100+ Demonstration Speech Ideas for College Students - Easy Topics


100+ Demonstration Speech Ideas for College Students

Are you wondering what is the best demonstration speech topic for students? Then, you are at the right place.

Before we look at tens of outstanding demonstration speech topic ideas, let’s first know what a demonstration speech is. Keep in mind that we offer demonstration speech writing services. Just place an order with us if you want an expert to help you craft the speech.

What Is a Demonstration Speech?

A demonstration speech is a type of informative speech that aims to explain to listeners how to perform a specific task effectively. A demonstration speech is classified under informative speech as it educates the listeners about the method, logic, and structure of a particular object or concept. It is one of the simplest speeches you can be told to write, as you only need to explain the steps of performing that task by using basic terminologies. Some objectives of this speech type include the following:

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  • Showing the listeners how to use a product.
  • Explaining how a machine works.
  • Illustrating a certain process is mainly done by using visual aids.

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Without further ado, let’s look at some good ideas for a demonstration speech for different domains of our lives, such as health, food, education, nature, and so on.

Demonstration Speech Topic Ideas for Health

  1. How exercise impacts our physical health
  2. Tips for preventing flu and cold
  3. Why do we need to sun-bask daily?
  4. The working mechanism of meditation
  5. How to swim properly
  6. What is a healthy diet?
  7. Types of aerobic exercises
  8. How toothpaste works
  9. Smoking effects on our lungs
  10. Which are the best ways of sleeping?

Demonstration Speech Ideas for Food

  1. Ways to sharpen a knife
  2. How to use different condiments
  3. Steps of preparing a restaurant menu
  4. How to use chopsticks
  5. How to prepare a cake
  6. Steps for making soup
  7. Why do we need to take well-balanced food?
  8. Tips for tasting different wine variants
  9. Where to find the recipe for pineapple on pizza
  10. Tools and techniques for tracking daily calorie intake

Demonstration Speech Topics for Technology

  1. Increasing the internal storage of your computer
  2. How to take advantage of big data
  3. Opening a Facebook page
  4. Strategies for selling on Amazon
  5. Raising your website’s rank on Google
  6. What are the differences between PNG and JPG formats?
  7. Designing an e-commerce website
  8. How to add features in WordPress
  9. How are modern phones able to fold?
  10. What is the screen resolution?

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Demonstration Topics for Hobbies

  1. Steps for creating an account on Netflix
  2. Strategies for throwing a bowling ball
  3. How to find an excellent swimming coach
  4. How to fix faulty bicycle brakes
  5. Booking a movie at the cinema
  6. How to make peanut butter
  7. What are the benefits of hobbies?
  8. How to make exercises enjoyable
  9. What are the popular hobbies among African teens?
  10. How can hobbies help us generate income?

Demonstration Speech Ideas for Education

  1. Tips to be productive in online classes
  2. Getting rid of bullying
  3. Ways of creating a good study space
  4. How to get friends quickly in college
  5. Where to find cheap e-textbooks
  6. How to craft a fantastic demonstration speech outline
  7. Ways of delivering a persuasive speech
  8. How to create a reasonable timetable
  9. Features of a successful student
  10. How to balance work and school

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Agriculture Topic Ideas for Demonstration Speech

  1. Overcoming rainfall shortage
  2. What is needed to make a greenhouse
  3. Widespread mistakes to avoid when tilling land
  4. Plants and fruits used to treat common human ailments
  5. Correct ways to harvest tubers
  6. Creating a compost pit
  7. Ways of controlling garden pests
  8. How to trim a hedge
  9. Steps for mowing a lawn
  10. Tips to attract bees and birds

Sports/Games Topics for Demonstration Speech

  1. How to learn to surf
  2. How to prevent injuries while playing football
  3. What an athlete should focus on in their diet
  4. How to become better at golf swinging
  5. Fixing a flat tire
  6. Compare and contrast soccer and football
  7. How to select the best basketball shoes
  8. Strategies for catching a fish
  9. How to accurately hit with a bat
  10. Tips to improve jumping ability

Business Topic Ideas for Demonstration Speech

  1. Strategies to enhance employee motivation
  2. How to hire the best employee
  3. Tactics for managing time well
  4. Techniques for planning a business conference
  5. What is needed to become a solo-entrepreneur
  6. Transforming a business model from traditional to digital accounting
  7. Utilizing CSR to bolster your sales
  8. Tips for making a killer pitch
  9. Steps to create a business plan
  10. Vital features of Microsoft Excel for financial departments.

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Demonstration Speech Topics for Pets

  1. Using a leash to walk a dog
  2. Training a cat to utilize a litter tray
  3. How to know if a pet is blissful
  4. Tips to calm a terrified pet
  5. How to administer medicine to a cat or dog
  6. Steps for grooming a dog
  7. How to safely transport donkeys
  8. Cleaning an animal’s paws or hooves
  9. Tactics for caring for kittens.
  10. How to protect puppies from eagles

Demonstration Speech Topic Ideas for Nature

  1. How to determine dangerous plants
  2. What to pack in the camping bag?
  3. Tips for safeguarding yourself against wild animal attack
  4. Selecting a good site for team building
  5. How to gather and store wood
  6. Important star patterns
  7. How to take advantage of a topographical map
  8. Differentiate different types of trees
  9. Forecasting the weather
  10. Understanding the tides

Demonstration Speech Ideas for Teens

  1. How to deal with peer pressure
  2. Choosing the right sports
  3. Boosting your self-esteem
  4. How to communicate with your elders
  5. Applying for higher education

These are some topics you can use when crafting a demonstration speech. If you are looking for ideas for unique occasions, check out our guide on special occasion speech topics.

