BUS 520 Organizational Behavior – Organizational Issues and Solutions

Organizational Issues and Solutions Overview Leaders address issues and propose solutions. As a leader, you’ll need to stay on top of events that may facilitate or hinder productivity. You must create and implement solutions to address these issues. In the assignment preparation, you chose an organization, described its organizational issue, and identified how it hinders … Read more BUS 520 Organizational Behavior – Organizational Issues and Solutions

Strategic Communications Plan

Strategic Communications Plan Overview The ability to effectively communicate is one of the most in-demand and sought after skills in today’s workforce. As a business professional, you will be expected to not only communicate in a clear and concise way but to do so strategically. These communication skills are necessary to manage personnel effectively and … Read more Strategic Communications Plan

Unity game assignment

You have to make a game with unity game engine. The game I need is a simple survival fps shooting game by killing the soldiers on a plane until you dead. As my class is just for beginers so that no advanced skills are needed. You have to finish it within the required github repository. … Read more Unity game assignment

Research Paper – 1500-2000 words

The core assignment of this course is a documented research paper (1500-2000 words in length, approx. 6-8 pages double-spaced, 12-point font). The paper should support a thesis statement with information gained from research or investigation. The paper will not be just a report presenting information but will be a paper that carefully examines and presents … Read more Research Paper – 1500-2000 words

SLP Assignment

Cost Comparison of Web Conferencing The two owners of Spinner Media Services Inc. wanted to cut travel costs and productivity losses (wasted time) and maintain the benefits of person-to-person collaboration. They decided to use Web conferencing internally for collaboration and externally for sales demonstrations to customers. Their two options were (1) a pay-per-use basis or … Read more SLP Assignment

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