for using harmful chemicals. As such, consumers should exercise more awareness to reduce instances of poor health.”

While students may have an idea of what to write about after perusing our persuasive essay topics for college students, they often have trouble writing the actual essay, so they can benefit from placing an order for our persuasive essay writing help services. If you have any other needs, you may also order our other services, such as our 100 best conclusion paragraph starters for college essays.

What Are Good Topics For A Persuasive Essay?

Many students wonder what to choose among the many topics for persuasive speeches they may imagine. However, writer’s block is real, and many can benefit from ideas on what to cover. As such, our experts have compiled a list of persuasive essay topics for college students; you can choose from the following list that includes general research persuasive essay topics for students, social media persuasive essay topics, persuasive research topics, and many more.

  1. Music can affect your mind
  2. Video games are dangerous and lead to violence
  3. Keeping a diary is beneficial even in adulthood
  4. Reality television programs are fake and promote degeneracy in society
  5. Schools should teach children to become revolutionaries
  6. School uniforms are beneficial to students and help reduce bullying
  7. Gender-separated schools are good for overall performance and development
  8. Essays are better assessments to test student knowledge acquisition
  9. Parents should decide a child’s career
  10. A child should specialize early on in their life
  11. Privatized healthcare is better quality than free public healthcare
  12. Anyone can become a millionaire
  13. Cats are better than dogs
  14. Plastic is not causing environmental degradation
  15. Everyone should learn a second language
  16. Solar power will not help the environment
  17. Increasing taxes will not solve society’s problems
  18. Euthanasia should be legalized and free in public institutions
  19. Vaping does as much damage as cigarettes
  20. Fewer students should pursue careers in tech 
  21. Boarding school is beneficial to high schoolers
  22. Social media is harmful to users
  23. Marijuana is overrated and should be illegal
  24. Rising real estate prices are inflated by the market
  25. Self-driving cars will help reduce accidents
  26. Artificial intelligence will take opportunities from humans
  27. Capitalism is the best economic system
  28. Working hours should be reduced to increase productivity
  29. High-sugar and fatty foods should be restricted
  30. Public servants should be tested every few years to ensure higher productivity
  31. Zoos are unethical
  32. Liberal arts degrees do not prepare candidates to be better employees
  33. Protests are beneficial when fighting for justice
  34. Students should not have cell phones in school
  35. Children below the age of 15 should not have internet access
  36. Marijuana should be legal for those suffering chronic pain as it is effective
  37. Disability support payments should adjust to reflect inflation
  38. The internet has led to more benefits than problems
  39. College should not be free to attend
  40. Cryptocurrency is a good tool of exchange
  41. Blood donations should be restricted to people with no history of drug abuse or conditions.
  42. Home gardening is important for families
  43. Working while studying derails from your studies
  44. Retirement is not feasible for the current working generation
  45. Recycling as an environmental protection measure is unrealistic
  46. Can stereotypes help assess people’s personalities?
  47. Some careers will never be replaced by Artificial Intelligence
  48. Alcohol is the most harmful drug
  49. Prisons should be reformed to help promote 
  50. Both the republican and liberal parties have outlived their usefulness.   
  51. Fruit is the best dessert
  52. NFTs are not a sound investment
  53. What punishment should schools adopt for bullying?
  54. What current school rules should change?
  55. Pizza is better than fries
  56. Is online learning necessary for modern students?
  57. Transhumanism will eliminate the need for healthcare
  58. Monarchies are a useless form of government in the modern age
  59. Stress is the number one cause of most chronic conditions
  60. Real estate prices should not be regulated by the state
  61. Violence in fictional works normalizes it in real life
  62. Science education in schools should be changed to increase student interest
  63. Increased access to science scholarships will increase the number of technical experts
  64. Online money transactions will lead to a cashless system
  65. Which country has the best education system in the world, and can it be replicated?
  66. Will inflation lead to economic collapse?
  67. Society can survive without money
  68. Emergency personnel should have better training
  69. The death penalty is an effective measure of justice
  70. History is fake- it is redefined to suit political needs
  71. War crimes are justifiable if the perpetrator was defending themself from attacks
  72. Social media influencers promote vanity to insecure people
  73. Shakespeare is overrated
  74. COVID-19’s main casualty was the economy and logistics
  75. Abortion is a dangerous medical procedure that should be restricted
  76. Declining healthcare quality is caused by greed
  77. GMOs will lead to poor food quality
  78. Plant-based meats are better health-wise and should be adopted more
  79. Pet breeders should be illegal
  80. Tennis is the best sport to play
  81. Winter sports are better than summer sports
  82. Pitbulls are too aggressive and should be banned as pets
  83. Pupils should take self-defense classes
  84. What is the best dessert?
  85. Should internet platforms like YouTube enforce more measures to make it child friendly?
  86. Is TikTok causing attention deficit issues in users?
  87. Will Gen Z learn from their elders and change society for the better?
  88. Do countries still need a military in the wake of globalization and the UN?
  89. Should countries limit the number of children in each family to prevent overpopulation?
  90. Should mental institutions be reopened?
  91. Parental failure and genetics are the main causes of mental illness
  92. Horror movies are not enjoyable
  93. What is the best book ever written?
  94. Animal training is essential to prevent behavioral issues in pets
  95. At what grade should students have a choice in what subjects they take?
  96. At what age can students handle boarding school?
  97. What subject should every child learn?
  98. Modern movies are not entertaining
  99. Everyone should learn how to swim
  100. Teachers should get paid more 

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By now, you’ve probably found one or more topics within various realms, such as social media persuasive essay topics, that you can present from our persuasive essay topics for college students list. However, writing a good essay is easier said than done. Gathering reputable sources and forming insightful arguments requires practice, which many students do not have. As such, many opt to hire an essay writer but often receive poor quality. For this reason, students hire our firm, which offers the following:

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the best words or phrases to use in a persuasive essay?

To help convince your readers, use phrases such as proven, consequently, as you can see, and more.

2. What are the three persuasive writing techniques?

They are ethos, pathos, and logos. Ethos appeals to credibility by using clarity, making them seem like an expert, pathos appeals to their emotions, and logos appeals to logic.

3. Other than persuasive essay topics for college students, do you have lists for other genres?

Yes! Our listicles cover a wide variety of topics, so you can view other articles such as 100 Cause and Effect Essay Topics and Ideas.


To sum it up, a persuasive essay is one where a writer seeks to support a viewpoint using evidence and convinces the reader to adopt it. Like other essays, it follows the introduction-body-conclusion structure and can span anywhere from a few pages to several. 

Handling this genre requires one to be analytical and well-versed in the topic, which many students fail to accomplish. As such, they seek help from writing services like ours. This is because aside from persuasive essay topics for college students, we also offer quality tutoring that you can access by placing your order here.

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