100 Cause and Effect Essay Topics and Ideas - For Students

100 Cause and Effect Essay Topics and Ideas


100 Cause and Effect Essay Topics and Ideas

Are you trying to brainstorm interesting cause and effect topics and ideas? Do you need help? We have written this article just because of you. Here, you will find 100 unique cause and effect topics from diverse academic fields and domains in our lives.

Do you want good cause and effect essay topics for history, psychology, technology, sports, etc.? Keep reading.

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What Is a Cause and Effect Essay?

Numerous types of essays exist. One of the commonest types you are bound to come across in your course is the cause and effect essay. As the name suggests, this kind of essay explains the causes and effects of a particular issue. Specifically, you will examine why an event has happened or existed, what led to the state of affairs, and what the outcomes are.

So, what is an example of a cause and effect? The list below is some examples.

  1. I take many snacks (cause). I am obese (effect).
  2. Poachers killed many white rhinos (cause). Whine rhinos are now extinct (effect).
  3. That student didn’t study (cause). The student failed the course badly (effect).

To earn a good score in a cause and effect essay, you need to have an excellent, interesting, and thought-provoking topic. Then meticulously show how certain factors have influenced the occurrence of specific events. The cause-and-effect essay should have the structure of a general essay; an introduction, body, and conclusion. Formatting it this way makes it easier for your readers to grasp your discussion.

You will gain several benefits when writing this kind of essay. For instance, your persuasive, logical, and critical thinking skills will improve massively. So, give it your all!

With that said, let’s look at some good cause-and-effect essay topics and ideas without wasting a moment. Remember, you can place an order with us if you need an expert to assist you in brainstorming a topic or writing an essay for you.

Psychology Cause and Effect Essays Topic Examples

  1. What are the impacts of single decision-making in an organization?
  2. Explain the effects of gender-based violence on top of physical harm
  3. Examine nightmares and their impact on people
  4. How do pandemics influence the mental health of children?
  5. Do salespeople and marketers need to study psychology?
  6. Stress is greatly affecting student’s life. What contributes to it, and what are the effects?
  7. Why do people in relationships lack good communication?
  8. What causes addiction issues?
  9. Parenting models influence on children’s behavior
  10. Reasons for students’ poor academic performance

History Cause and Effect Topic Ideas

  1. What were the outcomes of the Civil Rights Movement?
  2. What was the influence of Christianity on African countries?
  3. Why did the northern and southern states in America fight each other during the 19th century?
  4. Which European countries were the main players in the slave trade?
  5. Factors that made Nazis a force to reckon with in pre-WWII
  6. Music revolution in the 20th Causal factors and impacts
  7. What led to the S. becoming a superpower?
  8. How did California and Texas end up as part of the S.?
  9. Reasons for the development of the Cold War: U.S. vs. USSR
  10. Formation and effect of Medicare and Medicaid

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High School Topic Examples for Cause and Effect Essay

  1. How are high school learners reacting to online learning?
  2. Strategies for preventing peer pressure
  3. High schools shooting trend
  4. Importance of sports in high schools
  5. Why is sex education a controversial topic?
  6. What are the benefits and dangers of social media to young students?
  7. Impacts of parent involvement in a child’s education
  8. Is gaming good for children?
  9. Should high school students wear school uniforms?
  10. Charter schools' effect on the education sector?

College Cause and Effect Topics for Essay Writing

  1. Traits of successful learners
  2. Are college health centers suited to handle anxiety among students?
  3. Do college athletes need to be paid?
  4. Life skills that students need to be taught
  5. How long should a college lecture class take?
  6. Features of bullies
  7. What are the effects of the use of mobile devices in the classroom and school?
  8. Why are students taught about research techniques?
  9. Should financial literacy be taught in schools?
  10. Factors that contribute to successful students

Social Media and Technology Cause and Effect Essay Topics

  1. What are the impacts of children using mobile devices?
  2. Benefits of video games
  3. The reasons why people opt for online dating
  4. How will robots affect human employment?
  5. Impact of technology on society
  6. Can computers take over the world?
  7. Social media use effect on an individual’s self-esteem
  8. What are the impacts of social media on business practices?
  9. How does smartphone use affect relationships?
  10. Is it healthy to use mobile devices at night?

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Relationship Cause Effect Essay Topics

  1. What are the reasons for divorces?
  2. Reasons people stay in dysfunctional relationships
  3. Secrets for successful long-term relationships
  4. What are the impacts of remote working on marital relationships?
  5. Why are people afraid of marital commitments?
  6. How does divorce influence children?
  7. The connection between parenting style and children’s self-image
  8. How has the feminist movement had an impact on relationships?
  9. The effect of the pandemic on family life
  10. How has technology changed the dating dynamics?