How Do You Choose an Amazing Demonstration Speech Topic?

You may have tons of knowledge you would like to share with an audience, but you should know that not all topics will work for a demonstration speech. Several factors need to be considered before you can pick a topic. The key factors include the following:

  • Interest: You need first to be genuinely interested and/or knowledgeable in the topic if you desire to inspire the audience.
  • Audience demographic: You should understand your audience. Know what interests and what would be of value and appropriate to them. If you are discussing a topic that the audience already knows, consider teaching them about the new aspects if you want to create value.
  • Setting: Know your setting and deliver a speech fit for that venue. The setting can be a classroom, open-air, or public hall.
  • Speech instructions: Demonstration speeches will come with different instructions. Go through the instructions to understand what is allowed or restricted.
  • Time to prepare: Each topic needs a specific amount of time to prepare. Some will need more time than others, mainly due to the research involved and whether there are visual aids that need to be created. Thus, knowing your preparation time length before picking a topic is good. (A speech where you are given less than 30 minutes to prepare is known as an extemporaneous speech. If you want to know tips for handling this speech type, read our how to write extemporaneous speech)
  • Time to present: You also need to understand the time you will have to present. If you have a short timeframe, avoid topics with an enormous number of steps or highly complex ones.

What Are the Steps for Presenting a Demonstration Speech?

Follow the steps below when presenting a demonstration speech.

Step 1: Explain The Benefit of the Speech

First, you should explain to the audience how they will benefit from listening to your speech. This will enhance their motivation, making them more attentive.

You can mention the benefit by drawing an image of how their life will improve using the knowledge you will offer them.

Step 2: Offer an Overview

Provide them with a general overview of the entire process before you begin describing the steps. Doing this is beneficial as it eradicates the fear that many people have when they are about to learn a new task. Offering the overview will assist them in seeing the process as easy and not as complex as they think.

In addition, the overview helps them understand how every step will fit together to make the entire process.

Step 3: Discuss Each Step

This phase is the most critical in a demonstration speech. To effectively present the steps, make sure the steps are arranged orderly to avoid confusion and use short sentences and basic language.

Touch on the below points when discussing the steps:

  • Mention what is needed in each step
  • Explain how to perform each step
  • State the reason or benefit of each step

Step 4: Describe Other Options or Variations

After you explain the steps, discuss other options or variations of the process. For instance, if you showed them how to calculate PAYE tax using a pen, you can show them other options like online PAYE calculators.

Step 5: Allocate Time for Questions

A Q&A session is essential as you will clarify steps or issues the audience needs help understanding. Furthermore, it makes the demo speech more interactive.

Step 6: Summarize The Entire Speech

Conclude the speech by offering a summary of everything. Some of the items to mention are:

  • How the audience will benefit from the process
  • An overview of the process steps
  • Assure them that the process is simple and realizable

5 Tactics to Enhance the Delivery of a Demonstration Speech

Below are tips you can utilize to present your demonstration speech excellently.

1. Make Your Audience Participate

To make the demonstration more interactive, make the listeners participate in the presentation. Be polite to the volunteering participant and loudly praise their efforts.

2. Use Visual Aids

Visual aids make a demonstration speech better. Some options for visual aids include images, body movements to show processes such as football techniques, or using real or modeled objects.

3. Offer Follow-Up Resources

Provide the audience with resources that they will use after the demonstration to better understand what you taught them. This entails resources like handouts for the steps, specialist sources that talk more about the topic, or your contact information, which they use to reach out to you.

4.  Incorporate Anecdotes

Use personal stories and examples when discussing the process. This makes the process more relatable.

5. Observe Your Audience

Keenly look at your audience throughout the presentation. Repeat the sections if their expressions indicate they are not following. Some people are shy to declare they are not following. So, you must go the extra mile and try to read it from their faces.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who Can Help Me Write a Demonstration Speech?

We can. We have a massive team of massively experienced academic experts available throughout the day. Just place an order with us to get help.

2. What Are the Features of a Good Demonstration Speech Topic?

An amazing demonstration speech topic should have the following elements:

  • It should be valuable to listeners
  • Can be comprehensively discussed within the allocated time
  • Does not have excessive steps

3. How Can I Give an Outstanding Demonstration Speech?

Many tips exist that you can use to give the best speech. Some tips mentioned in this article are planning and practicing beforehand, being confident, and using visuals.

In Summary

This guide has covered a good number of aspects of a demonstration speech. It offers over 100 demonstration speech topics you can use and talks about how to choose the best topic, the steps of preparing a demonstration speech, and how to bolster the presentation. If you are searching for an expert to help you write the speech, place an order with us.

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