Sports Cause and Effect Essay Topic and Ideas

  1. What do steroids do to an athlete’s performance?
  2. Impacts of regular exercising
  3. How do exercises affect children’s development?
  4. Why do some students not take sports as a hobby?
  5. Reasons for the surge of sports psychologists
  6. Why does violence happen in sports?
  7. What skills are needed to be a professional sportsperson?
  8. Is extensive training detrimental to health?
  9. How does engaging in sports affect character and social development?
  10. Why are certain sports more popular than others?

This essay lists cause and effect essay topics and ideas. Open the link provided if you want to learn special occasion speech ideas for topics.

Fun Cause and Effect Essay Topic Ideas

  1. Why do people aspire to tour the world?
  2. Why are certain genres of movies common in movie theatres?
  3. Benefits of pursuing a hobby
  4. Which are the most popular sports in the S.?
  5. Is it beneficial to have a big circle of friends?
  6. What activities do you engage in when you have a power outage?
  7. What does a classroom instructor do to brighten up the mood of the students?
  8. How have streaming platforms changed the entertainment industry?
  9. The number of circuses has Why?
  10. Why does Walt Disney park attract massive amounts of people?

Controversial Topic Examples of Cause and Effect Essays

  1. Does playing video games influence an individual’s intelligence?
  2. Topics to avoid on children's television stations
  3. Downsides of children raised by a single family
  4. Should couples live together before being married?
  5. Is it good to allow mobile use in businesses?
  6. What are the causes of wearing a uniform in school?
  7. Do secular songs pose a threat to children?
  8. Are sodas good for consumption?
  9. Why are cigarettes and alcohol being produced albeit their dire impacts on society?
  10. Pros and cons of space exploration

Immigration Topic Ideas in Cause Effect Essays

  1. What are the effects of immigration laws?
  2. Why is there a huge number of people immigrating to the U.S.?
  3. Reasons for the U.S. issuing green cards?
  4. How do countries handle immigrants?
  5. Will mass immigrations decline in the future?
  6. Why do some immigrants return to their motherland?
  7. Has globalization affected immigration?
  8. Social consequences of children born by immigrants
  9. Benefits host countries receive from immigrants
  10. Reasons Donald Trump burned immigrants from several countries

Congrats! You now know 100 cause and effect essay topics and ideas for various disciplines and domains. Do you know how to go about writing your essay? You can reach out to us if you want our expert to write an amazing essay piece. Place an order with us, and we’ll do it for you. We are available around the clock, we deliver zero plagiarism papers, and you can trust us with any essay, from the most delicate to urgent ones.

What Are Tips for Selecting a Good Cause and Effect Essay Topics?

Sometimes your instructor will not provide you with a list of topics and themes to choose from, so what happens when you find yourself at this point? Easy, you follow the tips below to identify the best cause and effect essay topic.

  1. Write down topics that interest you
  2. The topic should also be interesting to your readers
  3. It needs to be informative and convincing
  4. The topic should adhere to the essay writing instructions provided by your instructor
  5. Choose a topic that is relevant to your field and unique
  6. Don’t select one that is too narrow or too wide. If it’s too wide, narrow it down by choosing a particular action, scenario, and subtopic
  7. The topic ought to have enough evidence to support it. Go with credible sources

Cause and Effect Topic with an Example Essay

This section will highlight how you can write an essay after settling on a cause and effect topic. The important thing is that you know what to include in the three key parts of an essay: intro, body, and conclusion.

An introduction has a hook, background information, and a thesis statement. In the body part, you discuss points that support the thesis. In conclusion, you rephrase the thesis statement and summarize the key points. Below is a cause and effect topic with an example essay.

The topic is contributors to poor academic performance. A summarized form of an essay on this topic is provided below.


Everyone can succeed in academics, but not all can excel due to several factors. According to research done by homework market, some of the main contributors are stress, lack of support, and not studying enough.

Body section:

Students experience many stressful situations that impair them from becoming the best. These situations include many coursework tasks, the inability to adapt to their new school environment, and family issues.

The other contributor to poor academic performance is that students do not have ample support. Their guardians, teachers, and society must work together to support the children.

Lastly, poor performance in class and not studying go hand in hand. Students need to put in a lot of study time to score good grades.


Many reasons exist that make students not score well. Some common ones are stressful situations, having no support system, and they are not studying effectively.

Make sure to cite all your sources and have transitions when switching to a new point or paragraph. If you have a hard time determining the length of your essay, consider reading our guide on how long should a college essay be.

Bottom Line

Coming up with a topic is more challenging than it looks. You need to choose one that will intrigue your reader and, at the same time, get you the best score. As always, we are here for you: we will gladly take away this misery. Go through this article to learn many essay topics and ideas for cause-and-effect essays. If you can’t handle your essay after settling on your topic, just place an order with us, and we will write your essay for you. We offer a quick turnaround, and our costs are the friendliest in the market.

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